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    Amtrak train number 9 & 10?

    The 5 main western LD trains currently are 1/2 (SSL), 3/4 (SWC), 5/6 (CZ), 7/8 (EB) and 11/14 (CS), so what happened to train numbers 9 and 10? Was there a "train 9/10" in the Amtrak era that does not run anymore? If not, why was that number pair skipped?
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    Coast Starlight diversion between Klamath Falls and Eugene?

    For the last few days, running status for the northbound Coast Starlight shows it reaching Klamath Falls more or less on time (<1 hour delay most days), then no update for Chemult and Eugene, and reappears to continue further north with a 5 hour delay! You can check this trend for train #11 for...
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    Sleeper Car has been removed from train #11 (6/17)

    I have a trip coming up in one week on Coast Starlight from OKJ to LAX. I had booked a roomette since I did not want to sit in coach for 12 hours. Today I got this email from Amtrak- We wanted to let you know that the Sleeper Car has been removed from train #11, the Coast Starlight, from...
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    Silver Star: What to do for meals without Diner?

    Since the Silver Star runs without a Diner, what do sleeper passengers usually do for meals if traveling end-to-end from Miami to NYP? Looking at the schedule, it looks like the major stations around meal times are- Orlando 7.30pm - dinner Raleigh 8.45am - breakfast Richmond 12.00pm - lunch...
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    Extremely loud, long announcements on Capitol Corridor!

    I took a Capitol Corridor train today and the overzealous conductor/attendant (whoever makes the manual announcements) spent the entire trip making long, repeated announcements over and over again on the PA system which was set to Volume = 100. It was something on the lines of- "THIS IS CAPITOL...
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    Northeast Regional hauled by twin switchers (10/30)

    This morning I saw an amusing sight I've never seen before- at Route 128, a Boston bound Northeast Regional pulled in hauled by three locomotives- a dead ACS-64 electric, and in front of it, two diesel switchers! It continued on towards Boston pulled by the two little guys. You go, little...
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    Missouri River Runner in 2017: What Business Class cars?

    [Added the year in title just in case someone stumbles upon this post many years later, like I was searching and found the latest thread was from 2013] What type of Business Class cars is the Missouri River Runner running these days? I am booked on train #313 STL-KCY in a week's time and...
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    SLC Amtrak to airport at 3am, arriving by CZ

    Does anyone have experience of arriving in Salt Lake City by eastbound Zephyr which reaches at 03:00am? I have a rental car booked from SLC airport, so need to get there from the train station at that ungodly hour. How easy is it to get an Uber/Lyft or *shudder* an old-school taxi cab at that...
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    [Pics+Videos] My Train Travels from Central Europe

    I was recently in Central Europe and ended up traveling on 8 long-distance trains across 5 countries- 1. ICE from Frankfurt to Leipzig (Germany) 2. IC from Leipzig to Dresden (Germany) 3. EuroCity from Dresden to Prague (Germany-Czech) 4. Cesky Drahy express from Prague to Ceske Budejovice...
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    Refused Red Cap boarding because I'm not old or disabled

    I'm currently at Chicago Union Station ready to board Southwest Chief. I approached the Red Cap desk requesting their service to board. The guy looked at me, looked at my one bag and says "YOU need a Red Cap? Sorry we can't do that. This service is only for the old and disabled". I told him I'll...
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    Where to buy vintage train route posters?

    I don't know what is the correct/official term for them, but I love the vintage painting-like posters from Amtrak and pre-Amtrak railroads advertising their premier train routes. I am looking to buy a few of those to put up in my house. Does anyone know what are some good places to browse...
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    Help! How soon after departure does Amtrak cancel ticket?

    I want to ride the California Zephyr from Sacramento to Emeryville, but SAC is a "discharge only" station so I can't buy a ticket from there. If I purchase a ticket from one station prior- Roseville to Emeryville, will I be able to board in Sacramento? Or will my ticket be cancelled as a...
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    Party of 12 on LD train. Logistics, Specials?

    I am going to be in a big group of friends, 12 of us to be specific, riding City of New Orleans end to end. We have booked 6 roomettes between us, and some are adjacent, some others are scattered across a car or two cars. This is my first time taking Amtrak in a party of more than 4. I am here...
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    Best route for a 2-3 hour joyride out of Chicago?

    Out of all the Amtrak routes starting from Chicago, which one would be the best (most scenic or just interesting from a rail fan perspective) for a 2-3 hour joyride that can be done in a single day? I have one Saturday free in Chicago and want to do some Amtrak roundtrip that starts at a decent...
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    Lincoln Service 110mph sections as of 2017?

    On what sections and for how long do the Lincoln Service trains do 110 mph between St. Louis and Chicago as of now (Feb 2017)? Do all trains hit 110 mph daily or does it need special planetary alignment and sacrifice to a deity to get to experience it?
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    Why are Chicago-New York sleepers ridiculously expensive?

    If you are planning to reply "Because supply-demand" without reading rest of the post, please save the effort. I know that. I was checking fares on Amsnag to do a sleeper ride from Chicago to New York any day in April, and the LOWEST fare for one in roomette on any day of the month is $337 on...
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    It's hard to like Amtrak when they keep messing up with delays

    In the last one month now I am 3 out of 3 on my score of "poor Amtrak trips". Having quite a month I guess! After riding Coast Starlight with broken HVAC and rude attendant, today I rode Capitol Corridor from Oakland to Santa Clara and back, and Amtrak disappointed me on both legs. I had...
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    How to contact Customer Relations while on the train?

    I am currently on north bound Coast Starlight. We started from LAX and immediately the air conditioning in my coach car went kaput (do they not inspect the cars before starting?) After sitting three hours in suffocating heat I asked our car attendant if this will be fixed and he says nope can't...
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    Coast Starlight on Black Friday- how crowded?

    I am riding Coast Starlight from LAX to Oakland on Black Friday, specifically to enjoy the scenic ride, so obviously I want a left side window to enjoy the ocean. I am going Coach and wondering if anyone has experience on how crowded the train tends to be on Black Friday? I know Thanksgiving is...
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    Canceling a Rewards ticket

    I purchased a ticket for Coast Starlight (coach) by redeeming AGR points earlier today, and now I have realized the trip overlaps with some other commitments I have, so I need to cancel the ticket. When I went to cancel it online, it told me that 10% of my points will be taken away as "refund...