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  1. sitzplatz17

    Cascades Talgo Move

    Just popped by King Street again and would you look what I found. Doesn’t look like #506 is going to lead though. Same two P42s from last night.
  2. sitzplatz17

    Cascades Talgo Move

    As of 8:30am there are no Talgo sets sitting in King Street station anymore. I imagine they might have been moved over to the coach yard and will depart from there. Right now. I just see a CS set sitting on western stub track (which I think it platform 1?)
  3. sitzplatz17

    Cascades Talgo Move

    I can confirm that as of this evening around 10pm there are two P42s sitting in King Street station with one of the old series 6 Talgo sets right behind them on track 1. Not sure where the other set is. Sounds like it'll be one move for both sets though? Might try and swing by the station in the...
  4. sitzplatz17

    Stadler, let testing begin on Caltrain kiss .

    i think what’s different or interesting about this delivery is that, unlike the Acela II or new Siemens Venture coaches, these were being hauled as part of a larger manifest train. That might be part of the reason they’re on flat cars instead of being rolled on the track?
  5. sitzplatz17

    New Amtrak Cascades Trains

    Interestingly while walking past King Street today it looks like one of the two Talgo 6 sets have been removed from track 1. It’s been sitting there for almost a year so I wonder if it’s headed somewhere?
  6. sitzplatz17

    Brightline not operating due to Covid? Any idea when they might resume operations.

    my wife and I had a chance to ride about 2 years ago now. It was probably one of the most impressive rail operations I’ve ever used from customer service and design perspective. I do not say that lightly either, I’ve ridden on trains like the Shinkansen in Japan, I used to commute weekly on the...
  7. sitzplatz17

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    In a dream world a Superliner III order might include something like a 4 piece set of permanently coupled cars in a: ADA Sleeper (with elevator) - Diner - Lounge - ADA coach (with elevator). The width between the cars would be fully wheelchair accessible allowing full movement between those...
  8. sitzplatz17

    Charger winter problems?

    But it does snow in Maryland and the PNW and I haven’t heard of too many Charger failures recently on MARC or the Cascades service. But I guess we’ll see what happens with today’s Cascades run since we’re getting quite the dump of snow here today!
  9. sitzplatz17

    Empire Builder Seattle Turn

    Since it's Saturday I decided to take a longer walk and head over to SoDo and see what I can observe from Holgate Street crossing that pretty much goes through the middle of the Amtrak/Sounder Seattle coach yard. On the far West side of the yard right by Holgate I did see two Builder sets* side...
  10. sitzplatz17

    Empire Builder Seattle Turn

    Oddly it seems like there’s another EB set parked at King Street again this evening (Thursday night) but I don’t see a CS set. Granted, I didn’t use the Weller Street bridge today to get a solid look, but usually the direction the consist is facing is a solid indication from afar. The EB sets...
  11. sitzplatz17

    Empire Builder Seattle Turn

    I walked by King Street earlier this evening and there was a EB set parked at the station on one of the “storage” tracks. So clearly one set isn’t making a same day turn.
  12. sitzplatz17

    TRE loco far from home

    Spotted a Trinity Railway Express F59 a little far from home tracks from my southbound Cascades train in Tacoma, WA Anyone have any idea what it’s doing over here on coal train duty?
  13. sitzplatz17

    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    I currently have a good view of the BNSF main line north of Seattle from my office building. So I get the Cascades and Empire Builder rolling by every day. [emoji846]
  14. sitzplatz17

    Charger Led #5 involved in Crash with Concrete Truck near Reno

    For anyone who is at work/can’t watch the video here’s a screen grab of the damage: Hopefully that’s helpful. :)
  15. sitzplatz17

    NW mudslide season 2019-20

    I just saw the builder pass my office here in Seattle so at the moment it doesn’t look like anything should be cancelled.... yet.
  16. sitzplatz17

    Brightline (FEC) Update

    ] Except the Netherlands has spent the better part of a century and billions of euros on flood management systems. Not to mention the fact that the soil in Florida is completely different than the type in the Netherlands. There’s a good chance that major parts of the FEC will be underwater...
  17. sitzplatz17

    Washington Union Station WiFi

    I believe that "Amtrak Connect" is the network from the actual railcars/trains. I've noticed that when going over the H Street bridge over the yards I can pick up some of the wifi signals from the trains, but can't actually connect properly. Inside Union Station your best bet is to keep using or...
  18. sitzplatz17

    Heartland Flyer possibility

    Seems like there’s been a little bit of movement on this topic. At least it’s requested for the 2020 budget? Though as the article states money would still need to come from OK and KS too which might be politically hard to come by...
  19. sitzplatz17

    MARC (Maryland Area Regional Commuter) Equipment

    I was wondering why I saw an ACS-64 coupled to some MARC bilevels at WAS yesterday evening. Came here to see if anyone knew and of course the answer was waiting for me! Thanks!
  20. sitzplatz17

    Silver Meteor's 11/11/18 Departure from Washington

    There's also a fantastic craft beer store on 3rd and H street NE, which is maybe a 5-7 minute walk from WAS Union Station, and there's a Whole Foods on H street too. The DC Street car runs free pretty close to it. Obviously either of those would require a little bit more time, but they're still...