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    Detroit-Windsor Thruway connection

    NARP has some news about a potential Detroit - Windsor Thruway bus connection being set up. No specific details yet, but the guess is that it may be up and running by the...
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    Notes from WisARP Meeting

    I attended the Fall WisARP meeting today in Milwaukee. Here are a few items that were mentioned that might be of interest to some: The WI Secy of Transp Mark Gottlieb spoke, and he stated that the construction of the trainshed/platform at MKE should begin "this fall" - it had been expected to...
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    Texas Eagle former Houston section

    In the late 1980s and early 1990s the Texas Eagle operated a Houston section, that separated from/joined with the San Antonio section at Dallas. Was the Houston section wyed near Dallas Union Station? It appears that the rail lines are configured around DAL such that a train from HOU would be...
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    Additional Wolverine Thanksgiving Service

    Just noticed that Amtrak has posted a notice that additional trains will be operated on the Wolverine corridor over the Thanksgiving weekend. Here is the announcement: There is an early morning KAL-CHI train, a...
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    Washington State HrSR

    Agreements have been reached that will allow the HSR projects to be paid for by grants received by WA to proceed. Two separate agreements have been reached, one between WA & FRA and another between WA, Amtrak, and BNSF. Here's the WA announcement...
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    Carl Sandburg/Illinois Zephyr extension?

    Evidently Hannibal, MO officials are pushing to have Amtrak's Chicago-Quincy trains (Carl Sandburg and Illinois Zephyr) extended from Quincy, IL to Hannibal, MO. This would, presumably, require support from the State of Missouri (for track and station improvements/contruction). Anyone know if...
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    Card, CZ, CL, SL/TE Plans

    Amtrak has posted Performance Improvement Plans for the California Zephyr, Capitol Limited, Cardinal, and Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle. Haven't really had a chance yet to read through them, though.
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    Franconia-Springfield, VA

    I was perusing the Amtrak timetable this evening, and I noticed that Franconia-Springfield, VA, is no longer listed as an Amtrak station, and doesn't appear in the Northeast Corridor schedules. When did it get dropped as a stop?
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    Chicago Union Station renovations/upgrades There was a recent article in the Chicago Tribune about upcoming changes and renovations planned at Chicago Union Station. It mostly...
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    STL-CDL Thruway Service

    Has anyone ever ridden the Amtrak Thruway connection between St. Louis and Carbondale? A friend of mine will likely be taking it to connect with the City of New Orleans and I wanted to be able to tell him what to expect. What type of vehicle is used (bus, van)? Is it a dedicated Amtrak...
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    Lincoln Service consists

    The last couple times I've ridden Lincoln Service trains (early April and mid May), many of the Lincoln Service trains I saw and rode were longer than what I seem to recall in prior years. In the past, I thought most LS trains were usually 4-5 cars (3-4 coaches, 1 business class/cafe)...
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    AGR Connecting Train Question

    I've never redeemed AGR points for anything other than very simple trips, so I have a few (perhaps basic) questions. Over the summer, I expect to travel from PHL to MKE, and I would like to redeem AGR points for the trip. I'd also like to travel via the Lake Shore Limited (so, PHL-NYP-CHI-MKE)...
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    Suppose I ought to introduce myself

    Hello. I've only been a member here for about 2 months or so, but "lurked" for about a year before that. I've been riding Amtrak, though, for probably 15 or so years on a fairly regular basis.