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    Bergen Loop

    I am optimistic that 2 new Hudson Tunnels will be bored into Penn Station. But I would like to get your thoughts on why or why not the Bergen Loop should get built?
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    Options for 7 Train to NJ

    NYC Area transit agencies are once again studying the possibility of extending the 7 Train from Hudson Yards in Midtown, Manhattan to New Jersey. I would like to get your thoughts on where this train should go. Maybe the 7 train: should be extended to the Journal Square Train Station in Jersey...
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    Improving NYC Area Transit

    1. Why isn't there a direct subway link to JFK Airport in NYC? Would it make sense to extend the A Train from Lefferts BLVD to JFK Airport? 2. Regarding The Hudson Tunnel Project, would it make sense for the local contributions to be increased from 50% to 60%?
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    NJ Transit Crew Shortages

    NJ Transit has been facing numerous crew shortages recently. What is the best way for NJ Transit to deal with this issue?
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    Amfleet Specifications

    I have read that the width of Amtrak's Amfleet coaches are 10 and a half feet wide. Does this refer to the vertical width of the coaches or the diagonal width?
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    Septa/Amazon HQ2

    In the likely event that Amazon picks Philadelphia to build it's HQ2--along with it's 50,000 jobs--what would this mean for Septa's Capital Plan and the proposed Broad Street Subway Extension?
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    Prediction - Who Gets NYC Subway R211 Contract

    If you folks are so willing to predict, who do you think will win the contract for the R211 Fleet?
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    High Speed Trains

    It is my understanding that a typical service life of a high-speed train-set is around 30 years. But, then why is it that in Japan, all of the shinkansen high speed train-sets always get replaced after twenty years?
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    Best Rolling Stock Manufacturers

    Who really is the best best rolling stock manufacturer when it comes to making both high-speed and passenger trains? Where does Alstom and Kawasaki Rail Car fit in?
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    L Train

    Are there any plans to expand L Train in New York City from 8 to 10 cars?
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    When does the MTA plan to install CBTC on the Lexington Avenue Subway line?
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    PATH Fleet

    What are the specifications for the PATH Kawasaki fleet? I was not able to find the length and height of the cars.
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    Concrete Ties

    How long and wide and tall are the concrete ties that Amtrak typically uses on the Northeast Corridor?
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    Horizontally speaking, how far is a typical platform edge from the nearest rail on a railroad track? Also, how wide horizontally speaking is a typical railcar and locomotive, not including side flaps?
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    BART Bond Proposal

    Folks, Below is a link to Bart's Bond Proposal that may go on the ballot in November: https://www.bart.gov/sites/default/files/docs/BART%20Bond%20Program_DRAFT_feb2016.pdf
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    FY 2017 Budget

    Folks, if Amtrak's 2017 budget is allocated by two accounts: LD and NEC, does that automatically mean that Amtrak's NEC operating profits can be reinvested back into the Northeast Corridor?
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    NYC Subway Lexington Avenue Line

    I was trying to locate statistics but could not find them. I want to know: Which is the busier segment of the Lexington Avenue Subway Line in New York City: 125th street to Grand Central/42nd street or Grand Central/42nd street to Bowling Green? How many passengers do these segments carry on...
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    Empire Tunnel

    How long in feet is the Empire Tunnel in Midtown, Manhattan? What is the grade of this tunnel? What are the interior dimensions of the Empire Tunnel? What is the maximum authorized speed within this tunnel?
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    Are the new E320 train-sets an expansion of the Eurostar fleet or replacement of the old fleet that was put in service in the 1990's? What is the height of the catenary wire above the tracks? What about double decker trains on the Eurostar line?
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    2016 Transportation Funding

    How is the new transportation bill different from the FAST Act?