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  1. Siegmund

    About pairs of numbers for east- and west-bound trains

    Kind of a weird and specific question here, but one I've been curious about for decades, and never stumbled across an answer to. Amtrak's tendency has been to use pairs of consecutive numbers for each route. Normal enough, most railroads did. But the western long-distance routes use...
  2. Siegmund

    What happens if a "State Supported" route becomes profitable?

    This question managed to not come up for 45 years... but, at least in some versions of the accounting (and this ISNT a thread about what way to do the accounting) the Virginia service more than covers its own costs. If that happens - does the "subsidy" become $0 and Amtrak pockets the profit...
  3. Siegmund

    Sharing a sleeper

    Summing up briefly: I already have a sleeper booked from Whitefish to Seattle. Obviously I'm only using 1 of the 2 beds. A friend is considering riding from Spokane to Seattle on the same train. I know that there is no additional charge for having a second person in my room -- the 2nd person...
  4. Siegmund

    Reservation glitch today?

    Was looking at a trip to Seattle on the Builder in November. Was a little startled to see roomettes from Whitefish to Seattle sold out a month in advance during the offseason - checked AmSnag, and after submitting a few queries, was even more startled to see no roomettes available on 7 for...
  5. Siegmund

    Getting from BWI to places in/around DC

    I occasionally have to fly to the DC area for work conferences. I have one such coming up next month in College Park, MD. In the past I've always flown into National (wonderfully easy access to the Metro) or Dulles (just hopeless, not much choice but uber or taxi at least part way into town.)...
  6. Siegmund

    Trains that kept their pre-Amtrak numbers

    Since we've had several recent threads about the state of things in 1971... thought I'd open one more little trivia thread. Introducing a national timetable meant Amtrak brought in their own nationwide train numbering system - and for almost all the trains that have run continuously since 1971...
  7. Siegmund

    VIA timetables?

    Is there any repository comparable to for VIA timetables, especially from the early years? My own collection doesn't go back before 1990, and has one from 1988... but the ones I'd be most interested in seeing are the ones before the first big round of...
  8. Siegmund

    Whitefish to Portland

    Every November I have a work conference which rotates among Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, and my employer has been willing to buy me a sleeper berth on the Empire Builder instead of making me fly. (As long as the sleeper is available at the low-bucket price of ~$200 each way it's often the...