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  1. J

    Commuter Rail around Tampa proposed

    Commuter rail will not happen in the Tampa Bay area in my lifetime (I will be 53 this year). The area remains in the dark ages when it comes to public transportation, even though it is clearly the areas Achilles' Heel and lack of it will prevent the area from becoming a first class metropolitan...
  2. J

    Why Such High Prices for The Silvers in February 2022?

    Yeah that must be it. :rolleyes: We are talking (almost) a year away. They have nothing to lose by offering high fares now to those that are so desperate to plan this far out they will pay anything, and then adjusting the fares downwards later if it the high fares are not selling...
  3. J

    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    Yes, that is where the people (i.e., most potential customers) are. Apologies if I am misunderstanding, but wouldn't that (approximately) be the California Zephyr?
  4. J

    Sleeper 9712...Wow!

    Great report, IndyLions! Thanks for taking the time to take & post the pics and descriptions. I can't wait to ride one.
  5. J

    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    Maybe because there are no people between Dallas and Denver.
  6. J

    Flynn on Amtrak

    I think he did. He said the sleepers are pretty full at current fares, so why lower them.
  7. J

    Cardinal or Lake Shore Limited going West

    I think you made the right choice with the Cardinal. Aside from the amazing WV scenery, if you have never been on the NEC you should definitely experience that - so different from the rest of the Amtrak network. Plus I always think if they start cutting routes permanently, the 3x/week ones...
  8. J

    Amtrak Dining

    There is prep work before, and cleanup work after, each meal, especially in the kitchen. This schedule essentially has the kitchen crew working from 5 AM to 9 or 10 PM with no break.
  9. J

    Sleeping cars returning to WAS-BOS starting 05APR21

    Remember there is only one lounge car attendant. They need periodic meal / rest breaks. To me it makes sense to couple one of those with a major stop when a lot of tickets will need to be lifted.
  10. J

    Sleeping cars returning to WAS-BOS starting 05APR21

    They do more than just strip the beds. They have to make them up with clean linen for the return trip. There are also logistical issues with having the OBS crew remain onboard for any length of time after arrival at a terminal. Generally the HEP is cut and removed to be serviced or used...
  11. J

    Restoring Service to Southern Montana (NYT Article)

    I think it is "fashionable" (and often legally required) for any business to talk about revenue. And bad things tend to happen when it gets too low.
  12. J

    Gravity toilets

    I am not sure there were many other practical options back then. Plus workplace safety and sanitary standards have evolved in the ensuing 50-100 years. Definitely this too!
  13. J

    Gravity toilets

    Maybe more like the host railroad's unions pressuring management. It would probably have been easy to bring in OSHA (or whatever equivalent agency or FRA branch would deal with railroad worker safety) if they needed to, and maybe they did. I don't know the details, only that it seemed to me at...
  14. J

    Amtrak Dining

    That really shouldn't be allowed. So many people here complain about inconsistent Amtrak service, and things like this only make that problem worse. Plus, there are food safety / liability issues if someone claims they got sick from something a crew member brought on board.
  15. J

    Gravity toilets

    I seem to recall it was more the host railroads who didn't like their MoW employees working in sh!t from Amtrak trains who really pushed the change to retention toilets.
  16. J

    How much would it cost for Amtrak to build their own tracks nationwide?

    That's a really, really bad example. Check out how the California Zephyr and Coast Starlight serve San Francisco.
  17. J

    Track Condition

    What room # are you in? Wondering if you were over the wheels vs towards the center of the car which generally has a better ride.
  18. J

    Why did Brightline go top-and-tail instead of push-pull?

    That's about the same as driving, plus people will have to add time and hassle to get between the stations and final point of origin / destination in the TPA/MIA areas. I don't see them getting much TPA-MIA traffic if that is their model.
  19. J

    Huge ridership killer in reservation system for 3x weekly service

    Which three days of the week Amtrak chooses to run a train through Lower Nowhere, KS is pretty low on Congress' list of priorities right now. (At least I hope it is.) In fact, it might be more in the public interest to stop the LD trains and other interstate travel completely for a while until...
  20. J

    Amtrak’s own numbers show LD trains holding their own

    Well, except for the host railroads saying "Nope, you can't operate your trains on our tracks."