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  1. Long Train Runnin'

    Newark Airport Improvement Plans

    To be a real stickler you can reach SIN from JFK on Singapore Airlines on their daily A380 service with a stop in Frankfurt, Germany. I for one am rooting for something to happen with both the NJ Transit NEC service and also airport to Manhattan service. Since moving from the NJ Coastline to...
  2. Long Train Runnin'

    Glenwood Springs hotels near Amtrak station?

    Don't forget the excellent list made by Superliner Diner The rails to room directory. An exhaustive list of hotels near every Amtrak station. A great general resource. http://kevinkorell.com/hotels/hotels.htm
  3. Long Train Runnin'

    Brussels-Vienna night train returns as Europe eyes flying alternatives

    I think my biggest hang up with the European train travel I've been doing is that even with high speeds and nice equipment Europe is just a large place. I work for a company based in Salzburg, and always try to incorporate as much train travel as I can into my visits. There are lots of places...
  4. Long Train Runnin'

    Double Days (Fall 2019)?

    It is live now.
  5. Long Train Runnin'

    Why no Baggage Check at Harrisburg?

    What can I say I am a visionary.
  6. Long Train Runnin'

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this - lowered Metra Electric Fares

    . I agree that's why I am stunned it was an MTA program. :)
  7. Long Train Runnin'

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this - lowered Metra Electric Fares

    Sounds like something that is currently being tried in NYC. Giving those closer to the more expensive less frequent LIRR trains options. Could be useful for CTA to look at. https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2019/08/atlantic-ticket-public-transit-cost-price-nyc-mta-equity/595996/
  8. Long Train Runnin'

    Long Train Running (SWC)

    Thankfully I don't live in Kansas :) 
  9. Long Train Runnin'

    British Airways to Charleston, SC

    I think they have a shot here. Its only 2x a week. Plus this would be part of the OneWorld TATL Joint Venture so you are really spreading the risk around here.
  10. Long Train Runnin'

    JFK Airtrain <--> Subway

    You can ride the AirTrain to the Howard Beach Station and then ride the escalators down to the parking area. From there you could walk to the subway by leaving through the entry gates, and down the fence line there to the subway yes. I often park my car in front of the Howard Beach Airtrain...
  11. Long Train Runnin'

    Lufthansa Begins Austin Service

    Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves here in this thread? Condor was already flying this route. It's just switching over to LH. Granted Condor and LH have since severed ties but they used to be under the same umbrella, so I am sure they had access to how this flight was doing. Now...
  12. Long Train Runnin'

    AVE [Talgo vs Siemens]

    I took the journey both ways in First as the up charge was very very low, and since I was travelling alone getting a single seat made it a much nicer ride. The seat side meals don't happen on the weekends so you have to be careful when you are booking. The lounge at the station in Lisbon is a...
  13. Long Train Runnin'

    AVE [Talgo vs Siemens]

    I mean regardless of train set I think the amazing part of the Barcelona-Madrid service is the fact that was a 10 air route for trips per day between two places, and now its not. Cutting the 300 miles between the two cities to 2.5 hours on the express trains was a pretty amazing feat. FWIW I did...
  14. Long Train Runnin'

    Food in and around PSNY

    Pretty much the only post this thread needs. Across the street. Quick and great pizza.
  15. Long Train Runnin'

    A Major Expansion Could Occur if Amtrak only did this.

    http://www.migflug.com/en/jet-fighter-flights.html ;)
  16. Long Train Runnin'

    Any Experience with New Zealand and KiwiRail?

    Just rode the Transalpine a few days ago. An absolutely unforgettable journey to be sure. You could still see some evidence of the wildfire that closed the line. Trees burnt up across both sides of the tracks. Although it was not as extensive as some wildfire damage I have seen in the US...
  17. Long Train Runnin'

    Vienna to London by train, in 1 day...

    In October I put together a ride from Salzburg to Barcelona in a single day well like 22 hours on the move. Although I didn't end up executing it I did have it all pieced together on Loco24. It was funny my European colleagues seemed to be very skeptical about just how much rail service they...
  18. Long Train Runnin'

    AGR card application finally accepted!

    Take a look at plastiq for that kind of thing.
  19. Long Train Runnin'

    Alaska will fold Virgin America brand within two years

    Seemed like they were afraid B6 wanted it, so they had to pay any price to avoid that. Can't see your image, but AAs biz product JFK/LAX-LHR isn't that bad. The 777-300ER is a good product. I also am a big fan of the much less popular 767 refurb seats. I have spent around 10 nights in that seat...
  20. Long Train Runnin'

    Any Experience with New Zealand and KiwiRail?

    I just booked my ticket on the TranzAlpine for April. I will be sure to add my thoughts to this thread Jis.