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  1. trainman74

    Span Unlimited

    Saw this on Twitter -- 50 years ago today (March 30), marketing firm Lippincott & Margulies presented its branding suggestions for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. As you can see from this excerpt of the minutes from the meeting, there were three name suggestions given...
  2. trainman74

    Freight Trains Still Rolling Despite Coronavirus Slowdowns

    L.A. Times article about the current state of freight railroading in Southern California: Link to full article: Freight industry takes hits during the pandemic, but the trains keep chugging along
  3. trainman74

    Can anyone ID this piece of equipment?

    Someone in another online forum took this photo on or near an old railroad right-of-way and would like to know what it is. I'm not even 100% sure it's railroad equipment, but I told him I'd ask on a more knowledgable forum.
  4. trainman74

    Empire Builder: The Album

    Full review of a new album titled "Empire Builder," partly inspired by a trip on the EB. And here's the title track.
  5. trainman74

    Northridge, CA Double-Tracking Delayed Due to NIMBYs

    This primarily affects the Metrolink Ventura County line, but the tracks are also used by the Pacific Surfliners and the Coast Starlight. Metro, responding to critics, puts $104-million Northridge track build on hold (L.A. Times article)
  6. trainman74

    Southwest Chief 4(2) - Locomotive Failure?

    Tuesday night, I was on Metrolink's northbound "Angels Express" train from Anaheim to L.A. -- and I was surprised when the conductor announced we had to cross over to Track 3 (normally the southbound track) at Fullerton because "Amtrak 4 is on Track 1." It was 10:50 P.M. -- the Chief should have...
  7. trainman74

    Some U.K. Train Riding, September 2014

    Sorry this trip report is so late -- about 6 months! I've seen that it's even gone out of date, because what was "East Coast" back then is now "Virgin East Coast." Four friends and I made plans to rent a vehicle and drive around Scotland in September 2014. One of my friends -- not me! --...
  8. trainman74

    Philadelphia to Van Nuys, October 6-9, 2013

    With my cousin getting married in Philadelphia on October 4, I decided I would fly across the country to get there, and then return via Amtrak. I'd never taken any of the East-Coast-to-Chicago trains, but I wanted to experience a Viewliner sleeper for the first time and wanted full dining car...
  9. trainman74

    Amtrak's Lamb Shanks Recipe

    An L.A. Times reader enjoyed the lamb shanks entree on the Southwest Chief enough that they wrote to the paper's "Culinary SOS" column for the recipe. Here it is -- it's actually an adaptation for home use, rather than the exact recipe used by the commissary.
  10. trainman74

    Taking Greyhound Cross-Country

    From today's L.A. Times:
  11. trainman74

    Coast Starlight (April 28, 2011)

    I had made plans in mid-February to meet up in San Francisco for an "urban hike" on April 30. In late February, I saw that roomettes were still available in the lowest bucket on the Coast Starlight, so I booked a LAX-OKJ train ticket with a Thruway connection to SFS (San Francisco-Shopping...
  12. trainman74

    Portland Metropolitan Lounge

    Does the Metropolitan Lounge at PDX close with the departure of the EB, or does it stay open later than that? I'm asking on behalf of someone who'll be arriving on the northbound CS and might have to wait for a ride.
  13. trainman74

    Australia (June 2009)

    I didn't see any Australia trip reports in this forum, so I figured I'd contribute one. Unfortunately, this was almost 2 years ago now, and I didn't take particularly good notes (or particularly good photos), so please bear with me -- if anyone here can add details about Australia trains, please...
  14. trainman74

    LAX-EMY, EMY-CHI, CHI-LAX (May 2002)

    Hi, I'm newly registered here; I think AlanB and jackal can vouch for me from FlyerTalk. I've been enjoying reading the trip reports here, and figured you'd all like to read this almost-9-year-old trip report that covers a Coast Starlight-Empire Builder-Southwest Chief circle (with stopovers in...