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  1. Exvalley

    Amtrak Stations closest to rail trails

    I know that rail trails are a bit of a hot button on a train forum, but we really enjoy bicycling on them. Are there any Amtrak stations that are convenient to rail trails, preferably with a hotel nearby where we can drop off some bags before we set off on our bicycles?
  2. Exvalley

    Amtrak Lounges - Priority Pass Access

    If Amtrak wants to attract more business travelers, why don't they allow Priority Pass access to their lounges for people departing on a same-day train ticket? I am not certain what Priority Pass pays per visit, but the consensus online is that it is in the mid to low $20 range. Given the...
  3. Exvalley

    Nashville commuter rail

    Thanks to my friends at Pfizer, I have business trip to Nashville coming up. I finish my meetings at noon on a Tuesday and am not leaving until Wednesday morning. I was hoping to ride the Music City Star to Lebanon in the afternoon. The problem is that the earliest train that I can get...
  4. Exvalley

    Adirondack - Vermonter loop

    I have some unfortunate news for anyone hoping to do the Adirondack - Vermonter loop trip this summer. The ferry between Port Kent and Burlington will not run this season. I suppose the only way to do the loop now...
  5. Exvalley

    Amtrak returns to Vermont

    According to the local news, service will resume on July 19th. This assumes that the vaccination schedule proceeds according to plan.
  6. Exvalley

    Return of Vermont service... someday

    Vermont's Governor Scott was asked about the return of Amtrak service. The good news is that talks have commenced. The bad news is that we still don't know when the trains will return. Article here: Suspended Vermont Amtrak passenger service poised for return
  7. Exvalley

    Senator Leads Committee Hearing From Amtrak Train

    Senator Tom Carper from Delaware chaired a committee hearing from his seat on an Amtrak train. He was delayed in Delaware and was not able to get to Washington, DC in time for the start of the hearing. The bad news... He didn't wear a mask. Video here:
  8. Exvalley

    Valley Flyer - Northeast Corridor questions

    I am about to book a ticket from Connecticut to NYP for a weekend trip. We will leave on a Saturday morning and come back on Sunday afternoon. Two questions: 1) Are Northeast Corridor fares dynamic? The fare right now is very attractive. Do I run the risk of the fare increasing if I wait? 2)...
  9. Exvalley

    AGR Credit Card

    I've always been partial to the Marriott Bonvoy card, but I am seriously considering switching to the AGR card. Right now the promotion for opening the annual-fee card is 20,000 points.. Is that the best people have seen or should I hold out and wait? Also, can you drop down to the no-fee...
  10. Exvalley

    Hotel reward points

    Is it just me, or are the reward points given for hotels booked through Amtrak's website an extremely good deal? If I am not mistaken, a reward point is worth 2.9 cents (for those of us not booking on the NEC). Here are some examples for some dates in the spring that I pulled up at random...
  11. Exvalley

    Twilight Rail?

    Has anyone heard of this? I can't tell if it is serious or not, since half of the website is not even complete.
  12. Exvalley

    City of New Orleans routing

    Pardon me if this has been discussed before, but my search came up empty. Two questions in regard to the City of New Orleans: 1) Why don't they route it through St. Louis? It seems like an awfully big city to miss by about 60 miles. 2) In the alternative, what about a routing like this...
  13. Exvalley

    Electric Cars

    Who here owns an EV? I leased a Chevrolet Bolt for my teenage son. I absolutely love it. Some thoughts in no particular order: 1) It's an absolute blast to drive. 0-60 in 6.5 seconds is nice, but what's really nice is the instant torque. It is incredibly zippy. 2) I love never having to go...