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  1. AMTRAK709

    Anniston AL parking

    Just noticed your post today. I live in Columbus GA and--although it is ten miles farther to drive from my house to Anniston than Atlanta--it is a "no-brainer". Twenty-one years ago I started boarding the Crescent in Anniston and have probably done so 50 to 60 times in that span. My trips I...
  2. AMTRAK709

    Atlanta losing checked baggage service?

    Although not particularly on point, ATL station is the, (or nearly the) worst facility in the Amtrak system when you consider the facility, the location, the parking, the traffic, etc., etc. For exactly that reason for the last 21 years I have boarded and returned the Crescent dozens of times...
  3. AMTRAK709

    Amtrak BidUp (Bidding for Upgrades - Business Class, First Class, and Sleepers)

    Thank you for the info. I no experience with this bidding process and that 37 hours is exactly the timeline it occurred this morning. I guess I have to decided in the next 30 hours whether I want to buy the existing bedrooms now available at $1000.00
  4. AMTRAK709

    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    Thanks for all your help and replies. I guess it is my decision in the next 30 hours or so hours on whether to spend the money. Thanks again!!
  5. AMTRAK709

    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    Also, another curiosity. If the Amtrak conductor (big IF) had have sold that one remaining bedroom as an upgrade upon departing NOL, does he (the conductor) have a way of notifying the reservation system that the space is sold so that some unsuspecting passenger getting on hours farther up the...
  6. AMTRAK709

    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    I have a question about sleeping cars sales and pricing to anyone who may know. These days, does the conductor on the train have any flexibility in pricing a sleeper upgrade if available?? My reason for asking is this: ATN-NYP on the Crescent tomorrow I have a roomette but really wanted a...
  7. AMTRAK709

    Amtrak BidUp (Bidding for Upgrades - Business Class, First Class, and Sleepers)

    I bid for an upgrade on the Crescent ATN-NYP for Thursday, 10 June roomette to bedroom. The bid was UNSUCCESSFUL. I was attempting the place a higher bid on same trip segment but to booking engine would not let me do so (still 36 hours before departure). Says bid "expired" with no other...
  8. AMTRAK709

    Amtrak Dining

    I guess I am about to experience my first "taste" with flex dining. Even though I have over 300,000 miles on the trains since the 1960's, my last Amtrak was in 2018 (long road trip in 2019 and COVID in 2020 kept me away from Amtrak). I'll be on the Crescent tomorrow in the sleeper ATN-NYP for...
  9. AMTRAK709

    Anniston, AL parking

    Just as a matter of curiosity, during the years from 1998 - 2011 I departed from and parked at for several days at a time ATN literally dozens of times. For the last ten years my departures have been from SAV. I am this Thursday once again departing from ATN and wondering if anyone in this...
  10. AMTRAK709

    Fares fair?

    As a follow up to my previous post I guess I should feel fortunate (but for some reason I don't) to have booked a roomette on the Crescent ATN-NYP-ATN on 06/10/2021 for $392.00 each way (senior fare + roomette). Today my trip on the same train same departure date is $1142 one way (now I will...
  11. AMTRAK709

    Question on the Procedure for Pre-Ordering Meals PRIOR TO boarding a long-distance train

    I, too, was surprised!! The trip departing 0215PM and arriving ATN the next morning at 1015AM—expecting dinner and breakfast—but they gave me the opportunity to also select a lunch. Maybe an early lunch prior to Anniston—doubt it??!! I guess I will see in about two weeks.
  12. AMTRAK709

    Best Amtrak CEOs

    I just want to cast my opinion for best Amtrak CEO: Graham Claytor. I had the rare opportunity to meet him twice (once on board the Crescent; and the other when he was in Palataka FL when Amtrak got hauled into court of dumping waste into the St. John's River in Putnam County FL). He was a...
  13. AMTRAK709

    Question on the Procedure for Pre-Ordering Meals PRIOR TO boarding a long-distance train

    I have a trip ATN-NYP-ATN coming up 10-12 June on the Crescent. I received an email offering advance meal selection for the 10 June outbound two days ago and for the 12 June return yesterday. I guess it works since it seem to know the meals to which I was entitled for each segment. Even a...
  14. AMTRAK709

    Fares fair?

    I decided that I would throw my "2 cents worth" in the this discussion of outrageous sleeping car fares. An intense railfan my entire 73 years of life; logged about 300,000 miles on the rails since the 1960's; and a strong supporter of Amtrak for 50 years (it is the only rail we've got). My...
  15. AMTRAK709

    Fares fair?

    As a follow up to my post here earlier this week, I did find and buy a $792.20 round trip fare ATN-NYP in a roomette (appears to be low bucket in June 2021). I have always preferred the bedrooms but (for one traveler) that would have added exactly $1200.00 to the fare. My favorite thing used to...
  16. AMTRAK709

    Has Anyone done the NYC to CA Run?

    This forum post remined me of one of my favorite cross-country in my 70+ year of riding cross-county on the trains. It was LAX-NOL-NYP with no change of trains. Does anyone else remember this? The Sunset carried the sleeper LAX-NOL; sleeper layover in NOL overnight using the sleeper as your...
  17. AMTRAK709

    Fares fair?

    I, too, have been an intense railfan all my 73 years of life. Really fell in love with the trains and especially the sleepers while in college in Virginia in the mid 1960's I have supported Amtrak since its inception and have to date travelled about 300,000 miles on the rails. For the last...