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    Dedicated Passenger Track in the Windsor - Quebec Corridor

    "Explore opportunities," that's an exquisitely non-specific, non-committed way to phrase it. Probably the same person writing the press releases for VIA and Amtrak.
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    Dedicated Passenger Track in the Windsor - Quebec Corridor

    This thread's title should be changed, it hasn't been about the Windsor line in quite a while.
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    Amtrak needs to build or encourage the freights to build 2nd track or longer/more sidings in typical freight congestion areas.

    From Berea, OH (12 miles west of Cleveland) to Chicago pre-1950s, about 62% of the mainline was less than four tracks. It looks like the vast majority east of there to New York was four tracks. West of Berea there were roughly 146 miles of double track in eight segments. The longest of these...
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    I would assume that they also need to be careful with lead because the coffee maker uses train water.
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    Worst Amtrak Station?

    Often with Amtrak facilities banished to a small room at the rear.
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    Amtrak ConnectUS Announcement and Detailed Document

    Sorry if I came across as nitpicky. One of the drawbacks of communicating by message board, which would go more smoothly in person. I'm just frustrated by the inherent ridiculousness of the rail transportation between two countries being so dead-ended with not even a one-seat bus transfer at...
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    Amtrak ConnectUS Announcement and Detailed Document

    Sorry that I mis-inferred about your riverfront ROW comments. According to the May 1945 Official Guide, 4 CN trains went to Windsor and they all continued to Detroit: 183 (Sun. only), 105/The La Salle daily, 83 daily except Sunday, 117/Inter-City Limited daily, and 9, daily. CN passenger...
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    Amtrak ConnectUS Announcement and Detailed Document

    You seem to imply that there was a connection to the tunnel west of Walkerville. Those tracks never went past Goyeau Street downtown. The only connections west of Walkerville to anyplace else were the ferries. CN passenger trains never used the tunnel. They terminated at Goyeau St. until 1961...
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    Amtrak ConnectUS Announcement and Detailed Document

    As of now, Amtrak doesn't have the money available to spend on ANY of its wish map trains, so we don't need to single out Detroit-Toronto as unfeasible. Who's to say Amtrak hasn't envisioned a sealed train from Dearborn to Toronto over CP?
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    Amtrak ConnectUS Announcement and Detailed Document

    Then you'd better inform Amtrak that it has it all wrong. Amtrak indicates Detroit-Toronto through Windsor on its map, not Port Huron-Toronto.
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    Can We Have A Better Cardinal Schedule, Please?

    Just type "amtrak cardinal schedule" into your favorite search engine and the first or second hit will be the timetable, on Amtrak's website. Same for all the other trains too. It wasn't like that for a while but Amtrak finally came to its senses. I bet Richard Anderson loved the misdirected fog...
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    Eastbound Wolverine showing “sold out” July 19-October - possible schedule change?

    I believe Amtrak is taking the same approach that the party guy did in "Annie Hall": "Right now it's only a notion, but I think I can get money to make it into a concept, and later turn it into an idea."
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    Michigan trains late!

    I checked the performance of 352 at Ann Arbor for the past year on It has departed over an hour late, or been outright canceled, 136 times. It has left exactly on time (6:34 PM) ONCE. In the past month, it has left over an hour late 12...
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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    The press release is worded confusingly, but taken as a whole seems to imply DMU/EMU or whatever the hell they're called. Being from Michigan I am not familiar with any of that stuff. But I can affirm that Amfleet I's (never Amfleet II's) are used daily on virtually every Wolverine and Blue...
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    Why do they call them "motors?"

    By that reasoning, Ford Motor Co. and General Motors had "erroneous" names, since for most of their history they built only internal combustion units. To throw more confusion into it, for decades Chevrolet operated the Flint Motor Plant and the Flint Engine Plant. I imagine the different terms...
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    Staffed to Unstaffed Stations Master Thread

    Yesterday was the last day for Flint, MI's agent. The remaining staffed Michigan Amtrak stations are Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Detroit and East Lansing.
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    Michigan's UP?

    The last time passenger cars were ferried across the Straits was 8/1/1955. There was a through car from the NYC, originating in Detroit and connecting to the DSS&A's "Lake Superior Limited." The DSS&A's last passenger run from St. Ignace, by then an RDC, was on 1/12/1958. The Pennsylvania's...
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    LSL Michigan Reroute Rumors & Speculation

    Distance between Dearborn and Toledo is 57 miles via the Junction Yard Secondary and Detroit Line. Responding to earlier queries about why people wanted a train to go through Canada: it wasn't about serving Canada, it was about finding the most direct way to the East to serve Michigan. Now...