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  1. Timetable World

    Official Guide 1971

    Timetable World has just done its February 2021 release. It includes the final Official Guide before Amtrak started. Click the image to go to the full timetable. The website already has all (I think !) of the Amtrak timetables + around 70 Official Guides from 1868 onwards. Also good...
  2. Timetable World

    Big release of US and Canadian timetables

    You can now find a huge trove of US and Canadian timetables and maps on Timetable World. It has taken a while to establish links with US collectors, and to process the material that was offered. But it has been worth the wait. Here are some of the highlights: Amtrak: Now in its 50th year...
  3. Timetable World

    Official Guide 1923

    One of the volunteers helping out at Timetable World has completed indexing the Official Guide 1923. It makes navigating the 1500+ pages so much easier. What I mean by "indexing" is that there are now bookmarks for all the main railroad and steamship companies - about half of the total - to...
  4. Timetable World

    Putting historical railroad timetables online

    I'm posting here to make contact with websites and private collectors who have already put digital timetables online. timetables.org is one example, with its great collection of Amtrak material, which points people to this forum to make contact. It'd be great to establish partnerships with...