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  1. dlagrua

    Wyndham No Longer in AGR Program

    Just tried to book a Wyndham reservation and went to my profile. Choosing Amtrak Guest Reward points is no longer an option. Still have some airlines in the mix but that's about it.
  2. dlagrua

    RPA Now restoring points benefit

    Last Jauary I renewed my membership to RPA. This was before the Covid crisis hit. While being a senior I renewed at the regular adult rate just to give them a boost. I received ZERO AGR points back then. Now they are saying that they are restoring the points benefit. Why should I believe them...
  3. dlagrua

    Has anyone received an email for meal selection?

    Here we are about 10 days out and according to the new policy Amtrak was to send us an email that would point us to a webpage where we would select our "flexible" meal choices. Never received that email. Has anyone received it?
  4. dlagrua

    Nominees for Amtrak BOD

    The Trump administration has declared its intent to nominate Sara Feinberg, MTA Chief and Chris Koos, Mayor of Normal Ill to the Amtrak board of directors. From what I read Sara has experience with the New York City transit system, FRA, and MTA . She is a native of Charleston, WV. Chris Koos is...
  5. dlagrua

    Are fares dropping?

    A recent experience in booking our August trip from PHL-CHI-GPK has produced some interesting results. Fares from CHI-GPK held at high bucket until four months out and then dropped more than 50%. Fares from PHL to CHI on the Cardinal also just came down about 30% so we cancelled out the trip...
  6. dlagrua

    Unusual Fare System on Empire Builder

    Yesterday we were able to book our trip on the Empire builder to East Glacier. We have been following the fares since January and its seemed that they were stuck at high bucket for quite a while, which is outside our budget. Bedroom fares on trains from CHI to GPK 7 and 8 were holding high and...
  7. dlagrua

    Booking Multi-City trips Online- SameTrain Number differs?

    Having some difficulty booking a multi city trip from PHL-CHI-GPK. Put in al the segments correctly and the choices show up but the same train shows with different numbers. For instance the Empire builder shows up as train #7 and #27. Tried to book by the std train number and the reservation...
  8. dlagrua

    Arriving Fargo, ND at 2:15 AM - Services at Train Station?

    My wife and myself are planning a 2020 trip to Glacier National Park. We will take the Empire builder from CHI to East Glacier or Essex so we know what to expect there in our evening arrival. On the trip back we will stop in Fargo, N.D. for a couple of days but the Empire builder pulls in at...
  9. dlagrua

    Petition to Keep Dining Cars Now Approaching 50,000 signatures

    I have no idea what change.org is all about and how they operate but today I received an email and it asked me to sign and chip in a few bucks for a petition to save the dining cars. I did sign and sent them a couple of bucks and noticed there there were close to 50,000 signatures on this...
  10. dlagrua

    Rail Passenger Assocation Dues Increased

    Just a heads up to all RPA members or those thinking of joining. The yearly dues has increased to $60 for an individual and $50 for a senior but I still feel its a good buy. You will get 400 points (individual) 200 points (senior) for joining/renewing membership and save 10% on Amtrak rail...
  11. dlagrua

    AGR posting incorrect point totals for purchases

    I have been waiting a while but on 6/5/19 I paid $5,927 on a bill for the Bank of America World card. For that payment I was only credited for two transactions of 1843 and 173 points. I called AGR to ask them to explain the shortage and they said to call Bank of America. I call them and they...
  12. dlagrua

    Penn Station H Accessible-Need advice

    While my wife and myself use Penn station numerous times every year, we should know the answer, but we always go the usual route. When asked by a friend who is going for surgery in NYC and returning to FL how he can access the station to board the Silver Meteor we were not sure how to answer...
  13. dlagrua

    Are AGR Points late at being posted this month?

    My AGR credit card points usually post on the 9th of each month. Today is the 11th and no points have been posted. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. dlagrua

    How are H Room Reservations Done?

    My wife and her sister are planning a Cardinal trip PHL to CHI early next year. My wife is in good physical health but her sister is handicapped and would need the H room. Since we have never booked an H room I am just wondering how to make a reservation for them. Don't see any provision for...
  15. dlagrua

    Is RPA Advocating for the Rail Passenger, Amtrak or both?

    On a trip to Chicago on the CL, (5/14/19) we had the pleasure of sitting with Jonsie Stone and Jim Mathews of the Rail Passengers Association and enjoying some great conversation. We found them to be extremely nice people and their knowledge of passenger rail and working within the political...
  16. dlagrua

    Will Richard Anderson step down in June?

    Back from a long trip and the talk from some of the onboard crew was that Richard Anderson's two year contract ends in June 2019 and that he will be stepping down as Amtrak president. This is obviously unconfirmed information and may be rumors, but has anyone else heard anything like this?
  17. dlagrua

    Amtrak is now in the Hotel and Car Rental Reservation Business

    I don't know if this has been reported before but on the new AGR site; I just noticed that Amtrak Guest Rewards is now in the Hotel and Car Rental reservation business. At first glance it looks like they offer competitive deals but they seem to be staying away from Choice and Wyndham Hotels...
  18. dlagrua

    AGR World Card Rental Car Coverage Question

    On every trip that we have taken; at our destination city (this year Kansas City) my wife has insisted that we opt for the collision damage coverage.  In many cases this over a weeks time this has nearly doubled the car rental cost. I understand that renting with the AGR World Card provides some...
  19. dlagrua

    Kansas City Union Station. Amtrak and KC Trolley

    Heading to Kansas City this May. We will arrive at CHI on the CL and this is our first opportunity to try  the minimalist menu. Can't comment on it as yet, but it appears to be a significant downgrade from full diner service.  The next leg of our trip will be on the SW Chief. First time visit...
  20. dlagrua

    Rail Passengers Ass'n did not deliver any points

    On December 18th, I decided to join the Rail Passengers Association using the AGR link and my AGR reward number. During that time they had a generous double points offer so I signed up with an adult membership.  So far not a single point, no membership card, nothing in the mail, only an email...