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  1. Anthony V

    Theoretical Hoosier State Revival

    Let's say Indiana someday gets serious about passenger rail and makes the revival of the Hoosier State a priority. If such should ever come true, the train should not return in its most recent form (a corridor train to fill in the gaps in a LD train's schedule, as the service had a poor...
  2. Anthony V

    Heartland Flyer Consist Questions (Non-Pandemic Times)

    I have a few questions concerning the consist of the Heartland Flyer. I know that the train regularly carried 3 passenger cars (two coaches and a cafe/coach) prior to the pandemic. I also know that the Flyer's consist is considerably longer during the annual Big Game Train to Dallas. My...
  3. Anthony V

    Number of Train Sets Used for Each Long Distance Train?

    Does anyone know the number of train sets that are used on each of the long distance trains? I would like to know if Amtrak could be using their equipment more wisely to have a better LD network.
  4. Anthony V

    Amtrak to Colorado Springs?

    A few weeks ago, I came across an article (posted below) that talks about funding a study on adding a Colorado Springs branch to the Southwest Chief. (I would call this section the Denver Chief or the Rocky Mountain Chief). While this sounds like a good idea, running it a little further north...
  5. Anthony V

    Amtrak and the Kentucky Derby train

    In this video, uploaded on May 2, 2019, you can clearly see that Amtrak ran a charter train to Louisville, KY for the Kentucky Derby this year. I didn't think Amtrak ran charter trains on tracks that don't see regular Amtrak service anymore. Did they change this rule, or is this an old video?
  6. Anthony V

    Oklahoma City - South Texas Corridor

    You may have heard about a proposed Oklahoma City - South Texas Corridor being in the works. The corridor is currently in the Draft EIS phase, which should be complete fairly soon, according to an July 2016 news article. An Aug 2016 news article mentions the following: "Two potential South...
  7. Anthony V

    Caprock Chief Proposal Failure

    Does anyone know why the old Caprock Chief proposal (DFW to DEN train via Amarillo) from the early 2000's never gained traction? What were some problems holding it back from advancing beyond the drawing board? What would need to be done to overcome some of these problems to make it more likely...
  8. Anthony V

    PRIIA 2008 route funding responsibilities in 2008 vs. today

    When I asked a question concerning whether states or the federal government would fund any possible new long distance route (Yes, I know it's a longshot for such a new route to happen), I was told that the PRIIA 2008 provision that established the 750 mile cutoff between long distance and...