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  1. John Santos

    Sleeping cars returning to WAS-BOS starting 05APR21

    I used to travel Boston to Richmond several times a year, but never thought of taking the train. My customer's building was on Staple Mills Road, about a mile from RVR, so it would have been extremely convenient. (They moved their computer center to Philadelphia in 2012 and I took the Acela...
  2. John Santos

    En-Route Exercise Classes

    What about all those brand new VII baggage cars on trains that no longer have checked baggage service? Plenty of room, especially post-COVID to exercise. Maybe they could install some treadmills and stationary bikes?
  3. John Santos

    Priorities for expanding the national network

    Would that mean it makes sense to implement the Inland route between Boston and New Haven? BOS-Worcester-Springfield-Hartford-New Haven or directly from Worcester to Hartford or Worcester south to New London? Should any of these possible routes be electrified so trains can continue to or from...
  4. John Santos

    Why are subway tunnels lit, but railroad tunnels not?

    Boston subway tunnels are not lit.
  5. John Santos

    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    I think the long stops are mainly to do train stuff... refuel, refill the water tanks, pump out the waste tanks, remove garbage and load fresh food, change crews, etc. (Usually the onboard staff stays with the train for the whole trip, though sometimes my Sleeping Car Attendant has changed in...
  6. John Santos

    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    NO! (And it will NEVER happen!)
  7. John Santos

    DC to LA 2020

  8. John Santos

    Texas Eagle (2/9/21) stopped due to trespasser incident

    Yikes! Southbound cars can't be certain they can actually make the right turn onto the highway south of the tracks before they cross. What if there is an accident or a truck jackknifes just west of the intersection, blocking westbound traffic? Plus the bizarre train station with parking lot...
  9. John Santos

    Texas Eagle (2/9/21) stopped due to trespasser incident

    There are lights and gates at this crossing? There should be plenty of time after the lights start flashing for approaching drivers at the speed limit to stop (if possible without slamming on their brakes) or proceed across the tracks BEFORE the gates come down. Stopping between the tracks...
  10. John Santos

    Sink down light. Why?

    DA, how does it feel to be called "Nobody"? ;)
  11. John Santos

    Sink down light. Why?

    So this is all based on an imaginary problem? I've never had a sink light stay on when the sink was closed, or fail to light when the sink was down. Okay...
  12. John Santos

    Sink down light. Why?

    Why would you want to leave the sink down? The water doesn't train until you tip it up. Or do you tip it up but not latch it securely, thus letting the light stay on? If it's not latched and the train hits a bump, it could fly down unexpectedly and break something or hurt someone. Why is it...
  13. John Santos

    Attempted hack

    Report it to BoA and change your passwords. It normally would require two forms of authentication to change your address or anything else relating to a credit card. Make sure if you have an email address or telephone number associated with the card, they are correct. Someone may have guessed...
  14. John Santos

    Reserving a Silver Meteor Viewliner II Sleeper

    I know they ordered VII diners and VII sleepers, and I think they also got a bunch of VII baggage cars. As per usual, they stopped providing baggage service on many single-level LD routes just when the baggage cars were delivered, and switched to flex "dining" (in quotes) just as the spiffy new...
  15. John Santos

    Stadler, let testing begin on Caltrain kiss .

    It might depend on whether the wheels, trucks or mechanical structure are a new design without much history. They don't want a bearing to give out or a casting to crack or a coupler to fail in the middle of nowhere. It would be hard to tow to a repair facility and they would probably have to...
  16. John Santos

    Do we really need HSR for LD?

    Who says it has to be done over cell service?
  17. John Santos

    New Carrollton, MD (NCR) Second Platform

    I'm picturing Elvira Gulch riding her bicycle with Toto trying to jump out of the basket attached to the handle bars.
  18. John Santos

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    The single time I experienced it (in 1977), it took the scheduled 30 minutes. (On the way back to Boston, I took the Turbotrain from NYP, which didn't change engines. The next time I took the train to NYC, about 30 years later, it was an Acela and I appreciated not having to wait in New Haven.)
  19. John Santos

    Military base on Coast Starlight route?

    The first shuttle launch from Vandenberg was scheduled for October 1986 but after the Challenger disaster in January, it was suspended and eventually cancelled. During construction and testing, the shuttle Enterprise was used for fit checks, and must have been flown in and out on the 747 at...
  20. John Santos

    New Amtrak Moynihan train hall at NYP

    There's no corruption in private business? Wow, that's wonderful news! /sarcasm