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  1. Jersey Jeff

    Upgrade/Companion/Lounge Coupons: seeking, available, questions

    I have 2 companion coupons that expire 3/1/21. PM me if interested.
  2. Jersey Jeff

    Going into Pennsylvania station instead of DC

    NY Pizza Suprema really serves the classic "NY slice." I recommend the place to all of my tourist friends. It's steps from Penn Station.
  3. Jersey Jeff

    My reusable coffee mug on the Northeast Regionals

    Amtrak had water dispensers on its Amfleet cars for decades. Granted, those dispensers came with paper cups but nothing stopped passengers from refilling reusable water bottles there. Believe me, I bet the seats on my coach have lots more germs on them then anything on the coffee machine in the...
  4. Jersey Jeff

    My reusable coffee mug on the Northeast Regionals

    I travel on Northeast Regional trains about once a month and I often visit the cafe car for a cup of coffee. During my work week, I always travel with a reusable coffee mug that I can refill at a number of popular retailers (Dunkin, Starbucks, QuickChek, 7-11, etc), often at a discount. Bringing...
  5. Jersey Jeff

    Seat assignments (Acela pilot Feb 2018)

    I didn't book Megabus, but I recently traveled Peter Pan Bus from Providence to NYC because I needed a last minute ride and Amtrak was charging $100+. Bus fare was $35. Seating was cramped, no wifi and my power outlet didn't work. Took 6 hours to travel 200 miles because of typical lousy I-95...
  6. Jersey Jeff

    Problem updating Amtrak account details online

    Sorry to resurrect this thread but I have had this exact same problem all year. I've logged in with different web browsers from different computers, all with the same frustrating results. I wish I could update my info on the Amtrak app rather than on a PC.
  7. Jersey Jeff


    I'm traveling on Acela this Friday Aug. 31. If anyone has any spare upgrade coupons handy, I'd love to take one off of your hands!
  8. Jersey Jeff

    Amtrak Snack Bar Coach Found In Rhode Island

    I was thinking since the car is located in RI, it should be converted int a NY System, serving hot wieners "all the way."
  9. Jersey Jeff

    Amtrak is not an airline. ..

    I thought this thread was about Amtrak's potential plans to require reserved seating on all coach and BC trains. Those are the rumors I am hearing now that it is being run by an "airline guy."
  10. Jersey Jeff

    Amtrak ending certain discounts in 2018?

    Now that Amtrak has a former airline exec in charge, when can we expect the railroad to start charging for luggage and reducing legroom in coach?
  11. Jersey Jeff

    Snow NEC 1/2/14

    FWIW, I rode 150 from NWK-BOS on Saturday Jan. 4 and we had to change to a diesel locomotive in NHV. Our train pulled in to South Station 1:31 late.
  12. Jersey Jeff

    Major Service Disruption on NE Trains

    I was booked on AE 2252 today from NWK-BOS. Amtrak e-mailed and called me yesterday to tell me that my train was cancelled. Rats! I had an upgrade coupon I was gonna use :angry: I was able to call and get one of three remaining coach seats on Regional 174. According to Amtrak's Web Site...
  13. Jersey Jeff

    Fall Double Points Promo?

    I just registered for the promo today, but last week I purchased a r/t ticket from NWK-BOS on 9/27-28. Will I be able to earn double points on that trip?
  14. Jersey Jeff

    Capital Limited to Pennsylvanian East - Breakfast??

    DeLuca's is billed as "The best breakfast in town" and I would tend to agree. :) It's a 10 minute walk up Penn Ave. in the Strip District and well worth it.
  15. Jersey Jeff

    I have a question re: sale on NYP travel to PHL or WIL

    I just received an e-mail from Amtrak advertising a summer sale on travel between NYP and 30th Street and Wilmington. Fares are $26 between NYP-PHL and $30 between NYP-WIL. The Web Site states "Does not include travel to/from any intermediate cities." Metropark is my local Amtrak station of...
  16. Jersey Jeff

    Pennsylvanian - Coach vs Business Class

    When did you take your trip? When I rode the Pennsy back in 2012, we sat in a regular Amfleet I coach marked "Business Class." I miss the 2-1 seating, but since my trains were full in BC, perhaps Amtrak felt it needed to add extra capacity on this route. I don't think I drank enough free...
  17. Jersey Jeff

    The Pennsylvanian Lives!

    The Pennsylvanian's subsidy should be used instead to repave roads because the train is slow yadda yadda yadda: http://www.thecourierexpress.com/courierexpress/courierexpressouropinion/998888-349/amtrak-subsidy-would-pave-a-lot-of.html
  18. Jersey Jeff

    The Pennsylvanian Lives!

    What were we discussing again? ;)
  19. Jersey Jeff

    Pittsburgh Station

    There is a 24-hour Primanti Bros. restaurant a few blocks from the station. You can eat and drink your weight in sammiches and Iron City beers and then you can work all those calories off on your bike ride. :P
  20. Jersey Jeff

    Pennsylvanian may end

    FYI, there is an online petition to keep the Pennsylvanian running.