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    Wolverine schedule

    Consider the Dearborn Station as opposed to Detroit. Much safer parking. It’s right in front of the station and in view of Michigan Ave. and there’s a Police Station right up the road. I’ve left my car there for a week with no worries.
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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    No. It’s hipster talk for “ the new map is out”. As used in the music industry “ so and so’s new CD has just dropped”. I.E their new album was just released. ”Album” for all us boomers!
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    Biden Infrastructure Details

    This clipped from today. Would this line originate at the old train station Ford owns now? I believe the old Toronto train I rode as a kid mid 60s did. “Amtrak pitches new, improved train routes including Detroit to Toronto Amtrak continues push for Detroit to Toronto...
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    Legislation to Provide Permanent Funding for Amtrak

    Aren’t most most all passenger trains worldwide government funded or subsidized?
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    Detroit, MI

    I use the new Troy station or Dearborn station near Greenfield Village when I travel to Chicago and beyond. Both have fairly safe long term parking lots. Detroit may have some walkable areas but be sure there are decent size crowds a nearby. Even around the Fox and stadium district the...
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    Detroit, MI

    Here is the title of article. (cut and past if that’s allowed) Trains gaining steam as safer option Experts: Likely less risk of COVID-19 than on planes But most of the article talks of new equipment and trackage. “In Michigan, a clear example is a batch of upgraded locomotives, and new...
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    Detroit, MI
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    Military base on Coast Starlight route?

    The return flight path to Florida was right over Longboat Key on the gulf side. First time it broke back through the sound barrier passing over the condo I thought the building next door blew up! Man, the ground shook greater than any earthquake I’ve felt.
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    Colorado Ideas?

    Stay here! My favorite motel in Colorado. Step off the train and walk across the street to Hotel Denver. Get a “Colorado Room” facing the river and station. Both #5 & #6 stop mid afternoon and a couple frieghts everyday for train watching. Don’t need a rental car due to the great bus system...
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    Post-vaccine Amtrak travel

    I’ll get the vaccine when my Doctor tells me it’s time. Not a politician or the little guy from the CDC. I used to hold the CDC, and the FBI, up as the ultimate in their fields. Not so much anymore.
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    Amtrak train model sets

    I have enough for two Superliner consists. I would like to find HO scale autotrain car racks. Have they ever been produced?
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    Booking Two Bedrooms for a 2 Hour Train

    I would imagine they could turn the rooms around and let coach passengers upgrade after Champaign.
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    Most scenic parts of Amtrak routes traversed during the night?

    My favorite scene so far is the Zephyr westbound to Glenwood out of Denver on a nice sunny morning after a fresh snowfall. The red rocks covered in snow then along the Colorado River. Just gorgeous!
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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    Any trip I do overnight is in a sleeper. The food is generally pretty good and filling so I only do two of those meals a day. I tried an overnight in coach once. That was enough for me.
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    Chicago Travel Order - 14 day quarantine

    No, there is no Flu Vaccine. Just a Flu shot that is just a guess as to which Flu strain is going around each year. If it were a true vaccine we wouldn’t be getting one every year. And still getting the Flu.
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    Closure of NYP (1am to 5am)

    That’s the first thing that came to mind. Push the homeless out. This “deep clean” should become regular nightly maintenance.
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    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    The tracks by my house were pulled-up years ago with the right of way now used for bike path. However mom was in therapy one summer in Birmingham, Mi. where the Wolverine ran right by her room several times a day. “There’s something about a train” She was about 1 1/2 miles north of the new Troy...
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    Observation Car seat etiquette

    It’s kinda like hogging a table in a busy restaurant as people wait in line at the door. A little consideration people.
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    Dashing Thru The Snow.....

    Winter travel by train through the snow is my favorite also. The more snow the better as I sit back in my roomette nice and cosy. I still prefer car travel in the summer where I create the itinerary.
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    Glenwood Springs hotels near Amtrak station?

    Also agree on the sleeper. My trip from the Dearborn Mi. station to Glenwood was all coach seating. I quickly found I don’t do overnights very well in a chair. I spent the night in the cafe/lounge car. The morning run up the front range saw a packed train out of Denver filling the lounge car to...