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    Stressful on-board announcements

    I rode Amtrak train 172 the other day. The equipment was in good shape, clean and the temperature just right. The problem was the constant announcements made in a harsh, aggressive voice over a PA system that was so loud that it must have been at maximum volume. Colleague with me is a...
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    Covid will dictate the future

    This morning's Wall Street Journal includes an article on the likelihood that Covid-19 is becoming endemic, i.e. that it may be here indefinitely. The New York Times this morning writes about the British variant of the virus which is rapidly spreading in the US. Meanwhile last week there were...
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    Since 3x weekly began, have any connections been missed in Chicago?

    Missing a connection in Chicago is now a serious matter given the long wait for the next train. Travel plans could be ruined, traveller could lose prepaid hotel rooms, deposits etc. Does anyone know if any connections have been missed and if so, how did Amtrak handle it?
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    Transferring points from Hilton Hhonors to Amtrak

    Has anyone done this - transferred from Hilton Hhonors to Amtrak? How long did the transfer take? Thanks
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    Writing (US Mail) to Amtrak

    I can't find an address for Amtrak Customer Service to send a letter via US Mail. An online complaint seems to require a specific train incident however this does not allow for general observations or suggestions. Is there any US Postal address? Or does Amtrak now refuse to accept letters...
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    How Covid safe are Amtrak sleepers?

    Some of Amtrak's sleepers, especially the Superliners, are in poor shape with upholstery that should have been replaced twenty or more years ago. Just how thoroughly cleaned are they? Do attendants wear disposable gloves every time they clean a compartment and make ups beds? The seats alone...
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    Chicago-San Diego in early December?

    I'm trying to decide if I should reschedule a trip on the SW Chief from Chicago to LA and then San Diego in early December. I know everything's unpredictable these. Any thoughts? I should add I have decided to fly to Chicago from the East Coast and stay one night so as not to miss the...
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    Anyone been on LD trains recently?

    I'd be interested in any comments on recent LD trips.
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    Bedroom vs Family room

    Which is better for two people - a Bedroom or Family Room? Thanks
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    Reservation dilemma

    I am trying to plan a one way trip from New York to San Diego (Chicago-LA on the Southwest Limited) in early December but concerned about connections in Chicago. If my train from NY misses the connection there won't be another train for two days. I'll lose my prepaid hotel reservation deposit...
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    Sleeping car compartments with windows that partially open

    The most interesting part of this video is the sleeping car compartment window - the top part opens! That is a real blessing. WHY can't AMTRAk incorporte this design into their next sleeping car order?
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    Cruise ship discussion

    Cunard, especially trans-Atlantic crossings, still have a dress code and two or three black tie nights per crossing. All other nights men are expected to wear a dark suit or jacket. If not, they have to eat in the self-service restaurant. MODERATOR NOTE: this comment and the ones following...
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    Covid-19: How satisfactory is Amtrak cleaning?

    A California hotel manager told me that after a guest leaves they must THOROUGHLY clean and disinfect the room, then leave it vacant for a couple of days (3 days? I forget how long) so that any germs disperse. What is Amtrak doing, especially in sleepers? Once cleaned is the car sent right...
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    Flexible dining - Requesting a review from a recent rider

    I am planning a trip on the SW Chief to LA. I have had the flexible dining on the LS Limited. They offered a good cheese, cold meat platter but that seems to have disappeared and what I see on the current menu looks like a downgrade of the downgrade; it all looks really bad. I can't see a...
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    Question about electrical outlet in Superliner Bedroom

    Where is the electrical outlet in the Superliner Bedroom (not Roomette)? Is there only one outlet?
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    Where are online schedules?

    I can't find any complete route schedules online. I want FULL schedules for cross country travel. Does anyone know where I can find them?
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    Cross country travel: are there any quarantines affecting train travel

    I've heard that some states are requiring two-week quarantines for people who have travelled to certain states. What about someone who travels cross country, New York to Emeryville, for example. If the train passes through a state that is deemed a hot spot (and the passenger has possibly...
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    Amtrak long distance since Covid-19 lockdown

    Has anyone ridden Amtrak long distance since the lockdown started? Are there many riders? What was it like?
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    Silver Star: dining same as Cap Limited?

    I'll be riding this train to Tampa with bus connection to St Petersburg in June. Is food service for sleeping car passengers the same as on the Capitol Limited?
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    When are fewest points needed?

    I'm trying to figure out when  fewest AGR are needed for a trip Washington-Chicago-LA (or possibly Emeryville).  So far it seems Saturdays require fewest points for Washington-Chicago.  Are there any patterns?  Thanks