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  1. Seaboard92

    Potential Detours

    The other day when I saw there was a avalanche on the HiLine I thought about what detours were available so I decided to to make a list of all the potential detours in the country. I'll try to add the distances when I figure them out at a later time. California Zephyr Chicago-Omaha via the EX...
  2. Seaboard92

    Amtrak Special for the Inauguration (1/19/2021)

    It looks like President Elect Joe Biden is keeping with his personal tradition and taking Amtrak to work in the Nation's Capital. So I guess we should all be looking for his special on 1/19/2021 between Wilmington, DE and Washington, DC. I'll be there to document another Presidential Train for...
  3. Seaboard92

    Today's Corridors in 1952 and Yesterday's Corridors that disappeared

    Basing this on my official Guide of Railways for 1952 lets look at some of the former and current corridors. Chicago-Detroit One Operator the New York Central (Michigan Central) provides all the service, most trains continue past Detroit to other points. All Trains operate to Central Station...
  4. Seaboard92

    Beech Grove Round II

    Trip Planning For starters in August we entered into an agreement to buy the railcar Pacific Park at Beech Grove, IN from it's owner. This trip we are making now is related to getting the car ready for work. At the end of the report I'll post more about the car and the plans for the car. The...
  5. Seaboard92

    Politicking across the Midwest/ Build Back Better Express

    Day 0: Departing for the Unknown Normally my reports include a section about the planning of a trip but this is one of those rare last minute trips that was completely unplanned. On Sunday 9/27 I learned that Vice President Joe Biden was operating a Whistle Stop Campaign Train across Ohio and...
  6. Seaboard92

    Restructuring Canadian Rail Service with existing equipment pools

    A year ago I was bored at work and I was trying to stay awake on a long shift so I started a project redesigning the entire Canadian rail network. In that I have managed to get a far better utilization rate than what VIA has especially on the Chateau Fleet. I have also managed to grow service...
  7. Seaboard92

    Joe Biden Campaign Train

    I'm surprised I'm the first poster on this. On Wednesday September 30th. The Biden Harris campaign is returning from Cleveland's debate on Tuesday night by charter train to somewhere in Pennsylvania. The route has not been announced yet but Cleveland, and Pittsburgh news outlets are reporting on...
  8. Seaboard92

    Going to the Beech: Beech Grove Shops that is

    Trip planning So last year when the Reading & Northern announced they were operating an excursion from Reading, PA to Pittston, PA (Scranton) my good friend Malcolm and I decided we wanted to ride that. So we promptly booked tickets on the excursion in the open air car. Not knowing my exact...
  9. Seaboard92

    Airline and Regional Rail Code Shares

    I just read the other day that Austrian Airlines will no longer fly between Vienna (VIE) and Salzburg (SZG) instead offering an AIRail on ÖBB's Railjets from the Vienna Airport Station to Salzburg Main station. Which leads me to this proposal. In the United States instead of offering myriad...
  10. Seaboard92

    Music Across America

    About the title I’m choosing to call this trip the Music Across America report because this trip really hits the musical history of America. From passing the hometown of Johnny Cash on the Texas Eagle, to standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona, and so many other great American songs. Planing...
  11. Seaboard92

    Two Fall Trips

    I’m going to post two trip reports I’ve been meaning to write for awhile but haven’t gotten around to it. Trip 1: United Job Interview Trip 2: Christmas in Plains Trip 1: United Job Interview Sometime in July when I was tired of living in South Carolina heat and wanting to get out. But...
  12. Seaboard92

    Weekend out with Thomas

    Well as some of you and now all of you know. I work for a tourist railroad now in South Central Georgia on a semi-regular basis. So I figured I would write a trip report up for my most recent run. Day 1: Driving Thru Nowhere I left my house around 7:35 In the morning and took the route my...
  13. Seaboard92

    Amtrak Private Car Destinations and Trains

    Seeing that every once in awhile I see a post where people aren’t clear where we can get on and off trains I feel compelled to type out the list. Region Northeast ~Albany, NY only on trains where a locomotive is added to the train. ~Boston, MA only on 448/449, 173, 163, 149, 172, and 162...
  14. Seaboard92

    The Royal Canadian Pacific

    Planning Well in early August I revived an invite to come ride the Royal Canadian Pacific’ familiarization Special for the Travel Industry. Of course before I got the invite I had already bought a ticket from Vancouver to Toronto on the Canadian over the same date range. I waited for awhile...
  15. Seaboard92

    Crossing the Line

    Planning For a work trip that involves familiarizing myself with multiple products you would think the plans would be pretty stable. But in all honesty they aren’t stable at all. The initial plan was for Malcolm and I to fly to Alaska ride the Alaska Railroad before taking VIA’s Skeena to...
  16. Seaboard92

    A Surprise Birthday Party Trip

    First off this trip is back from 2014 when my former French Exchange Student aka my French Brother Sammie, Michaela, Lauren, and now future colleague Heather planned a little trip for my 19 th Birthday almost six years ago this week. Planning Well for a surprise party in my honor I didn’t do...
  17. Seaboard92

    Circling the Northeast by Rail

    Planning About in November of last year my friend Christian/Jake from Germany decided he wanted to visit me here in the United States for his first visit to North America over his birthday. And he tasked me with planning a routing that he would enjoy because I know the USA better than he would...
  18. Seaboard92

    Charlotte CityLynx Suspension

    Effective June 3rd the short 2 mile free service in Charlotte, NC will be suspended for 18 months. The suspension is so level boarding platforms can be installed for the Siemans trains slated for the line. So they can change the voltage of the catenary and so they can extend to phase II...
  19. Seaboard92

    Detroit to Windsor

    Hey guys!!! In a couple of weeks I’m transferring from the AmBus from Toledo to VIA Train No. 76 (1:45 PM departure). Does anyone know the best way to get from the Detroit station,l to the VIA station. What time should I cross the border? And is there anything worth seeing in Detroit or...
  20. Seaboard92

    Happy Birthday to the Canadian

    Today 64 years ago the first Canadians departed Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. And here we are today still able to ride the same beautiful cars 64 years young. Here’s to another 64 years.