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  1. jiml

    The Evolution of VIA Rail - a graphical history

    For those with an interest on how VIA Rail's route structure has evolved since its inception, here are a couple of well-done map videos explaining the timeline. They are fairly accurate and will show those who didn't have to endure the cuts how we got where we are. The creator also has a wide...
  2. jiml

    New Article on Acela

    From Business Insider: https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/other/i-rode-on-amtraks-acela-for-the-first-time-and-while-it-wasnt-the-high-speed-journey-i-expected-i-cant-wait-to-see-whats-next/ar-BB1drRgX
  3. jiml

    Historical Discussion: Cities with two or more Amtrak stations

    This was touched on in another discussion here. Presuming Boston is the last city with two distinct Amtrak stations (not talking about cities with one downtown and others in the suburbs) I thought it might be fun to review cities that have had two or more train stations - in the Amtrak era only...
  4. jiml

    Favorable Review of New England NEC service

    The site Simply Railway (also known as Trains by Thibault) has just posted a decent review of an NER trip. If not familiar with this guy's reviews, he's French and his subtitles occasionally lose something in translation, but he's fair and objective.
  5. jiml

    Memorable Amtrak Dining Experiences

    I realize the title sounds like a bit of an oxymoron these days, but as @crescent-zephyr has reminded in another thread, Amtrak dining has had its moments in the distant and not-so-distant past. There's been a lot of discussion about the current degraded state of dining, and hopefully it's just...
  6. jiml

    Polar Bears!

    Same reviewer that did the recent Skeena video goes to Churchill, MB, on VIA Rail: Part 2 with the bears (no trains):
  7. jiml

    New Skeena review

    For those interested, here is a recent review of VIA's Skeena route in northern Alberta and British Columbia. It used to be an overnight train, but now stops at the mid-point, requiring a hotel stay. It shows the service during the pandemic and a couple of problems along the way. The reviewer is...
  8. jiml

    Amtrak's Least-used Stations

    Not a bad summary:
  9. jiml

    New York tax dollars at work

  10. jiml

    Amtrak loco in Texarkana

    Anyone see P42 #16 parked in the yard at Texarkana on Saturday's VR video? Just curious on situation.
  11. jiml

    Protests continue for third day

    From VIA Rail: "Sunday, February 9, 2020: Due to the protesters currently blocking tracks near Belleville, Ontario, train service between Montreal and Toronto and between Ottawa and Toronto is affected in both directions. None of the trains on these two routes will operate until the issue is...
  12. jiml

    Understanding the Pere Marquette

    This is a curiosity question directed to my friends and fellow members in Michigan. We like Grand Rapids and usually get there at least twice a year for concerts, shows and other events. We have a good relationship with a downtown hotel and even have a favorite restaurant that we dine in every...
  13. jiml

    VIA derailment in Manitoba

    The northern Manitoba train derailed on its way to Winnipeg this morning. No one was hurt, although both engines are on the ground. Surprisingly there were only 7 passengers and 5 crew on-board at the time - this is a train with a sleeper and some sort of dining service. (The route isn't that...
  14. jiml

    CN Rail on strike in Canada

    The CN union (Teamsters) made good on their threat and walked out last night. I don't know the status of CN in the US. Based on past events of this nature it will be interesting to see a) how long it lasts before a settlement or the government orders them back to work, and b) how long VIA can...
  15. jiml

    To the ocean on The Ocean - November 2019

    We hadn't been to Halifax in several years, so prompted by a substantial VIA off-peak sale we decided on November. "Halifax in November?" our friends and relatives said, but it was really cheap. With 40% off on sleepers coupled with senior rail fares, it was a very good deal. For those who...
  16. jiml

    VIA Ocean First Impression

    Currently riding the Ocean north of Moncton, NB. This is our first trip on this route in many years, with our last experience being in VIA's blue heritage cars. First time with Renaissance equipment, although have seen dozens in corridor service since their introduction - just never on any train...
  17. jiml

    York-Durham Heritage Railroad

    Had pre-Thanksgiving luncheon on YDHR today. Here's a couple of Boise Budd shots for you RDC fans:
  18. jiml

    Pre-Amtrak in San Diego

    I wasn't sure where to post this to attract input from the historians onboard, but this seemed like as good a place as any. I'm currently in San Diego (via Amtrak of course) and after stepping off the train at the famous depot I got to wondering about what long-distance service might have...
  19. jiml

    Something not right in VIA east corridor today

    I live within walking distance to the VIA/CN mainline, where the absence of train horns is more noticeable than the ever-present norm. In what is normally a peak time for passenger trains there has been but one lonely freight past here in the last 2+ hours. Checking online, everything is between...
  20. jiml

    Possible Maple Leaf changes?

    I have no idea whether something is afoot with Amtrak service on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, but ran into a strange situation while researching something else. It is not possible to book a Canada-only trip on the Maple Leaf after September 9, either on VIA Rail or Amtrak sites. If you...