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    TrainJam may be postponed due to COVAD-19 (GDC 2020 postponed)

    Organizers of the Game Develpers Conference annoinced today that they have postponed the San Francisco conference scheduled for mid-March due to the Corona virus. So TrainJam on Amtrak's CZ from Chicago to Emeryville will also be postponed (if not canceled outright). Watch for plenty of seats...
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    Amtrak to Army-Navy Game?

    The Pennsylvania Railroad used to run dozens of special trains to Franklin Field in Philadephia on the day of the Army-Navy football game. Did Amtrak do something similar this year?
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    Train Jam 2020

    Train Jam, the run of the California Zephyr from Chicago to Emeryville, with all 340 coach and sleeper berths (just two berths sold in each of the Family Bedrooms) sold only for travel over the entire route, returns with the March 12, 2020 departure from Chicago, arriving in Emeryville on March...
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    Capitol Limited Service Disruption (5/17)

    CSX tracks washed out near Point of Rocks, MD by torrential rains earlier this week. No MARC commuter train service west of Point of Rocks before Monday.
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    Another Trespasser Dies on Amtrak Route

    Amtrak Capitol Corridor train 538 from San Jose to Sacramento struck a trespasser on the tracks today (5/19) at 4:52 PM near Pinole, CA. No one on the train was injured. The trespasser was pronounced dead at the scene.
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    Penny Wise - Pound Foolish at Truckee?

    Today's 5(30) was required to triple stop at Truckee because the station personnel only shovel enough snow off the platform to trackside the width of one Superliner door opening. So, the first stop allowed the conductor to detrain from the crew dorm (and possibly drop a pasgr?),. Second stop...
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    First Trip Booked under AGR 2.0

    Just booked my first roomette trip under the new system. All handled online. Cost 25% fewer points than under the old zone system, using to find the low bucket travel day within my window of 3 possible travel days. Very nice!
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    Amtrak bus service to SF restricted

    Amtrak has announced that bus service between Emeryville and San Francisco will be suspended for all stops in the City (except the temporary Transbay Terminal) from January 23 thru February 12, 2016 due to preparations for Super Bowl 50, which will be played on February 7 in Santa Clara, CA (45...
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    Parking Lot Changes at Richmond and Emeryville, Calif

    Latest newsletter for Amtrak's Capital Corridor service contains the following announcement: Changes to Parking at Richmond and Emeryville Stations Richmond Starting this Saturday, April 11, the 35 free outdoor Capitol Corridor parking spaces...
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    Is there padding in the CZ schedule?

    6(13) departed EMY today 6 hr, 15 min late. The Amtrak website forecasts that it will arrive Chicago on Tuesay just 34 minutes late. Go figure... Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    SB CS hits pedestrian on June 17 near Fairfield CA

    Bay Area news media are reporting that the coast Starlight struck a man walking on the tracks Tues morning. 325 passengers were delayed 3 hrs while the coroner investigated. Eastbound CZ and other Capitol Corridor trains were also delayed. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Amtrak Fare Hike?

    Booked trips on the CZ for July. It appears that the lowest-bucket fare for roomettes between EMY and DEN have been increased by 7%. And there aren't that many dates left in June-July-August when the lowest bucket fare is even available (but I did get mine by adjusting travel dates slightly)...
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    Late (CZ) Trains Get Later

    5(9) arrived EMY 8.5 hours late yesterday, which is likely the major reason that today's eastbound CZ left EMY more than 6 hours late this afternoon at 3:15 PM -- scheduled departure time is 9:10 AM. There are several hours of padding in the schedule, but certainly not enough to make an...
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    Updating Amtrak Scheduling Online Algorithms?

    I often take Amtrak between EMY and FSC. This routing includes a Greyhound-operated bus between GSC and FSC. One can still ticket online (or through a telephone agent) the eastbound journey. But the link to the westbound journey was broken about 2 years ago when Greyhound discontinued its...