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  1. Cal

    The Parker Peavine Extra excursion

    Hello, I am curious. I go through Parker, AZ, every few years when some family and I go camping nearby. I know that this excursion train went through there, and I'd like to know more about it.
  2. Cal

    Canadian Pacific buying Kansas City Southern?

    Anyone hear about this? I sure haven't
  3. Cal

    Train 3 detour?

    Looks like train 3 is detouring, not sure why.
  4. Cal

    Train #11 hits truck in Oakland

    Train #11 that departed Seattle on 3/17 hit a truck that was parked too close the tracks in Oakland this morning, just before 9 AM. Nobody was seriously injured. The report said it's left after an hour, but that's not true. It's estimated to arrive into San jose at 3:08PM on the Amtrak app...
  5. Cal

    SWC and TE trip in bedroom

    Hi, so as some of you might know, I'm going on the Chief and Eagle within the coming weeks. This will be my first time in the bedroom, first time on the CHI-FTW section of the eagle, and first time on the chief in a long time. I have a few questions! What should I expect with the bedroom (we...
  6. Cal

    1004 Southwest Chief, March 13

    On the eastbound Chief that departs LAX on March 13, I see it say train 1004. I've never seen this before, so can someone explain?
  7. Cal

    March 10th Train 422

    Train 422 the Texas Eagle is sold out! I was just playing with dates for no real reason at all between LAX and CHI and saw that the 422 is sold out. And for the train 14/28 route, there's only one left for every class. So Amtrak isn't doing terrible right now... EDIT: Tonight's train 422 is...
  8. Cal

    En-Route Exercise Classes

    So, I just thought of this. If it's been suggested before, sorry! So, I'm sure theres at least some people on every train that would like to exercise while going cross country. That's not really possible on the train. However, at the longer smoke breaks, there is plenty of time (and usually...
  9. Cal

    How full does a LD train have to be to be profitable?

    I'm curious, Amtrak loses, according to them, millions upon millions each year from the LD trains. So, how full do they have to be to make a profit? And how often are they this full? Or, how often do they make a profit? I assume all/most trains in the summer do..
  10. Cal

    Cascades Talgo Move

    According to a friend, two Cascade Series 6 sets is going to be coming down to Anaheim for scrap in the next few days. No idea how accurate it is. Anybody hear about this? And would the place it's headed be the yard by the Anaheim Hills Metrolink station?
  11. Cal

    Cardinal or Lake Shore Limited going West

    I should wait to post this, but oh well. I might be taking a trip in July to the east coast (if COVID cases are low and we feel safe). We will be driving there, and intend to take the train back. We will begin in NYP and end in FUL, intending to take the Chief from CHI-FUL. I do not want to...
  12. Cal

    California Zephyr Emeryville Wye

    Quick one here, no need for a long thread. I only see one wye in Amtrak's Oakland yard that could be used for the zephyr. And for that one, the tracks lead straight onto Union Street as streetrunning. It doesn't seem ideal for them to turn a train there, but I don't see any other one. Is that...
  13. Cal

    Amtrak Cascades Service

    I have a few questions about the Amtrak Cascades service. 1: How is their OTP performance? Generally the Surfliner is pretty good. However on Yelp I have seen so many reviews of trains being frequently over 60 minutes late. Why is this? 2: How frequent and popular is their service? As I...
  14. Cal

    CZ and SC in Mendota, IL

    Apologies if it has been posted before, but why does the chief stop at Mendota but the Zephyr doesn't? I don't think it would hurt Amtrak to add a quick stop for the Zephyr there.
  15. Cal

    Amtrak Alerts train #1 from Orlando

    Apologies if this has already been posted somewhere. However, on Amtrak Alert's is saying the #1 that left Orlando.. When did this happen and why?
  16. Cal

    BNSF and Amtrak Long Distance

    So I've heard that BNSF treats the Southwest Chief very well. What about the California Zephyr and Empire Builder?
  17. Cal

    Crescent Scenery

    I know about the western long distance scenery. However I don't know much about the eastern long distance scenery, and to me, the Crescent route looks like it can have some decent scenery. How is the scenery on the Crescent? What does it consist of?
  18. Cal

    Speed Tracking App

    So, I am going on a trip soon (if COVID cases are low enough) on the SW Chief from Fullerton to Chicago, then the Texas Eagle back. I want a good app that can accurately track the speed of the train. Do you know of any that I can download on my iPhone? And does it, or can any work without data?