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  1. Willbridge

    Texas Eagle Sightseer lounge discontinued

    Portland has one because the local employees got together and set it up. For its early years Amtrak would not list it as existing. Its main function originally was to cover the connections between the Empire Builder and the Coast Starlight. Both the Seattle and Portland stations are...
  2. Willbridge

    What's VIA's plan for the Renaissance cars?

    Anything new or different will get a thorough ransacking by the FRA so it would be unlikely that they could get into the United States.
  3. Willbridge

    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    The State of Wyoming has an observer in the panel that is supervising the study. I haven't heard recently but their idea is that once a service is up and running to Fort Collins that their businesses and voters will demand the incremental expenditure so they want to be prepared. As an...
  4. Willbridge

    Greyhound Canada to cease operations

    I wish someone would prove that it's wrong. In the 1975 study we looked back to the beginning of intercity bus service in Oregon, even a bit into the stagecoaches that preceded them. A lot of the bus routes were set up by the railways to replace money-losing branch and local main line trains...
  5. Willbridge

    US Airports and Transit Connections

    I'm familiar with that. The security concern in Denver was locally manufactured. In Minneapolis a similar concern was developed at Mall of America. In Lakewood, Colorado the police did not want a transit bus transfer center at the civic center near the police station "...because of the kind...
  6. Willbridge

    Greyhound Canada to cease operations

    What often happens in cases like the demise of GLC is that someone steps in and claims to take it off the government's hands but only restores the most productive service or the parts that fit with their existing system. Ironically, that's what GL did when it took over Continental Trailways and...
  7. Willbridge

    Greyhound Canada to cease operations

    I used to wonder who rode Coachways Ltd and Alaskan Coachways between Edmonton and Fairbanks! If I recall correctly the travel time was about the same as Edmonton to New York City. Most of their other routes were replications of CPR and CNR branch lines.
  8. Willbridge

    US Airports and Transit Connections

    There are also the security issues. As Denver's new airport assumed a future rail access the basement could have been designed for a station shell directly beneath. Even before the 9/11 concerns there was thought given to the dangers of rail transportation. Of course, autos and trucks were...
  9. Willbridge

    Greyhound Canada to cease operations

    I received an e-mail on the CP article and was (bitterly) amused to see it saying "Greyhound Canada is permanently cutting all bus routes across the country..." in reference to its residual lines in Ontario and Quebec. I understand what they meant but it reflects a certain point of view. I've...
  10. Willbridge

    Why did Amtrak Surfliner add Old Town as a passenger stop? San Diego Santa Fe Depot is so close and the Trolley serves both.

    Berlin has gradually developed a scheme thought up long ago in which long-distance and regional trains stop at an outer urban S-bahn station on their way to and from the new Hauptbahnhof. During my visits there I rarely used the Hbf as the South and East stations cut off time and crowding. It...
  11. Willbridge

    What was it like to travel in a Heritage Sleeper?

    Most of your post is fine with me, but I meet business travelers on the overnight segments of long distance trains. In particular, LAX<>ABQ and DEN<>OMA. Presumably there'd be more with better schedule adherence.
  12. Willbridge

    "California Night Train" gaining interest

    Here's some background on the first Amtrak California attempt at overnight service. In reading through it I realized that this train belonged to the era when California thought of itself as one entity rather than as Balkanized auxiliaries to transit systems. There are pros and cons to both...
  13. Willbridge

    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    Much of the discussion above assumes that the VIA Rail alternative will develop, in which there is a race to the bottom of scheduling -- schedule is fattened and instead of leading to on-time operation it becomes a new target to try and miss. However, the opposite may also occur. After Lazar...
  14. Willbridge

    Amtrak has golden opportunity this summer

    I spent a little time poking around the Flix, Greyhound Lines and Amtrak booking sites today, May 11th, now that the gas shortage ritual is underway. 1. For a different reason each time we start with curtailed public transport service. 2. For a different reason each time fuel supplies are...
  15. Willbridge

    Will commuter rail regain popularity again?

    We'll get some answers on this question later this week when the petroleum delivery gap gets to the NEC cities. The north end of the corridor isn't on the missing pipeline link but it'll be squeezed to shift some supplies southward. In regard to the S-bahn concept, that's basically what Denver...
  16. Willbridge

    "California Night Train" gaining interest

    The direct Portland<>Los Angeles SP train was named West Coast. While that was via Sacramento and Bakersfield the name would better describe the current Trains 11/14 and the CS name could migrate to the overnight service. As for suggestions of flipping the CS by 12 or so hours, that's a...
  17. Willbridge

    Amtrak booking website/issues/timetables removed

    I had to give up being nixed on Suisun-Fairfield to Denver as a two-train one-way ticket in August with a connection in Sacramento, even though both trains could be booked separately. I decided to stay in Davis instead of making an unprotected connection.
  18. Willbridge

    Amtrak's commissaries

    These locations are worth remembering when people discuss new routes. It's an added expense if trains aren't cycling through one of these cities. Of course there are isolated trains like the Heartland Flyer or the Winter Park Express but their food service is limited.
  19. Willbridge

    Interesting way to get a train over a fire hose...

    Big city streetcar dispatchers had a printer in their office that would punch tape from the fire alarm telegraph system showing the box number that had been pulled and they would send an inspector out to the scene. Depending on the situation they might use a hose bridge as shown above, or a...