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    2021 Senate Surface Transportation Bill from Commerce Committee

    The idea of most/all stations needed to be staffed seems like huge overkill in the modern age of book online/eTickets there so many stations that no longer really have a facilty for a ticket office.
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    Boarding by Zones at San Diego station

    Masks will still be required in Santa Fe Depot inside (but not outdoors, the TSA has updated it's guidenance last week to no longer require masks when waiting outside at a transit hub, like on a rail platform) because the Mask Mandate on Public Transportation Remains in effect. One of the...
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    USA Rail Pass Now Bookable Online - Only $299 through 6/22

    The most obvious trip to me that can be made without an overnight in coach (by stopping for the night in For example Savannah) is the Northeast to Florida by taking the Palmetto from the Northeast to Savannah and then picking up the Silver Star or Meteor after it's overnight. A trip that I've...
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    How busy will the Coast Starlight and the California Zephyr be in Mid-July, and is it worth upgrading to business

    You shouldn't have any trouble. Amtrak on long distance trains is pretty good about putting parties of 2 together in the same set of seats (at least pre-pandameic) the attendant will either assign you a pair of seats or should have some blocked off and reserved for parties of 2 or more. If they...
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    Questions re: Reserved Coach vs. Coach vs. Unreserved Coach onboard the Capitol Limited

    My partner and I routinely (pre-COVID) would use the Lake Shore Limited and Capitol Limited for the 90 minute ride home from Chicago to South Bend. We would often get to Union Station 9:00 to 9:15ish and be some of the last people to board, generally we were able to seat together (I can only...
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    St. Louis-Chicago Additional Service

    That Thurway bus is primarily disigned to provide connections between St. Louis, Carbondale and New Orleans, including stops inbetween (replacing the former River Cities through coach that used to be detached from the City of New Orleans at Carbondale). The fact that Arrow has been programmed to...
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    Why did Amtrak Surfliner add Old Town as a passenger stop? San Diego Santa Fe Depot is so close and the Trolley serves both.

    A separate project will build a station accessable to Metro-North and LIRR trains in Sunnyside Yards. Construction won't begin until East Side Access is up and running. Adding stations in Queens on the Hell Gate Line would be good. I think the main issue is the engineering and community impact...
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    Why did Amtrak Surfliner add Old Town as a passenger stop? San Diego Santa Fe Depot is so close and the Trolley serves both.

    Having multiple stations in larger metro areas and even smaller ones can make sense. There's a stop downtown for passengers wanting to leave the station on foot and a stop on the edge of town for people driving in from a larger catchment area. In the UK and Ireland these are known as "parkway"...
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    Amtrak's commissaries

    I remember when I took the Texas Eagle back in 2012 I had a very young Sleeping Car attendant and I overheard probably an LSA tell him that if he needed any items like sheets or towels he could get them in FTW, I assume from the commissary. I road the Heartland Flyer on that same trip and...
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    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    About the Lake Shore, isn't 48 still discharge only from Albany to NYP, so maybe it's were going to pad the schedule and might leave way early?
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    "The Points Guy" takes a Viewliner II sleeper.

    I like the fact that it didn't include that they were in a brand new Viewliner II
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    Both Autotrains & Silver Meteor in Service Disruption

    You don't qualify for the Railroad Retirement Board working for an airline though?
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    Amtrak Mask Mandate - Practical Discussion

    The issue isn't commen sense on Amtrak it's the DOT Federal Mask Mandate regulation that makes only caveouts for truck drivers (under FCMA) or other workers (like a maintenance person) who are completely alone in their vehicles. There is no carveout for passengers in an individual enclosed...
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    Amtrak Announces Siemens as Preferred Bidder for New Equipment

    The big issue of wheelchair passengers only have one car/location for them avalible to them is that it removes the choice of where to go and who to be around while on public transit. I had a long conversation with a friend who had recently started needing to use a wheelchair that I still...
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    Amtrak Announces Siemens as Preferred Bidder for New Equipment

    I think the most amusing station for these is Oceanside where there one on each end of the platform, one for coaster, one for Metrolink. The stops shared by the 91 Line and Inland Empire-Orange County Line need two too because of the fact that the locomotive is on the front eastbound for 91 Line...
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    Amtrak Announces Siemens as Preferred Bidder for New Equipment

    Except for Acela, any Northeast Regional train needs to still be able to stop at low-level platforms. Westerly & Mystic are still low-level and New London has enough space to platform only one to two cars high-level. I think Cornwells Heights, Newark, DE and Aberdeen are also still low-level...
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    Could Siemens Viaggio be the next sleeper car?

    The Colorado Railcar ultra Domes, at least those used in GoldLeaf Service on the Rocky Mountaneer have elevators so passengers can get up to the domed seating on the top level. Between cars isn't considered because passengers on the Rocky Mountaineer are generally not allowed to change cars...
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    Amtrak Announces Siemens as Preferred Bidder for New Equipment

    The photos mine its from my Croton-Harmon page. Taken October 15, 2004. There probably a decent number of photos of the Lake Shore with the P42, that day around the internet, it was taken on Metro-North's Farewell to the ACMU fan trip that I went on.