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  1. Railroad Bill

    Southwest Chief #3 and #4 in New Mexico Service Disruption

    At Flagstaff this morning two trains combined and heading west back to LA. Four Amtrak locos out front. Two bags in the back trailed by two private cars. Major shifting of passengers and baggage that took nearly an hour to complete. Virtual Railfan cams had the action.
  2. Railroad Bill

    #421 cancelled due to service disruption

    2 has been sitting in TUC for over an hour. Everyone still on board, engines fueled, but no activity on the platforms
  3. Railroad Bill

    ⁷Austin-NewYork/ A New York State of Mind

    Enjoyed your trip report and glad you were able to meet up with the two mystery AU members. 😁 Hope to make it over to NY over this summer. Connects from CLE are not conducive to turn around trips so need to find a place to stay. Your Fairfield Inn sounds good. Glad you survived the airline...
  4. Railroad Bill

    448/449 Bustitution

    Glad we were on 448 and 449 in April and avoided the bustitutions. We got messages from MBTA saying the service was going to be limited the next week and busing would likely take place for their passengers on weekends.
  5. Railroad Bill

    Both Autotrains & Silver Meteor in Service Disruption

    Something happening south of Florence as both Autotrains and Silver Meteor stopped in service disruptions. Hoping just a freight delay but odd that all three trains are halted.
  6. Railroad Bill

    To boldly go ---- to the ends of New York

    Enjoyed your report Joe. Many good memories of our NYP trip, Staten Island Ferry and the SIRR. Hope to get to see the new Moynihan Station in near future. Our first Amtrak post vaccine Covid trip was last week to NY, MA, NH & ME. It was good to get out of Ohio for a few days :)
  7. Railroad Bill

    Pre-Selection of Meals

    We pre selected our meals on 448 last week but when we went to the diner, we could order whatever meal we chose from the menu. There did not seem to be any record other than they may have stocked the diner with meals based on the pre select orders. We did not pre select on the trip home on 449...
  8. Railroad Bill

    Spring 2021 Birthday LooP Trip to New England

    A few shots of Worcester Union Station. Our locos at Albany.
  9. Railroad Bill

    Spring 2021 Birthday LooP Trip to New England

    A few shots from our trip on the LSL & Downeaster
  10. Railroad Bill

    Spring 2021 Birthday LooP Trip to New England

    Just returned from our birthday Amtrak trip to New England states. Our first train trip since fall of 2019 and after getting our vaccines last month, we decided to venture out. Left on Tuesday April 13 from Cleveland on Amtrak Lake Shore Limited 48/448 at 5:45am and headed east. We were in...
  11. Railroad Bill

    My first post vaccination Amtrak trip -- where to?

    Off to Worcester, MA and then a ride on the Downeaster to Brunswick, ME to check out the mileage from Portland. Bedrooms on the LSL to avoid as much contact as possible. Have had our second shots four weeks ago, but still wearing masks everywhere, avoiding large crowds, and only playing golf...
  12. Railroad Bill

    My 2nd Post Vaccine Get-A-Way Amtrak Trip

    Sounds like a great trip Jim. We are leaving Tuesday for Massachusetts and New Hampshire on the LSL. Nice to be back on a train after 18 months.
  13. Railroad Bill

    448 transferred to Amtrak bus at Albany ?

    After looking at the MBTA site, it looks like there may be more weekend delays due to bridge construction near Framingham.
  14. Railroad Bill

    448 transferred to Amtrak bus at Albany ?

    Thanks for the information.
  15. Railroad Bill

    448 transferred to Amtrak bus at Albany ?

    Just noticed that today's LSL 448 was transferred to Ambus at Albany. Anyone know what the story is there? Planning trip to Worcester in a couple weeks and hoping they havent changed over to the busing between Albany and Boston as has been the case in previous years.
  16. Railroad Bill

    Ex-Amtrak 'Ocean View' Dome Car Parked in West Virginia (as of 3/17/21)

    Rode it on one of its last Adirondack trips a few years ago.
  17. Railroad Bill

    Worcester MA station questions

    Taking LSL to and from Worcester Union Station in April. I know there are no checked baggage there but is there any place to store bags or sit while waiting for 449? Anyone been there in the past few months. Thanks for the info
  18. Railroad Bill

    50th Anniversary Loco in Elkhart 46

    Saw the newly painted 50th Anniversary Amtrak Loco #46 in Elkhart this morning. Nice large reflective 50 on the side. Celebrating Amtrak 50 years of service. Not sure if there will be others painted for the celebration
  19. Railroad Bill

    SWC3 in Long Term Service Disruption in ABQ

    Looks like #3 is stuck in ABQ since 3pm this afternoon. Anyone hear what the problem is?
  20. Railroad Bill

    Arriving at chicago- Back into station or pull in?

    Cap 29 and LSL 49, CZ 6 and SWC 4 have always come in head first in my 13 years of riding. Several times the CONO has backed into Chicago. Not sure if there is any given pattern.