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  1. cirdan

    What is the best time of year to do the EB

    Just looking at the Amtrak map and all the bits of route I haven't done yet, I decided I need to ride the EB, filling in a large map on my map. In your opinioon, what is the best time of year to ride it, scenery and weather wise? Also, if I ride it only one way, which is better, east or westbound?
  2. cirdan

    Save Gresley's Duck

    Most of you will have heard of Sir Nigel Gresley, Chief Mechanical Engineer of the LNER. Among the most famous of his creations are the A4 class of streamlined Pacifics, the most famous of which is Mallard, holder of the world speed record for steam and among the most famous locomotives of all...
  3. cirdan

    Greyhound advice required

    I am looking into taking a Greyhound trip in November. This will be from Jackson MS to Dallas and I will likely be making stopovers in both Vicksburg MS and Shreveport. I will be travelling with two friends. On all my past Greyhound trips I booked on the Internet. However in this case we...
  4. cirdan

    Gluten-free meals on CONL

    I'm planning to take a trip on the City of New Orleans with a friend who has a gluten allergy. I understand Amtrak cannot guarantee that any of their meals are gluten-free. If he brings his own meal, would the dining car attendants microwave it for him?
  5. cirdan

    City of New Orleans

    Two questions. On leaving Chicago, is dinner served on the City of New Orleans, or is this too late? Will the cafeteria car be open? Until what time about? Second question. Is there much of interest to see in Jackson MS (or any other stop in MS) We were thinking of breaking for a day or so...
  6. cirdan

    Advice required for Tucson (airport transfer, hotel etc)

    Hi All, I'm planning to visit Tucson with some friends in October. We're flying in but I've convinced them that we're leaving by Amtrak (as far as Dallas probably). They're not railfans so getting them to agree to this was already a big concession. We'd probably be spending one day seeing...
  7. cirdan

    What is a flag stop?

    Stupid question maybe, but what exactly is a flag stop? If you want to get off at one, I guess you inform the conductor suficiently well in advance and he or she informs the engineer and / or scheduler. But if you want to get on, what happens. Do you need to wave to stop the train, a bit like...
  8. cirdan

    New Orleans, streetcar on Rampart Street

    Does anybody have any update on the streetcar plans for Rampart Street? The last i heard was that construction was starting in Fall 2014. Well, 2014 is almost over and I've heard no update.
  9. cirdan

    TxDOT puts out feelers to replace Amtrak running the daily Heartland F

    (Austin) - The Texas Department of Transportation may be looking for a new passenger rail operator to replace Amtrak, the national rail provider than runs the daily Heartland Flyer service between Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. TxDOT has posted a Request for Information (RFI) and is looking for...
  10. cirdan

    Houston Metrorail

    With Houston's Red Line North up and running, and construction on the green and purple lines progressing, does anybody have any tentative news on the opening dates of those two lines? Are they to be opened together or individually? Also, will the trains be bassed at the same Fannin South...
  11. cirdan

    Boston to LA in the 1920s - how many hours?

    I was wondering, how long would it have taklen from Boston to LA in the 1920s. I'm just reading a novel set in Boston in the prohibition era, and one of the characters has just mentioned in passing that California is "only 2 weeks by train". Surely by the 1920s train connections were already...
  12. cirdan

    Viewliner Bedroom

    Hi, For my next trip I'm planning to go on the Silver Star or Silver Meteor. I'm still undecided as to whether bedroom or roomette is the way to go. There'll be two of us traveling. So we'll either have a roomette each or share a bedroom. What's the en-suite bathroom of the bedroom like? Is...
  13. cirdan

    OT: Texas travel advice

    I'm sorry if this is a bit off topic. It looks likely that I will be viisting Houston later this year for a business convention. I have relatives in Dallas so while I'm the area, I would like to go and see them. I had precisely the same some years ago and used Amtrak via San Antonio. Then...
  14. cirdan

    Hotel recommendation requested for San Francisco

    For my upcoming trip I am seeking a hotel in San Francisco. Criteria include - interesting and safe area (including at night) - preferably walkable from an Amtrak bus stop - BART / Muni / Streetcar / CableCar connection a plus (as I definitely want to explore the historic streetcar line and...
  15. cirdan

    California Zephyr or Southwest Chief, which do you recommend?

    I need to hear your valuable opinions in helping me choose between the California Zephyr and Southwest Chief. I live in Europe and manage to come to the USA from time to time on vacations or for work and mostly manage to find an excuse to ride Amtrak when I do so. On my upcoming trip, I've got...