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  1. Exvalley

    Amtrak employee meals

    In my state it is illegal to discipline someone for sharing their rate of compensation.
  2. Exvalley

    The Canadian is resuming service to Toronto

    Great news! Now I am hoping for the Ocean to get some good news too!
  3. Exvalley

    Sleeper 9712...Wow!

    I agree. It's not as if Amtrak forces solo travelers to be paired up. So I don't see how having the option of a second person in the roomette is a bad thing. I also prefer the upper bunk in a Viewliner roomette.
  4. Exvalley

    Worst non-Amtrak transportation experience

    Overall I have been pretty lucky. My two worst experiences would be: 1) Arriving in Tangier, Morocco by ferry. The guide book said that there would be unlicensed tour guides greeting you as you disembark and that they would leave you alone with a polite, "No thank you." The guide was full of...
  5. Exvalley

    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    I recall many, many years ago that United Airlines and Amtrak had a partnership. You would fly one way and take the train the other way. Not quite the same, but it at least showed that a relationship can happen.
  6. Exvalley

    France moves to ban short-haul domestic flights

    Yes, I edited my post to clarify that.
  7. Exvalley

    France moves to ban short-haul domestic flights

    Since CDG and connecting passengers are exempted it comes across as rather hollow. In order for this to work for connecting passengers you need excellent rail facilities at the airport. We could not pull this off at JFK, LGA, ORD, LAX, BOS or even DCA. So I don’t see the trend catching on in...
  8. Exvalley

    France moves to ban short-haul domestic flights

    Well, CDG is exempt and were there really that many people connecting through Orly?
  9. Exvalley

    France moves to ban short-haul domestic flights

    The headline packs much more of a punch than the actual law. Only 5 routes are impacted and apparently CDG is exempt. This article explains it well: French Lawmakers Ban Short Domestic Flights, But... | One Mile at a Time
  10. Exvalley

    Comparing Amtrak B/R fare to First Class Air Fare

    Very good point. But to extend that logic, wouldn't some people who normally travel in a roomette prefer a the bedroom's private bathroom/shower during a pandemic?
  11. Exvalley

    Will commuter rail regain popularity again?

    One problem with suburb to suburb service is that the suburbs are designed for automobiles and bus service can be spotty or infrequent. It's one thing to get to the suburb, it's another thing to be able to get to where you want to go within the suburb.
  12. Exvalley

    LSL, ALB to CHI best side of train end of May.

    I agree wholeheartedly with this. There is a very easy way to see the actual route. Go to Google Maps, and get directions from the Albany station to Union station in Chicago. Say that you are going to depart slightly before the LSL is scheduled to depart - and choose public transit as your...
  13. Exvalley

    Comparing Amtrak B/R fare to First Class Air Fare

    Again, your argument would be more persuasive if roomettes and coach were also nearly empty. But since it was just the bedrooms in the instance, Occam's razor suggests that there is something peculiar to the bedrooms that explains the discrepancy. Price is an obvious potential factor. It is...
  14. Exvalley

    Comparing Amtrak B/R fare to First Class Air Fare

    I’d say that a train running during a pandemic with full roomettes and only one bedroom sold has overpriced bedrooms. If the vacancies were more evenly distributed you’d have a stronger argument.
  15. Exvalley

    Best East Coast Destination on the Crescent

    I would normally vote for Washington, DC. However, there are some excellent deals to be had in places that are normally expensive. For example, it is possible to find good hotel rooms in New York City for $125 per night or less. Those opportunities don't come up very often.
  16. Exvalley

    My first post vaccination Amtrak trip -- where to?

    I learned a new word. My vote is also with New York City.
  17. Exvalley

    Amtrak returns to Vermont

    According to the local news, service will resume on July 19th. This assumes that the vaccination schedule proceeds according to plan.
  18. Exvalley

    Stressful on-board announcements

    Speaking of famous voices, I bet almost all of us have heard this woman’s voice.
  19. Exvalley

    Amtrak BidUp (Bidding for Upgrades to Business Class/Acela First Class)

    My guess - and this is only a guess - is that if two bids are equal and there is only one seat to upgrade into, the earlier bid will be chosen as the winner.
  20. Exvalley

    Ferries, Ferries, and still more Ferries

    I looked into flying from Montreal to St. Pierre for a weekend getaway. I thought that it would be fun to surprise my wife and tell her that we were going to France for the weekend. It turns out it was cheaper to fly from Montreal to Paris than it was to fly from Montreal to St. Pierre...