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    En-Route Exercise Classes

    I'll be honest, exercise wouldn't be my highest priority while on a train. I almost always get out at fresh air stops and wander around, but I only break out into a jog if I've wandered a bit too far and want to be sure I get on board in time! I do carry a couple of exercise bands and do a...
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    En-Route Exercise Classes

    If you are curious about how much exercise you could get from a seated position, check out the Sit and Be Fit videos you can find on Youtube. The woman who does this has been doing a PBS series for at least 15 years. I used to think it was ridiculous till I suffered a serious leg...
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    Marketing/Promoting Amtrak

    I like to use them at home when I'm taking a shower and don't want to have to wash and dry my hair. And, on the road, I carry them to stash my portable umbrella in after a rain shower--so that the other things in my day bag don't get soaked.
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    No cafe cars, please...

    And if the train was late, what then? This sounds like someone who hasn't taken many LD trains to me.
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    Covid will dictate the future

    This is a reply that will also disturb many, if not most. It is link to a short video of what nurses working in ICUs see every day. If you have the guts to do so, watch it, Hytec. I doubt you'd append an LOL to this reality...
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    Covid will dictate the future

    Nor, unlike most reputable newspapers, did they provide a link to the study or even the name of the journal it is in, so that we can judge for ourselves its relevance, or if it has been peer reviewed. The New York Post is a tabloid-style publication. Again, not where I'd choose to get my...
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    Covid will dictate the future

    I wouldn't rely on the New York Post for your science news, myself. :rolleyes: They specialize in 'alarming' as a business model. But even the version of the study in the Post says that the biggest problem is cotton fabrics. Guess which fabric is extraordinarily unlikely to find in an Amtrak...
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    Ticket counters not accepting cash?

    Is that ever true! Once, years ago, when I had only one credit card, I got a call from the credit union letting me know that someone had charged stuff on my card, and once I confirmed that I hadn't authorized it, they said they'd cancel the card and send me a new one in 4 weeks. The only...
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    Rocky Mountaineer in the Colorado Rockies

    Yeah, long bus rides don't sound like the luxury tour that Rocky Mountaineer promises. Though, I suspect that the busses will be more luxe than a Greyhound would be. And, thinking about it, I might prefer a comfortable bus where I was free to sit back and take all the pictures I wanted to in...
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    Questions about refunds when Amtrak cancels a train

    Amtrak has been a lot better about reimbursements than a lot of other transportation entities have been. Early on in the pandemic, if you called your airline pro-actively to cancel an upcoming trip, you only got a voucher, not your money back. So, since I had a number of scheduled and paid-for...
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    Ticket counters not accepting cash?

    I nominate MIRAILFAN. ;) Let us know how it goes...
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    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    The federal rules on marijuana, assuming their validity, trump state rules; that's the supremacy clause of the constitution in action. When marijuana was legalized in Washington state, colleges had to warn students that, despite the fact that weed was legal in Washington, it was still totally...
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    Ticket counters not accepting cash?

    No business is legally required to accept cash for goods or services under federal law, though some states and municipalities have passed laws requiring certain businesses to provide a non-credit card payment option. None of the state laws apply to interstate commerce, though, as anyone who has...
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    Auto Train Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

    Hard to see why it would. Car rental in Las Vegas is actually pretty inexpensive, compared to rental in a lot of places. Tourists don't tend to stay in Las Vegas for the protracted period of time necessary to make it economical to haul their own cars to Vegas--whereas lots of snowbirds spend...
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    Amtrak Dining

    Yup...my kitchen is fresh outta modified food starch and powdered chicken.
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    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    I'm bemused about this thread. Clearly in today's world, allowing smoking anywhere on an Amtrak train is a non-starter--ridership would plummet. So no one in their right mind would even consider such a policy. Unless, of course, you were desperate to find a way to finally kill off the LD...
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    Masks now required even in private room with door closed.

    I like knowing I'm doing my part to help protect my community more than I like being able to wear lipstick! :)
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    Are you scared to take the train now?

    One person's "afraid" is another person's 'prudent." I won't be traveling on Amtrak (or otherwise) until I'm fully vaccinated, infection rates are down, and I'm confident in the preventive measures taken along the way--not just the trains, but the hotels and local transport. Then again, I...
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    Texas Eagle (2/9/21) stopped due to trespasser incident

    Lots of sad stories out there regarding people hit by trains, and often enough even the investigators never reach a final conclusion about why the person was there, why they didn't avoid being hit, etc. Sad, too, for the train crew in these cases, who are often traumatized by what happened...
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    Masks now required even in private room with door closed.

    As any lawyer can tell you, executive orders are written at a higher level of generality than statutes or administrative regulations are. This is one reason why, all things being equal, statutes and administrative regulations are a better way to regulate than executive orders are. All of them...