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  1. tim49424

    Pere Marquette to return to New Buffalo?

    I just saw this article in our local paper talking about the possibility of the train returning to New Buffalo. It was a regular stop on the route until a few years ago. Both the Blue Water and Wolverine have stops in NB currently. Amtrak is considering the stop so the Pere Marquette can...
  2. tim49424

    Chicago Union Station Metropolitan Lounge Outside Food Policy Change (Feb 2019)

    Outside food and drink are now allowed. I’m not sure when this went into effect but I noticed several people eating McDonalds, so when I went to get my lunch, upon re-entry I asked the attendant and verified the changes.
  3. tim49424

    Crescent #19 into New Orleans poor performance

    Why is this train so chronically late? Track work along the route? I’ll be riding it tomorrow (12/16) arriving Monday and am curious.
  4. tim49424

    Michigan to California and Back - October 26-November 2, 2015

    I started this adventure a little before 7 AM, departing from Holland, Michigan on the Pere Marquette. The first leg was quite normal for me as I've traveled on the PM, somewhere around 5-6 dozen times in either direction. We arrived a few minutes early around 9:05 AM Central time. I boarded...
  5. tim49424

    New Stop Planned for the Empire Builder

    SHARE: FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE PLUS Updated 3 hours ago by MTN News - Great Falls Culbertson working with Amtrak for "Empire Builder" stop GREAT FALLS - Civic leaders in Culbertson and Amtrak officials met this week to begin planning the construction of a new stop along the "Empire Builder"...
  6. tim49424

    Who makes the decision on a Spokane turn?

    I was just wondering who makes the decision when train #7 is late enough into SPK to turn. Is it Amtrak or BNSF or is it a mutual decision between the two?
  7. tim49424

    Empire Builder

    Looks like the EB is back on track. I hope it continues it's trend of the last couple days as I'm headed from Tomah, WI to CHI on Thursday and continuing on with the Pere Marquette to Holland, MI. I'm skeptical, however, as a winter storm is brewing out west, according to the National Weather...