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    Amtrak needs to build or encourage the freights to build 2nd track or longer/more sidings in typical freight congestion areas.

    It's not that simple. First of all, the issue is spending money on improving and expanding any kind of rail. As has been pointed out here, it's not just Amtrak passengers who are being screwed by some of the Class1's, it's also freight shippers. But we have some sort of cultural consensus in...
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    The refreshed Amfleet 1s for the Northeast Regional have been in service over 2 years, and they're still in pretty good shape. I'm not a real fan of the feel of the "leather" coverings, but I do think that the seats have better cushioning than the previous versions. I once rode overnight in an...
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    That's correct. The article said that the non-refurbished version was "orange and brown." But every non-refurbished Superliner I've been on over the past 20 years, at least, including the one I rode last week, has had blue fabric upholstery.
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    From the article: "Orange and brown color scheme?" Here's a picture of a Superliner coach in service on June 9, 2021: That doesn't look like "orange and brown" to me. Also, the "durable gray fabric" isn't fabric, but rather fake leather.
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    Greetings from Bonnie Scotland...

    Looks like during the morning beverage service, I saw what looked like an opened tea bag package. I didn't think they used tea bags in Britain. :) Even in first class. Even in Britain... Alas, O tempora, O mores!
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    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    Perhaps Amtrak Management sucks, but, if Amtrak isn't exactly a "private company," it's not a government agency, either. It's a sort of private company that happens to be owned by the government. Amtrak employees aren't civil servants, and the company is subject to all the regulations that a...
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    Summer rental car rates

    I'm not staying home, but it's another road trip year for us. Fortunately I got all the hotel reservations lined up before the prices started spiking. (Though hotels in the northeast are disgustingly expensive every summer, I actually snagged a couple with decent prices.) And we're spending...
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    79-Carolinian 13 June 2021

    I guess I should feel grateful that during my trip last week (Northeast Regional, Pennsylvania, bustitution, Capitol Limited) there was no "odd" behavior for me to experience.
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    79-Carolinian 13 June 2021

    I believe the Raleigh station code is RGH, not RUS. Also, Burlington sits in two counties. Which of the counties is "going to pieces," and what's happening there? Up our way in almost-Yankee Land (aka Maryland), we haven't heard of any major breakdowns in North Carolina.
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    You might find the 50th Anniversary poster display amusing

    They have a big Amtrak 50th Anniversary poster display at the concourse in Washington Union Station. Without comment, I herewith present a couple of the items which illustrate the saying, "If you have lemons, make lemonade." :)
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    Most Beautiful Train Stations in the US

    Wait a second, I was last at South Station in March 2020 right before the pandemic. It seemed like it was in perfectly good shape. In fact, maybe it's in better shape than Washington Union Station, which is in OK shape, but about to get some renovations, so there are some boarded up areas, and...
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    Questions re: “Service Disruptions” on Long Distance Trains

    I was once on a 10-hour late Capitol Limited (delayed by weather) going eastbound. They served breakfast as usual, and then a limited lunch menu to sleeping car passengers. Then for dinner it was Amstew in the dining car for everybody (no charge for coach passengers, included in the fare for...
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    What would happen... if Amtrak failed?

    But they still have stagecoaches, they just call them "intercity buses" (sometimes they even call them "coaches"), and the only difference is that they're powered by diesel engines instead of horses. And that they're air-conditioned. And they still have telegrams, they just call them "email." :)
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    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    Actually, the government probably would do a better job than these bloated corporate entities that are being managed so that the CEOs and other top executives can juice up their take-home on the basis of short-term quarterly financial performance. It's a telling point that the U.S. Armed Forces...
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    79-Carolinian 13 June 2021

    Did she take the train from Corning, NY (CNY) or Cary, NC (CYN)? ( shows CNY, Corning as a legitimate station code, even if there's no Amtrak service there.)
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    What would happen... if Amtrak failed?

    Why should the NEC become privatized? What private capital is going to want to spend the zillions of dollars needed to fix the 100+ year old infrastructure and pay the high maintenance and operating costs? Also, remember that publicly owned commuter service operates on nearly all of the NEC...
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    Amtrak booking website/issues/timetables removed

    Think that making a FOIA request citing 49 CFR § 700.3 (b) would help? Of course, if Amtrak responds to FOIA requests like we used to do at EPA, it'll be "all hands on deck," mostly doing CYA paperwork to document that they're dealing with the request, not necessarily actually dealing with the...
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    Bucket list trip! (connection from 30 to 91?)

    On my Pittsburgh circle trip last week, and for my return trip from the Gathering, which will happen in October, I was given a northbound connection from the Capitol, Washington to Baltimore that uses Northeast Regional 148, which departs Washington at 2:55 PM, which is a good 10 minutes earlier...
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    The closest thing I can think of are various ferry crossings. None are more than an hour or two, and there's really no service involved. Whatever food service is usually fast food style. The only other crew you're dealing with are the people handling the loading/unloading ramp or gangplank...
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    6/12/21 CS 14 - 3 hrs late

    Three hours late?! For an Amtrak long-distance train, that's really good timekeeping!! :)