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  1. LookingGlassTie

    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    The next time that I might be taking Amtrak anywhere will next January or February. Hopefully the mask policy will be rescinded (or at least lightened) by then. 😁
  2. LookingGlassTie

    Whats with freight delays and speed restrictions?

    Well, Penn Central DID have an airplane fly over Norfolk, VA back in the day................. 😁
  3. LookingGlassTie

    Amtrak #6(04) vs. Trailer in Colorado

    I read a comment on the FB post about this incident that it can be difficult to see trains coming at that particular crossing. So even when one operates on the assumption that a train could come at any time, it's still hard to see if one is actually approaching. I'm glad no one was hurt...
  4. LookingGlassTie

    Amtrak has golden opportunity this summer

    It's possible that whatever is causing the truck driver shortage will also affect Amtrak. And as SarahZ mentioned upthread, Amtrak locomotives (most of them) use diesel, so that has to be accounted for.
  5. LookingGlassTie

    Amtrak Single Food Service Car

    The last (and only) time I rode on the Silver Meteor, it was nice to see that there was both a cafe car and a diner car. I think it's back to that now; correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, it was helpful because I remember during my trip that I wanted something to drink during the time that the...
  6. LookingGlassTie

    Stations that should be replaced

    The station in Newport News (NPN). As far as I know, plans are already in the works to make that happen. The new station is planned to be part of a larger intermodal transportation center. It will be located further up the CSX line closer to the Denbigh Blvd/Ft. Eustis area.
  7. LookingGlassTie

    Republican coalition against Mobile Amtrak service

    Maybe all the virtue-signaling corps. can put up some money for Amtrak. Just a thought............
  8. LookingGlassTie

    Is "socially distant" seating no longer used?

    My thing is: as long as there's no one in the seat next to me, I'm fine. Granted, I was like this prior to COVID-19, and not for health reasons. As far as I'm concerned, people can sit in the rows in front of and behind me. I gotta wear a mask anyway, so.......
  9. LookingGlassTie

    Dining for coach passengers

    With all the changes to Amtrak's food services, will there be a return to the time when coach passengers had the option to order meals at their seats? I never did this, but I had heard that it had been done in the past. Although I enjoyed my one and only (so far) dining car experience, I...
  10. LookingGlassTie

    Silvers Going Back To Daily Service 6/7/21

    I'm not really sure how/why that happened, but I just checked the schedule of a trip between SRA and RVR on Sunday, July 4, 2021 (dummy booking). The Star came up as available, departing TPA at 5:27 PM and arriving @ RVR at 12:07 PM the next day (7/5). In other words, I didn't actually try to...
  11. LookingGlassTie

    Railroad crossing accidents

    One thing I think will help is to trim back trees and other growth from around RR crossings. I had started a thread a while back about a fatal incident that occurred not far from where I live. The driver was killed after her vehicle collided with a CSX freight. There were no gates at that...
  12. LookingGlassTie

    New Siemens Charger locomotive

    I'm gonna miss the P42s also, because I began traveling on Amtrak during the time of their use. :cool:
  13. LookingGlassTie

    Feasibility of LD Trains with Sleeping Cars Only

    I say just add more sleepers and retain the coach accommodations. Because even on LD routes, there are at least SOME passengers who travel segments which aren't long enough to justify sleeping accommodations. And even for the longer-haul pax, they may actually prefer traveling in coach as...
  14. LookingGlassTie

    Rerouting of Sunset Limited

    From what I've read, and the way I understand it, the Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle are the same PHYSICAL train between Los Angeles (LAX) and San Antonio (SAS). At SAS, some cars are removed from the consist (can't recall how many sleepers and coaches) and those cars continue with a loco to...
  15. LookingGlassTie

    Masks now required even in private room with door closed.

    Even though I currently wear masks only when/where I'm required to do so, I'm a little more willing to wear one on an Amtrak train, given that I'm in close(r) quarters with other people. I'm not bothered by that personally; I just understand the rationale behind Amtrak's policy. Of course, my...
  16. LookingGlassTie

    Are you scared to take the train now?

    Mask policy notwithstanding, I would be fine taking the train now. My only concern really (even without COVID) is if anyone coughs or sneezes directly on me.
  17. LookingGlassTie

    Covid will dictate the future

    I think that once COVID-19 becomes endemic, a lot more people will want to return to normal, because at that point we will (or should) learn to live with that particular coronavirus and manage it pretty much the same way as other viruses. I will say though that there will probably be many...
  18. LookingGlassTie

    Do we really need HSR for LD?

    I agree that both HSR and LD (albeit slower) have (or should have) their places in the US rail system. Both have their own benefits, depending on the types of passengers who use them. Some want to enjoy the journey, while others just want to get from point A to point B. Funding and political...
  19. LookingGlassTie

    Business Class differences?

    I've never traveled BC on Amtrak before, but as others have said, it appears to be very inconsistent. Whether it's an actual BC car, a BC/cafe car or a regular coach car designated as BC, the services offered need to be a lot more similar.
  20. LookingGlassTie

    Good Lord willing, my next Amtrak trip will be on the Northeast Regional from Norfolk, VA to...

    Good Lord willing, my next Amtrak trip will be on the Northeast Regional from Norfolk, VA to Washington, DC in Jan or Feb 2022. ;)