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  1. drdumont

    Yay-Usss! Finally got another trip to nowhere!

    Left Dallas on time, the Transition Sleepers (or at least this one) have really improved. About 6 Roomettes starting at the high door. Attended to by an SCA who said he was a chair car attendant ( ? ). Name of Joseph, very good, attentive. Dinner was good Amtrak fare, the Diner crew were quite...
  2. drdumont

    What is this Heritage Pullman I saw in St. Louis this morning?

    Was on the Northbound Eagle this AM, and sitting across the platform was an Amtrak heritage coach (I think, could only see the end), and this silver with red trimmed red car labeled "PULLMAN" on one end, and in the middle "FRISCO" and "CIMARRON RIVER". Appeared to be a heritage pullman, and from...
  3. drdumont

    Superliner Roomette Numbering?

    Booked on the Eagle. Where is Roomette #25?? Last I saw, the numbers only go to 14 or so. Am I to balance on a coupler? Maybe the "Vestibule Special"? Seriously, have they changed the numbering scheme or are there different schemes according to car age or model? AGR just confirmed I am on 25...
  4. drdumont

    Current Coast Starlight Consist?

    Several times I enjoyed the extra first class lounge car on the CS, and the wine tasting as we went through the wine country. A couple of questions if I might? 1) I understand the lounge car is no longer part of the consist. Is it expected to be restored? 2) No more wine tasting? I'm not...
  5. drdumont

    Amtrak Friendly Travel Agent

    Does anyone know of an Amtrak Friendly travel agent? I opened my big mouth to my family about a trip I was planning. Now it looks like it will be my wife, daughter, granddaughter and son on a Great circle trip involving some nights on the ground. Rather than trying to negotiate the Byazantine...
  6. drdumont

    DAL station may be locked down 6/17/19

    Shooter in downtown Dallas this morning 6/17/19. At entrance to Cabell Federal Building. 'Bout a ten block square area locked down, gunman in custody, controlled demolition of suspicious device in car. Dallas Union Station is a block from current lockdown zone but access may be dicey.