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  1. trainman74

    First ever Amtrak Experience

    I'll admit it: when I was in high school, circa 1991, I went to the Florida state Latin convention, which was under the auspices of the NJCL. I competed in the "Mottoes and Abbreviations" category. Didn't get to the national level, though. On topic for this thread: as far as I can recall, my...
  2. trainman74

    Springdale UT Restaurant?

    I traveled to that area in 2019 (not on Amtrak) -- there ain't really any restaurants up on the mountains (since that's all national park or national forest land). Pretty much everything in Springdale is right on Highway 9, the main street through town that leads directly into Zion National...
  3. trainman74

    Railroad crossing accidents

    You're never required to make a right turn on red (although you may occasionally hear a horn honking from behind you).
  4. trainman74

    Span Unlimited

    I'd be interested to see the full results of the survey that was referred to ("the reactions to candidate names by a sample of the traveling public"), but I assume if those still exist, they're buried in some archive somewhere.
  5. trainman74

    Span Unlimited

    Saw this on Twitter -- 50 years ago today (March 30), marketing firm Lippincott & Margulies presented its branding suggestions for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. As you can see from this excerpt of the minutes from the meeting, there were three name suggestions given...
  6. trainman74

    Dedicated Sleeper Lounge/Waiting Area in Seattle?

    Old? It's only been open since December 2013!
  7. trainman74

    Commuter Rail around Tampa proposed

    I rode on a public demonstration, circa 1997, of potential commuter rail service on the line through South Tampa (basically, the yellow diagonal line along the Selmon Expressway on the map above) -- involving a Siemens RegioSprinter and temporary platforms. Obviously, nothing came of that.
  8. trainman74

    Railroad crossing accidents

    Here's the section that describes "HAWK" signals (under their official name, Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons): Chapter 4F A flashing red traffic signal being the equivalent of a stop sign should be basic stuff. I assume people are just confused because instead of one red light flashing on and off...
  9. trainman74

    2015 -- Open Jaws ski trip Baltimore - Santa Fe - Taos - Breckingridge - Denver -- Pictures

    I think there are pictures of a young me at both Loveland Pass and Berthoud Pass. Loveland Pass is named after the same person as the city of Loveland, but they're fairly far away from each other. My mother's parents grew up in the latter in the 1920s and 1930s -- I wish I knew more about their...
  10. trainman74

    A summer in Japan, 1978

    It's in the subject line of the thread (1978).
  11. trainman74

    Amtrak unveils new 50th Anniversary units & Phase VII paint scheme

    Interesting that right at the beginning of the video, they show a newspaper headline that spelled "Amtrak" incorrectly -- I know there were newspapers that managed to get the spelling right!
  12. trainman74

    2015 -- Open Jaws ski trip Baltimore - Santa Fe - Taos - Breckingridge - Denver -- Pictures

    Smartphones can display your altitude (on the iPhone, it's in the included "Compass" app), although it's based on GPS, not barometric pressure.
  13. trainman74

    Amtrak Dining

    For many reasons, Black passengers were less likely to be able to read and write than white passengers -- which meant they weren't able to fill out their meal check -- which, in effect, meant they weren't able to eat in the dining car.
  14. trainman74


    Well, Mars is going to be even harder to turn into paradise than anywhere in Texas (or anywhere on Earth, really).
  15. trainman74

    Trains can't leave before their departure time right?

    01:34 and zero seconds. (01:34 and 59 seconds would round to 01:35, one minute late.)
  16. trainman74

    Potential Detours

    In 2002, I was on an Empire Builder that detoured only between La Crosse and Chicago via the former CB&Q (not all the way from St. Paul), due to a major freight derailment that was blocking the north end of Chicago Union Station.
  17. trainman74

    Remembering the Golden Age that Preceded Amtrak

    Thanks, I set it to record. My DVR tells me it first aired in 2006, but I don't remember having seen this before.
  18. trainman74

    Business class on Woverine-Is it worth the extra cost?

    Sorry I wasn't clear -- yes, the Superliner coach is used as overflow for business class.
  19. trainman74

    Lounge in Chicago

    Yes, for $35 (see the "Purchasing Day Passes" section on this page: Station Lounges).
  20. trainman74

    Business class on Woverine-Is it worth the extra cost?

    The main business class car on Surfliner train sets is a standard Surfliner car (also with 2x2 seating) -- the Superliner coach is basically used for overflow. (I've only ever sat in the Surfliner car when I've been in Surfliner business class.)