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  1. pennyk

    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    there are sinks in the Viewliner roomettes but not superliner roomettes. Many of the reservation reps have never traveled in a Viewliner sleeper (let alone a new one).
  2. pennyk

    Trip suggestions (CA<->FL)

    OP is a "young" person. I am not.
  3. pennyk

    Trip suggestions (CA<->FL)

    In early December 2019 , I traveled cross country from Orlando and back. Because my travel times were between holidays, the fare was reasonable (thus the points cost was reasonable). However, I am guessing 2021 costs will be considerably higher than what I paid in 2019. December is a great...
  4. pennyk

    Amtrak Dining

    MODERATOR NOTE: please limit your discussion in this thread to Amtrak Dining. Thank you for your cooperation. The discussions about porters were removed.
  5. pennyk

    Priority call handling

    I am Select Executive and I always call the special number and most of the time I get through immediately. A few years back, I phoned and was told there would be a 30 minute wait. I hung up and phoned back immediately and got through. (I have no explanation for that).
  6. pennyk

    Is the Chicago lounge back in full operation yet?

    The Miami lounge has closed. I am not sure when, but it was closed the last few times I was in MIA.
  7. pennyk

    Ultimate Cross-Country Trip - Ideas? Best Stops?

    My first and last (so far) cross country trips were similar. In 2010, I took the Silver Meteor to WAS, the Cardinal to CHI, then California Zephyr to Denver (overnight), the CZ to SAC, then Coast Starlight to Seattle (for a few days), then Empire Builder to Glacier National Park for one day...
  8. pennyk

    Reserving a Silver Meteor Viewliner II Sleeper

    The Tuesday consist for 92 was the same as yesterday's consist.
  9. pennyk

    Reserving a Silver Meteor Viewliner II Sleeper

    I just saw the Silver Star pass through Orlando (on a Monday for the first time in a very long time). There were 2 sleepers. The 10 car was a V-1 and the 11 car was a V-2.
  10. pennyk

    New member from Clearwater, FL

    Welcome to AU. I am a fellow Floridian (living in Orlando).
  11. pennyk

    Bucket list trip! (connection from 30 to 91?)

    After the Dallas gathering in 2019, several of us were on a very late Texas Eagle and we missed our connection to the Capitol Limited in Chicago. One, going to Ohio, was put on that night's Lakeshore Limited. The two of us going to Florida were put up in a hotel in Chicago and on the next...
  12. pennyk

    Tips/ideas first time retired couple

    Many people are allergic to the chemicals in Febreze. By using it, you may cause the passengers around you (or in the room after you) to become ill. Natural deodorizers are better for the environment and for your fellow passengers.
  13. pennyk

    Ice Machine Access on VLII

    When I was on the Silver Meteor a few weeks ago, the ice dispenser was not in use.
  14. pennyk

    Tips/ideas first time retired couple

    He may have meant SCA - Sleeping car attendant.
  15. pennyk

    1st Trip questions

    Welcome to AU. I have departed on 91 from Columbia and there were plenty of passengers waiting to board. There were also station agents directing passengers to the boarding locations. The sleepers on the Silver Star are at the rear of the train. Sleeper 9110 is right behind the Dining Car...
  16. pennyk

    Cafe food (for sleeper passengers)?

    No. Not that I have seen.
  17. pennyk

    Questions re: Reserved Coach vs. Coach vs. Unreserved Coach onboard the Capitol Limited

    It is my understanding that all coach seats on the Capitol Limited are reserved.
  18. pennyk

    Has Anyone done the NYC to CA Run?

    I have traveled cross country from Florida several times. The latest was December 2019 (passing through Denver but not staying overnight). I was in sleepers the entire way. Welcome to Amtrak Unlimited.
  19. pennyk

    Fares fair?

    I paid quite a bit for my roundtrip from ORL to NYP in a bedroom last week. I looked at the fares for a few weeks and chose the days that had the best fares. I wanted a bedroom in a new car (of which supply is very limited). I know I paid more than I would have paid a few years ago, but I...
  20. pennyk

    Coast Starlight (better scenery NB or SB?)

    I am partial to Northbound since I love the scenery around Santa Barbara. I am not a good photographer, but I took this photo in 2014 from the dining car (and I think it looks pretty darn good). Jim, I think you were sitting at the table with me. (maybe Betty also).