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    hoosac tunnel shut down

    NS bulletin tunnel will now not be open before mid March. Any one know why ?
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    NS wash out delaying Crescents

    Northbound #20 stopped at Greensboro and #19 stopped at Lynchburgh. Reoport wash out somewhere near Danville. Wonder if this any chance a delayed result of Florence ?
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    313 incident today (8/20)?

    313 departed STL on time and got to Tower Grove stayed almost an hour and returned to STL Showing SD with 1:40+ delays.!
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    Nippon (NS) is just fading away

    Closing their plant in Illinois
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    F-59 retirements and sightings

    August MPR states loco 457 is not going to receive periodic maintenance at LAX but will be sent back to the bank. No date is given but it may be in our interests to report sightings of the fleet so we can see if and when retirements will happen. Lets start 457 stated to go back to bank...
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    LSL 448 & 449 more troubles (between 7/27 & 8/14)

    MA DOT announce a bridge rebuilding that will have effect on Worcester line of MBTA and of course Amtrak LSL.
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    B & P tunnel problems

    Once again the need for new B & P tunnels rears its ugly head. Just 2 MTs on the busy Baltimore - WASH segment. The sooner the better.   MARC Service Alert <> To MTA Maryland Alerts Subscriber Today at 12:45 PM Amtrak has notified MARC Train that there is a...
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    What should we do with more equipment?

    This topic could speculate on how the additional equipment will be allocated. Do you build out present trains first, what new services, etc ?. Any ideas guys ?