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  1. hlcteacher

    US Airports and Transit Connections

    thank you, will be very helpful
  2. hlcteacher

    Seaboard92 Is Taking Off

    congratulations and good luck
  3. hlcteacher

    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    i am totally ok with this and continue to expand my mask wardrobe..i now have more masks than shoes
  4. hlcteacher

    Is it all eticketing now or can I still get paper ticket?

    i do not have a fancy dancy phone...i love paper!!!
  5. hlcteacher

    Cleveland, OH

  6. hlcteacher

    Pre-Selection of Meals

    EXACTLY!!!! i used to travel coast to cost with son, always budgeted for breakfast and dinner in the dining car, would like to do that with grandbuddy
  7. hlcteacher

    Pre-Selection of Meals

    i NEED dining car service with choices for COACH passengers, thank you
  8. hlcteacher

    Daytime Corridor Routes

    i have never had a problem with the late night schedule through cleveland; somebody has to have service at night
  9. hlcteacher

    New Southern Belle

    would LOVE to see these back!!!!!
  10. hlcteacher

    Meals in the room?

    the 2-3-5 is my formula, also
  11. hlcteacher

    Seat spacing in coach, re covid pandemic?

    sometimes, sometimes not
  12. hlcteacher

    My first intercity transit trip since before the pandemic

    before covid i rode long distance (overnight+) greyhound often; like any public transportation there is the good and there is the bad, but when i cannot take a train (they always seem to have no coach seats available when i want to travel) i take the bus; i don't think i have used the on-board...
  13. hlcteacher

    Feasibility of LD Trains with Sleeping Cars Only

    NO thank you. I have tried all of the offerings and am perfectly happy with and will only travel COACH.
  14. hlcteacher

    Amtrak Dining was the preparation that did not work, not the changes; my child learned to eat much healthier and continues to do so to this day; we had good cooks in our district
  15. hlcteacher

    Cruise Ships and Canada

    as an annual cruiser (well, not in 2020, had to cancel 2) i have seen a change in the ethnicity of the persons who work the lower end jobs on cruise ships...but never ever would i think to NOT tip them well for the hard work they do to make me feel special, just as i tip restaurant workers (and...
  16. hlcteacher

    Cruise Ships and Canada

    i look forward to taking the train to miami, seattle or tampa to cruise again...i will not have a problem with being served at the buffet (an upgrade imho) or wearing a mask unless in my cabin--starting to look for masks to match my cruisewear...
  17. hlcteacher

    Remembering the Golden Age that Preceded Amtrak

    thank you for the recognition and the reminder, it was such a "golden age" for many