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  1. J

    Just another reason to not travel in coach

    My boyfriend just got off the #14 Coast Starlight in Portland after the worst trip. He insisted on traveling coach to save money and to avoid TSA, but is now paying for it immensely. It was a great trip until a sketchy group of people boarded his coach late afternoon yesterday. Their coach was...
  2. J

    8/16-8/17 #11

    Just got back from taking the #11 from PDX-SIM and wanted to mention an issue that we had. Our dining car had some kind of water leak which severely impacted food service. Lunch on day 1 was canceled and dinner was limited to sleeping car pax only. Thankfully we were in a sleeper, but the food...
  3. J

    Booking an AGR Bedroom

    So, the boyfriend and I are taking a trip to visit his folks in Portland in August and we'd really like to take the train back home instead of flying since both of us despise flying. I just started using my AGR MC today and the 18000 bonus points are supposed to post in 6-8 weeks. Currently I...
  4. J

    Bay Area Hotels

    My boyfriend and I would like to take a trip up to the Bay Area from LA in August... we're looking for a decent hotel near an Amtrak station and also near other commuter trains like BART. Does anyone have any recommendations? We're not going to have a car and we don't want to have to take a cab...
  5. J

    Coast Starlight Stopped in MPK

    Apparently just happened. Train is blocking Spring Rd in Moorpark. Going down to find out more.
  6. J

    Do trains have a speed limit?

    Just curious if trains had a speed limit. I thought they did, but I just looked at my GPS and it said we were going 87 mph. I have to admit, it's making me a little nervous. It's a really rough ride. I'm not sure why we're running so fast, we're ahead of schedule. I'd really like to tell the...
  7. J

    Status of the #11

    So far this isn't looking good. First of all, no PPC again (guess I'll never get to see one). The have a CCC (at least I'm pretty sure thats what it is) that the're claiming is the PPC. I made a comment to our car attendant that it was going to bug me all trip if they keep calling it that and he...
  8. J

    EB coach outlets?

    Tried searching, but kept getting an error. Does the EB have outlets at the seats in coach?
  9. J

    No PPC on #14 tomorrow

    Just got a call from Amtrak notifying us that our train tomorrow will not be traveling with a PPC. I thought they were all back in service? She didn't mention anything about a substitution either. Figures. First time in a sleeper on the CS and they pull the PPC. :(
  10. J

    Transportation from Denver Station to Airport

    Does anyone know if there is anyway to get from the Denver station to the Denver airport without having to pay $40+ for a cab? Also, we have a lot of luggage with us.
  11. J

    Sunset LTD... early?

    My mom and I are taking a trip on the Sunset LTD for the first time in a few weeks so I've been monitoring the status from LAX to SAS and SAS to NOL so we know what to expect. As you all know, the Sunset LTD is notoriously running late (usually 4.5 - 5 hrs on average). Anyway, I just checked the...