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    Winter respiratory illnesses: train vs plane

    The only times that I have gotten the winter respiratory illnesses as an adult are when I traveled by plane in winter during the holiday season. I have yet to take the train during the holiday season or any time in winter and was wondering what people's experiences have been in this regard. I...
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    Busted axle on the swc train 4

    The just made an announcement, but not over the PA, but there is a busted axle on train 4 the Southwest Chief. We are somewhere is in Missouri. It will be interesting to see how long we are here. The air conditioning is still going, so that's the important part to me.
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    baggage car temperatures

    I want to check my baggage because I'm small and I find it difficult to get my baggage on and off the train. However, I plan on bringing 1 or more flutes on this next trip and I was wondering just how hot it can get in the baggage car. Extreme heat can damage flutes and I have been advised to...
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    frost-bitten on the SWC in July in NM, AZ, and CA

    Although I did prepare for intense AC on my latest trip with a long sweater with hood and an Amtrak blanket, I still got cold overnight on the Southwest Chief (coach, but they say it doesn't matter) in July in the southwest. I'm just curious at this point (because I know one needs to be like a...
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    Is there a way to tell how full the coaches will be before arriving at the station?

    When taking a LD train I prefer to have access to my suitcase, but when the coach is full, one can't really pull it out to open and get something, so now I'm thinking it's better for me to check my luggage. Is there a way to determine before heading for the station how full the coach class will...
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    blanket and pillow?

    I'm traveling coach from ABQ to Oakland, CA soon and want to have a blanket and pillow. I thought I remember reading that Amtrak sells those types of blanket you see on airplanes as well as small pillows, but am not sure if I did indeed see that or not. If Amtrak does sell those, does one get...
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    Confused by guest rewards tier level explanation

    I was looking at for an explanation of the tier levels and various other things. I don't understand this chart at all. It looks like it was improperly flipped before getting into the website. For example, it shows several rows of check...