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    Baldwin DR-12-8-1500/2 "Centipede" Specifications

    The Baldwin Centipede was perhaps one of the most unique diesel locomotives ever built, although it suffered mechanical problems and proved to be unsuccessful. The Baldwin Centipede is available in Train Simulator, but the physics are very out of whack. - They weighed 593.71 tons. But was that...
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    Scrap or Renumber METX #210?

    So, as many of you know, someone (I won't mention her name in this thread, but some of you, especially in the Chicago area, may know who it is) is beyond obsessed with Metra Locomotive #210. As many of you may know, Metra #210 is very problematic. But to end this obsession with #210, don't y'all...
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    49 Years Later: The Crescent City Train Derailment & Explosions

    49 years ago today, Crescent City, IL suffered great destruction as a result of a train accident. Around 6:30 AM, a 109-car freight train (Toledo, Peoria, and Western Train No. 20) hauled by 4 locomotives was approaching Crescent City. As the train passed through town, the 20th car broke an...
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    Weight Ratio Of A Train And A Pedestrian

    Experts say that the weight ratio of a train and a car is the same as a car and a 12-oz. can of soda. What would the weight ratio of a train and a pedestrian be the same as? I kind of think it would be the same as a pedestrian and a bug.
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    26 Years Of Billy Parker's Second Chance At Life

    26 years ago today, Billy Parker, a now retired Amtrak engineer, was running the Silver Star from Jacksonville, FL to Miami. The train, running over 3 hours late, consisted of one locomotive (EMD F40PHR #385), a material-handling car, a baggage car, a diner, two sleepers, a cafe car, and five...
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    New DOT-117 Tankers

    In years to come, the current DOT-111 tankers will be modified or replaced by the newer DOT-117 tankers. Compared to the DOT-111's, the DOT-117's have thicker shells and other safety features in case of a fire, such as thermal blankets and pressure relief devices. The DOT-111's are widely used...
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    Factor of Adhesion

    Factor of Adhesion is the weight of a locomotive (in lbs) divided by the tractive effort (in lbf). But that is on dry rail. How much does adhesion typically decrease on oh say wet rail, snowy rail, and icy rail? For instance, the GE AC6000CW has a factor of adhesion of 2.35 on dry rail.
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    Camera-Shy Train Crews

    I've seen some things on Facebook, as well as YouTube, to where train crews are so camera-shy. It's like, when the train nears the camera, the engineer (or conductor for that matter) would pull the shade down. There's one on the Pacific Surfliner known for this, especially at Fullerton. Why are...
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    Caledonian Sleeper Mark 5's

    The Caledonian Sleeper is ordering 75 British Rail Mk 5 coaches with 5 different types. 11 of them being spares. However, what are the 5 types of cars CS is ordering?
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    No Diner on the Lake Shore Limited

    I see that, like the Silver Star, Amtrak took the diner off of the Lake Shore Limited. When did they do and and what was the reason, even though the new diners should be delivered by August or September?
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    Union Pacific Big Blows

    The UP 8500-HP Gas Turbine Locos, aka the Big Blows, were said to be reliable successful locos, but why did they have such a short service life of 10 or so years?
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    Scharfenberg Couplers

    The Scharfenberg Couplers are commonly used on Light Rail vehicles and some EMU's. I saw a demonstration on how the couple together. However, how do they detach compared to the AAR knuckle couplers? On the AAR couplers, they're simply detached by pulling the coupler cut lever to pull the pin...
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    Locomotive Weight & Horsepower

    Why are freight diesel locomotives currently limited to about 230 tons and 4,400 Horsepower despite engines becoming cleaner and more fuel efficient with their designs? In theory, I think if GE or EMD create a 300- or 350-ton diesel locomotive, it could pull even longer trains with just one...
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    Metra Highliners

    The Metra Highliners inherited from the Illinois Central were retired in February of 2016 after 45 years of service. That was 10 years longer than their expectancy!!! However, are there plans to preserve any in museums? It would be nice to preserve some of those workhorses!
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    Long Distance Train Comfort Opinions

    For any of you on this website, which would you find more comfortable to travel on Amtrak? 1. Coach Seat? 2. Roomette? 3. Bedroom?
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    Privatize Amtrak Or No?

    In anyone's opinion, should Amtrak become a privately-owned company, or leave it as government-owned? IF it ever becomes a privately-owned company, how well would it work compared to it currently being government-owned? Also, IF it ever becomes a privately-owned company, how well would it work...
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    UK Caledonian Sleeper Consist

    What is the usual consist of the Caledonian Sleeper trains? I plan to purchase the Class 67 DLC on Steam, which also includes the Caledonian Sleeper coaches. When I do, I would like to create a prototypical consist of it.
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    Freight Trains In Europe

    How come trains in Europe are not as long as the ones you see in Australia or here in the USA? Trains in the USA can often run between 50 and 200 cars, sometimes there are 200+ cars, but usually less than 200. But trains in Europe, the UK for example, are limited to 20 to 50 cars (wagons).
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    Circus Train Consist

    What cars do the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus trains consist of? As in: Animal Cars Coaches Sleepers Flatcars I'm curious about it. Plus, I'd like to create a prototypical consist of it on my Train Simulator.
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    P42DC Conversion to AC?

    Before Amtrak goes to replacing the P42DC's, wouldn't any of you think that they should be converted to P42AC's? From what I hear, AC locos are more powerful than DC locos, and AC motors require less maintenance than DC motors. And in theory, it could probably improve tractive effort and...