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  1. LookingGlassTie

    Dining for coach passengers

    With all the changes to Amtrak's food services, will there be a return to the time when coach passengers had the option to order meals at their seats? I never did this, but I had heard that it had been done in the past. Although I enjoyed my one and only (so far) dining car experience, I...
  2. LookingGlassTie

    New NS Schedule?

    Got a question: Have any of the Norfolk Southern (NS) schedules changed recently? I ask because during the past few weeks I've seen two NS freights running parallel to each other on the tracks near the southern branch of the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake, VA (the same tracks that the...
  3. LookingGlassTie

    Amtrak trains without Conductors?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that Amtrak's rules of operation stipulate that in the absence of a Conductor or Assistant Conductor, the Engineer shall be the person in charge of the entire train. Which I believe is also how the freight railroads handle such situations. Has there ever...
  4. LookingGlassTie

    Capitol Limited and Washington Union Station

    Curious question: When the westbound Capitol Limited (#29) departs WAS, does it go south for a distance and then turn westward? I ask because, as far as I know, the locomotive(s) on the CL are not switched out at WAS. Likewise, does the #30 turn slightly northward before pulling into WAS...
  5. LookingGlassTie

    Raising the "11 foot 8 Bridge" in Durham, NC

    So the famous 11 foot 8 Bridge (AKA "can opener") at Gregson Street in Durham, NC is going to be raised by 8 inches: Fewer crashes for our amusement I guess............. :p
  6. LookingGlassTie

    Silver Bridge Collapse

    The Silver Bridge (opened May 18, 1928, collapsed December 15, 1967) carried US-35 across the Ohio River between Point Pleasant, WV and Gallipolis, OH. It was a two-lane suspension bridge. After the collapse, a new bridge was opened about a mile downstream (south) of the original span...
  7. LookingGlassTie

    Coach vs Sleeper for Single Overnight Segments

    Hey guys, When you take multi-segment trips (where each segment is a single overnight), do you go sleeper all the way or do you mix some coach accommodations in there? I've used this example before, but if I were to take a trip to Denver, CO, I would take the Northeast Regional, Capitol...
  8. LookingGlassTie

    Fatal collision in Chesapeake, VA

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share that a fatal car/train collision occurred in Chesapeake, VA, not far from where I live. Here is the news story: There are no gate arms at this...
  9. LookingGlassTie

    Freight priority?

    Bumping the thread: Amtrak priority notwithstanding, is there a priority order for the different types of freight trains?    Whether it's a mixed-freight manifest train, a unit train or intermodal train, which type gets priority? As an example, I live close to a marine terminal, where large...
  10. LookingGlassTie

    Greyhound vs Megabus vs BoltBus vs Sprinter

    Hey guys, What are your thoughts regarding the accommodations and service among those four bus transportation services?   I've only ridden Greyhound myself so I don't have any personal experience with the other three.    But just in case I might want to use one of the others....... Also, what...
  11. LookingGlassTie

    Washington DC Metro system and ATC (I think)

    Does anyone know if the ATC (I believe that's what it's called) will be re-implemented on the Washington Metrorail?   As far as I know, all trains are equipped with the ability to come to a stop without the operator's input.   However, that capability was disabled/suspended after a significant...
  12. LookingGlassTie

    Silver Star with two Cafe Cars

    I saw a post today on the Amtrak Fans Facebook page where the OP was taking the Silver Star from Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa, FL.   He mentioned that that particular consist had two cafe cars and that they were both in use. How common is that?   I naturally assumed that if there were either two...
  13. LookingGlassTie

    Multi-city vs one-way booking

    Hey, got a question: I haven't done this before, but if I wanted to do a cross-country round trip (sort of), would it be better for me to book using multi-city for the whole trip or a one-way segment for each leg? A trip I'd like to take would be:  Northeast Regional, Capitol Limited, Empire...
  14. LookingGlassTie

    L' Enfant Plaza - flag stop?

    On two separate occasions, I have ridden a southbound Northeast Regional through Washington, DC.    Just after departing Union Station, the train stopped at L' Enfant Plaza.   However, that stop is not listed on the schedules for any of the Regionals.   Is it a flag stop?
  15. LookingGlassTie

    Engineer or Driver?

    In railroad jargon, is the operator of the locomotive(s) in a consist more properly called an engineer or driver? Or does it really matter? I've seen both terms used here on AU.
  16. LookingGlassTie

    Silver Star and Sleeper Passengers

    Got a question; do sleeper passengers on the Silver Star have the option to have food from the cafe car brought to their rooms (as they would if the SS had a diner)?
  17. LookingGlassTie

    Railroad bridge openings

    Hey guys, got a question: How does Amtrak deal with openings of railroad bridges? I live in Portsmouth, VA, not far from the NFK station. The Northeast Regionals which serve that station cross the southern branch of the Elizabeth River, parallel to the Gilmerton Bridge on US-13 Military...
  18. LookingGlassTie "Train Status" vs. "Track a Train"

    Hey guys, I noticed something about Amtrak's website after the update: The "Train Status" is separate from "Track a Train". In other words, clicking on "Train Status" at the top of the home page will take you to a page where you enter a train number and a station code. Then it will tell you...
  19. LookingGlassTie

    Single-level baggage cars

    Curious question: How many coach and sleeper cars is a single baggage car designed to handle? This is assuming that ALL passengers check their large bags as opposed to storing them above their coach seats or in the sleeper car storage areas. To use an example, the Silver Meteor generally...
  20. LookingGlassTie

    Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle consist(s)

    Do the Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle share the same consist between LA and San Antonio? I ask because I've read on various threads that the consist is split so that the SL continues to NOL while the TE continues to CHI. Is it done in a similar fashion to the Empire Builder and Lakeshore...