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  1. J

    50th Anniversary Celebration

    Amtrak Joe wants HSR at 220mph. This link cuts to the salient part of his speech. You can back it up if you want to also hear his story-telling about his past Amtrak experiences, and other speakers. Flynn speaks @30:00.
  2. J

    Viewliner II handicapped bedroom

    It's only a few seconds, but this is the first video I've seen of the VL II H room: The lower bunk looks like it might be shorter than standard. Am I right? I think the hallway window is further forward than in the VL I H room, so the view from the seat out to the other side of train might...
  3. J

    Ann Arbor retractable platform

    In 2015, Amtrak installed a prototype retractable platform for accessible boarding at Ann Arbor, for a 2-year pilot. I can't find anything about the results of the test. Anyone know what happened?
  4. J

    Florida East Coast historical footage

    Historical footage of FECR passenger service at West Palm Beach & Miami in 1936:
  5. J

    Secretary Pete

    Anyone else watch Secretary Pete's confirmation hearing today? There was plenty of talk about Amtrak and the Gateway Project, mostly in the first hour or so. One senator brought up restoring service along the Gulf Coast. I hadn't known that Pete was heavily involved in getting funding for...
  6. J

    Accessible bedroom disability fare

    I thought I had read on here that the cost of an Accessible Bedroom with a disability fare was based on the current cost of a Roomette. But on several days in April, an Accessible Bedroom on the northbound Star is more costly than a full-fare Roomette. I called Amtrak, and the agent said the...
  7. J

    CZ Service Disruption?

    Just checked CZ status out of CHI for today (5/30) and it shows: "Status is currently unavailable due to a service disruption" Does anyone know whether CZ has been affected by flooding on the route again, or possibly storm damage? A Google search for news on "California Zephyr" or "Amtrak...
  8. J

    Disability discount reduced to 10%

    It seems that the disability discount is now 10%, the same as the senior discount. I'm pretty sure it used to be 15%. The Amtrak website now says it's 10%, and I noticed when booking the CZ that my disability fare is the same as the senior fare on the website.
  9. J

    When do buckets change?

    Checking CZ on Amsnag, it seems that the lowest fares on bedrooms are only available within the coming month or so. Is there a particular day of the week or month that buckets are reallocated based on demand to date, and would therefore be the best time to grab a lower fare? Thanks.
  10. J

    Checked baggage to SF?

    Does Amtrak check baggage thru EMY to the Temporary Transbay Terminal? The station has the Checked Baggage icon on the timetable, but the station description says no checked baggage. I'm looking at taking the westbound CZ, and staying near SF Airport for a few days because room rates are much...
  11. J

    Cardinal vs. Capitol Limited DC to Chicago

    Why is a roomette on the Cardinal $350 more than one on the CL?
  12. J

    Meals for sleeper passengers (what is included?)

    I was looking over the Silver Meteor menu online, and just wondering what's included in meals for sleeping car passengers. Are extra-cost options, like cheese & bacon on the burger, included? Are breakfast sides, like bacon, included for all breakfast selections? Is dessert included at both...
  13. J

    Sen. Bill Nelson out in FL

    Sen. Bill Nelson lost reelection to FL Gov. Rick Scott by 0.12%.  Nelson was a big Amtrak supporter.  As governor, Scott killed HSR that was to be built with federal funds between Orlando & Tampa.  One less Amtrak supporter in the U.S. Senate.
  14. J

    Station change with changed fare?

    I have a multi-leg ticket for an Accessible Bedroom, from WPK to ALX, and returning WAS to ORL. I'm thinking about changing to depart from and return to the same station, either WPK or KIS. Normally, fares are the same for WPK, ORL, & KIS. But since I bought the ticket, the fare offered on...
  15. J

    Silver Meteor Washington to Florida

    Hi, folks. First post. I was lucky enough to ride in a roomette in the Southern Crescent shortly before Southern gave it up. But lately, my only long distance ride was Vancouver to Toronto in a bedroom (free upgrade!) on the Canadian last winter, which I loved. Now I'm planning my first...