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    Superliner roomette storage: closet / hanging area

    I like the hook and strap better on the IIs better than the narrow closet on the Is. No real way to know which you are going to get, both are distributed over the system. There are a few more Is than IIs, though.
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    Blanket and Pillow/ overnight preparations?

    They don't provide blankets any more and have not for some time. The cafe sells "comfort packs" with a blanket, but they often sell out. Bring a blanket or a beach towel which can serve as a blanket and a travel pillow if you have one.
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    Heck, I just want them to clean under the seats in the roomettes. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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    ALX vs WAS coming from DCA airport

    Both DCA and Union Station have Metro stops. You have to change from the Blue Line to the Red Line at Metro Center, though. I say WAS.
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    Question regarding Pacific Surfliner Business Class

    Yes, typically there is at least 1 station leeway before a reservation is canceled. With that said, don't jump the gun, either.
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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Viewliner II roomettes have sinks. Amtrak reservations agents are pretty well known for their lack of knowledge of conditions in the field, especially for long distance trains. They reliably quote you a price and book a ticket. That is the extent of their reliability.
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    Timetables returning in September?

    They also appear to using the same dictionary to define "soon" that they use for "excellence" 🙄.
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    Question regarding Pacific Surfliner Business Class

    If you appear to be likely to miss your train, call Amtrak reservations and see about rebooking. You may find they have already rebooked you. You will likely be reaccommodated in coach with your business class surcharge refunded, since business class is reserved and often sells out. If your...
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    Timetables returning in September?

    Amtrak appears to use a much different definition of "excellence" than the common one. It is not a synonym of "mediocre" as they seem to think it is.
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    Questions re: “Service Disruptions” on Long Distance Trains

    It wasn't supposed a knock on the stew, which is okay if a bit salty. It is you only get the served the free stew on Amtrak when your train is catastrophically late. It is a marker for having been on super (8+hour) late trains and are still riding Amtrak.
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    The National onboard magazine

    Me, too. I've been in many trains that have had "The National" and never did anything more than read whatever blurb the CEO wrote and briefly leaf through rest.
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    Southwest Chief #3 and #4 in New Mexico Service Disruption

    I wonder why the didn't bus bridge between Albuquerque and Winslow or Flagstaff? That has been their usual response in the past when lines have been unexpectedly closed. It would have been much less disruptive.
  13. Z

    Amtrak Dining

    Well, I have to say that if this keeps up, i will abandon my belief that Amtrak is being secretly run by Ben Biaggini's zombie. The campaign to drive off long distance passengers just may be ending. Now, about those schedules...
  14. Z

    Currently open food options ay NY Penn Station

    NY Pizza Suprema on 8th Ave between 31st St and 30th St is better than anything in Penn Station and just as close to Moynihan as anything on the Penn side is.
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    Amtrak needs to build or encourage the freights to build 2nd track or longer/more sidings in typical freight congestion areas.

    There are many places where states have kicked in for new track and sidings in exchange for more service or improved service. Oregon paid to extend a siding in Oregon City. Washington paid for double tracking along the Golden Gardens shoreline in Seattle, triple tracking in Kalama, the now...
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    Most Beautiful Train Stations in the US

    In KC the current facility still beats the one built into the parking garage. They don't need any more than what they have. The only change I'd make at KC would be to put the Amtrak facility at the end of the concourse, close to the single remaining platform. Yes, it is a long walk, but that...
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    Amtrak Dining

    I am, too. To paraphrase Bugs Bunny, maybe Flynn isn't a total maroon.
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    Questions re: “Service Disruptions” on Long Distance Trains

    All diners (well, the Superliners anyway) used to carry emergency canned stew rations onboard at all times, at least before COVID and flex. If the dining car is functional, that is likely what you'll get if the train is catastrophically late. Having eaten the stew, yet still riding, is the...
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    Questions re: “Service Disruptions” on Long Distance Trains

    Canned Dinty Moore Stew over rice is the typical Amtrak emergency ration for catastrophically late long distance trains, typically 8 hours and more late. It's usually served to all passengers who want it for free. The service is usually pretty regimented. I've eaten the stew many times...
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    Amtrak Dining

    Well, "saving the diners" was one of the major reasons they bundled meals into the sleeper fares in the first place. I know back before that I almost never ate 3 meals a day in the diner, although I usually ate one or two.