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  1. J

    Fire stops Coast Starlight. Bridge burned (6/29/21)

    You left out timetables.
  2. J

    Using Lyft at LA Union Station

    My understanding is that prescheduling Lyft or Uber doesn't actually guarantee a ride; rather, it just causes their system to issue a request at the time you've set. I've heard that prescheduled rides can actually arrive early, which increases the chance of getting hit with a no-show charge if...
  3. J

    Brightline (FEC) Update

    The firm that did the comparison of the alignments said in their verbal presentation that the portion on Disney property would be "essentially the same" between the 2 alignments (actually 3 alignments in that area, as the I-4 portion of the northern alignment could be either in the I-4 median or...
  4. J

    Negative long distance trip review article based lack of value and inedible food

    Except Disney doesn't focus on guest experience anymore; they focus on cutting costs.
  5. J

    First Time Traveler, Orlando to New Jersey

    The Silver Meteor seems to have fairly good on-time performance; the Silver Star not so much. Over the past 30 days: Meteor into NWK: Average Ar delay: 31 minutes late Median Ar delay: 7 minutes late More than 1 hour late: 5 times (3 over 2 hours late) Star into NWK: Average Ar...
  6. J

    New Equipment Order

  7. J

    Brightline (FEC) Update

    Brightline has said they are not interested in carrying local traffic. Whether they are speaking truth, or just throwing that up as an argument because they don't want to pay for the more expensive 528 route, I don't know.
  8. J

    Brightline (FEC) Update

    Both alignments have the same single entry-exit point with a stub-end station. But Brightline trainsets have locos at both ends and 50-50 seating, so it's just a reverse of direction, not a backup movement.
  9. J

    Zephyr interrupted

    I wonder whether it's another casualty of the wildfires. Last night's news talked about about a big fire out of control somewhere on the CA-NV border, but they didn't say exactly where.
  10. J

    Amtrak Joe unveiled at WDW

    Walt Disney World unveiled Joe Biden's audio-animatronic doppelganger at the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom -- and look what's on the table next to him: Photo credit: Disney Parks Blog
  11. J

    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    That certainly seems prudent at this time.
  12. J

    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    Maybe. Dr. Fauci says the amount of virus in the nasopharynx of an asymptomatic fully vaccinated infected individual is much lower than in an asymptomatic unvaccinated individual. It has not yet been determined whether the vaccinated individual's viral load is enough to spread infection. He...
  13. J

    GE Simulator

    Sea World Orlando has one, too. It's called Wild Arctic and simulates a helicopter flight. But the coolest thing was that they used to have a viewing gallery outside the cabin where you could watch the machine go thru all it's show movements. Sadly, they closed the gallery.
  14. J

    Fire stops Coast Starlight. Bridge burned (6/29/21)

    It's a Sunday, so they would need to board a Berryessa train and transfer at MacArthur. Trains run every 30 minutes, so the whole trip could take up to 2 hours. But if they get off at Emeryville, and walk the bridge across the tracks, the free Emery-Go-Round circulator bus goes to the...
  15. J

    Brightline (FEC) Update

    So the CFX board essentially kicked the can further down the road again, approving a resolution to continue discussions with Brightline about alignments. I had thought FL DOT was requiring a firm commitment in order for Brightline to retain it's right to the I-4 ROW to Tampa, but Orlando...
  16. J

    Brightline (FEC) Update

    CFXway Board is currently meeting to consider Brightline alignments between MCO & WDW (on cable channel 488 in the Orlando area.) Here is the 3rd party (4th party?) report on the disputed alternate alignments. It includes detailed descriptions of the proposed alignments, and impacts by the I-4...
  17. J

    One of my daughters just said (she will not be taking Amtrak for a long time)

    One might be inclined to avoid the particular airline.
  18. J

    Add Second Passenger to Roomette Booking?

    That could be a multi-day endeavor, given the hold times people have been reporting lately. :(
  19. J

    Amtrak Dining

    I think it's Food Service Specialist, i.e. a kitchen worker who is not a chef.
  20. J

    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    You don't need to go thru NY from Chicago to FL, you can go thru Washington.