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    Parking at Stockton SKT station

    How is the parking situation at the downtown Stockton station (this is the one on the Sacramento branch of the San Joaquin route, and where ACE stops)? I see two gated parking areas for the station, but how does the gate open to let cars in/out? I see that there's two parking lots right next to...
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    Double Days (Fall 2019)?

    Double Days usually starts in mid-September, but I haven't gotten an email or announcement about it yet. Is it still happening this year? (Edited out 50% sale that I thought was for tickets)
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    Changing return ticket on board train

    Suppose I'm riding the eastbound CZ, and I'm turning around at Galesburg to get on the westbound CZ. If the eastbound is so late that I'd miss my connection there, would it be possible to modify my return trip from a earlier station (say, somewhere in Iowa) to make the connection there...
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    Salesforce Transit Center opens

    The new Transbay Terminal just opened yesterday. Multiple local bus operators are already using the place. Online diagrams show Amtrak/Greyhound operating out of their own bus bays on the 3rd floor. On a nearby small space on the 2nd floor, there was a Greyhound waiting room (not open yet) and...
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    New River Train might run again Let's hope it happens!
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    How to book Mother's Day sale?

    Amtrak is advertising a Mother's Day sale for this weekend, but I can't figure out to do it. I'm testing a reserved train as it specified. I tried using a promo code I found on a 3rd party website, but that didn't work. The results always just show double the price of one person. Has anyone...
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    What happened with Train 7/27?

    #7 is 15 hours late in clear weather, and #27 is 16 hours late in some snow. It looks like they were delayed while detouring in ND, but what were the other causes of the delays? Most Builders make it through the usual cold weather on time, so that shouldn't be the issue. Also, I'd have thought...
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    Klamath Falls to Seattle, Summer 2018

    I rode the Coast Starlight 14 northbound with my family from Klamath Falls to Seattle on Independence Day (Wednesday July 4th), returning by 501 and 11 on Saturday the 7th. The previous day, we were at the Oregon Caves in southwestern Oregon, and stayed at the magnificent Chateau, opened in...
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    What happens if an engineer or conductor sleeps in?

    What if, for an early morning shift (say NE Regional 190 or Pacific Surfliner 759), one of the key employees like the engineer sleeps in and doesn't show up on time? I'd doubt there's just an idle engineer sitting around the station at 3 or 4am, and I don't know what else they'd do.
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    Bend, Oregon?

    I'm dreaming/thinking/considering a trip to Bend using the bus from Chemult. What are some fun things to do around town besides the Deschutes River and the nearby Pilot Butte? I won't have a car then, so I can't go far outside of town. By the way, does Chemult have anything to do in it?
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    Amtrak should have an overnight LA-Bay Area train There's now on overnight bus from LA to San Franfrisco at a moderate price. It's time for Amtrak to step it up and bring back the Spirit of California. Preferably from San Diego to Sacramento along the coastal route.
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    Another airline pulls out of MSP-ORD Maybe it's REALLY time now to set up some MSP-CHI corridor service (not at the expense of the EB). Only problem is Wisconsin.
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    New (actually not) idea: The Desert Pioneer

    I encountered an old thread (didn't bother to find it) that mentioned an overnight LAX-LVS, then daytime to Idaho, then overnight to Portland train. LAX 11:10pm 7:15am LVS 6:10a/6:30a 10:30p/11:15p SLC 4:00p/4:20p 2:40p/3:00p Boise 12:10am 6:30am Pendleton 6:25am...
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    Article about trying to fund Gateway An analysis of why it's still in gridlock.
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    Amtrak #14 out of Klamath Falls

    This might be another case of bad communication on Amtrak's part. For the past 3 days, train #14 has been held at Klamath Falls until 11am (regardless of arrival time). Usually, something like this would be on the alerts page or the train description page, but it's not. The new Amtrak Alerts...
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    Question about Smartfares

    So as all the seasoned Amtrak riders should know, there are difference price buckets on coach fares (and rooms, but that doesn't apply here). Does Smartfares give you 30% off the base fare, regardless of the current selling bucket for coach, or does it do 30% off the currently selling coach...
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    Tips on Railfanning Pengra Pass & the Coast Starlight?

    What are the best spots to railfan from Chemult, OR to Eugene, OR? Is it possible to chase the Coast Starlight up/down the pass, preferably #14? Thanks for any answers, I'm of course assuming that the track is open when I'm there.
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    New Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle Timetables

    I've made new Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle Timetables. Major changes include: - Adds daytime service to San Antonio, TX; Little Rock, AR; Yuma, AZ; Palm Springs CA! - Daytime service to scenic Arkansas and Missouri - Approximate twelve hour shift in the schedules, with a bunch of tweaking...
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    Through the Cajon Pass on UP tracks?

    Say the Starlight is scheduled to detour over the Tehachapi Pass and through the San Joaquin Valley. Then, one morning, an accident happens in the Soledad Canyon and the Starlight is unable to get through. Would Amtrak then go up the Cajon Pass on the Palmdale cutoff, then proceed north through...
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    Amtrak 58, 59 originating/terminating in Jackson, MS.

    For the last bunch of while, on, Amtrak 58 and 59 have been originating & terminating at Jackson, Mississippi. Anyone know what's happening?