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  1. FrensicPic

    New Amtrak survey email yesterday

    “Mark this question disagree.” I think I spent more time pondering that question than any other! ;)
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    Business Class on the Coast Starlight

    You also get (or used to get) a voucher to use in the diner or cafe car...IIRC it was $6 or so.
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    Lounge Access-without same day ticket

    I was just looking at the Single-Visit Station Lounge Passes my wife received (she is Select). It does state on the reverse "Same-day Amtrak ticket required." I didn't keep the mailer with my Select Plus card so I can't verify any conditions to the "Club Access" printed on the card. Not a...
  4. FrensicPic

    Lounge Access-without same day ticket

    "because of the virus." That was my line of thought as well.
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    Trying to pay for tickets at this moment - problem

    First thought...give Amtrak a call and make the reservation that way. And, ask if there is a website problem.
  6. FrensicPic

    Lounge Access-without same day ticket

    Interesting...current wording on the AGR website for Select Plus is" Access to Amtrak lounges No mention of needing a same day ticket. I was not aware of that.
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    Dining for coach passengers

    Wasn't it called "At your seat", or something along those lines. They had a printed menu with several items (burger, hot dog, etc.) that coach passengers could order without leaving their seat. This is in the same era when coach passengers could actually go to the diner and purchase meals.
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    Coast Starlight Boarding in Seattle

    When we departed SEA last October, we were boarded way early....we were sleeper and because my wife has mobility issues, we were driven out to our car before any boarding began
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    Legislation to Provide Permanent Funding for Amtrak

    Blumenthal & Davis Introduce Bicameral Legislation to Provide Permanent Funding for Amtrak U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and U.S. Representative Danny Davis (D-IL) introduced the Intercity Passenger Rail Trust Fund Act today to provide permanent funding for Amtrak. The bicameral...
  10. FrensicPic

    Approximate cost of a private car trip on Amtrak?

    Check the links on this page which includes rates, inspections, etc. Or here...
  11. FrensicPic

    Seat spacing in coach, re covid pandemic?

    I believe AZ is also the one linked to blood clots recently. Of course, thanks to the media, the perception is probably worse than it actually is.
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    Miles Traveled on Amtrak

    About 51,000 long distance miles; 7,600 miles on regional trains. Most of the travel in the past 15 years. Our first trip in 1974: Santa Barbara to Oakland (our honeymoon in San Francisco). Does my daily commute on Southern California's Metrolink for six years count? About 80,000 miles Next...
  13. FrensicPic

    Which webcam is your fav to watch Amtrak trains?

    Fort Madison....besides trains you can also watch river traffic. Skykomish
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    A bunch of first timer questions

    Speaking of each of you being in your own bedroom, check with Amtrak, you might be able to book two adjoining bedrooms (E/D or C/B. There is a door between the two that your attendant can open and you could move back and forth between the two rooms. You can close it again if desired during your...
  15. FrensicPic

    What does Amtrak do with large quantities of chainsaws?

    Cutting downed trees when around/tangled with wires (catenary?) doesn't seem to be particularly safe!
  16. FrensicPic

    San Antonio Wye

    That has been my experience several times on the TE
  17. FrensicPic

    Do we need "Long Distance " trains?

    Or, a combination of rail and air... From the National Air and Space Museum
  18. FrensicPic

    Cascades Talgo Move

    Earlier discussions indicated that this move would follow the Amtrak 11 schedule.
  19. FrensicPic

    Cascades Talgo Move

    Amtrak train #865 - an equipment move (no passengers) from Seattle, Washington to Anaheim, California passes through Chehalis, Washington this morning. These two Amtrak Cascades Talgo trainsets are headed south to Coast Rail Services reportedly to be scrapped. Sunday, February 28.
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    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    Time for a little tobacco humor... Bob Newhart - Sir Walter Raleigh