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  1. Ronbo

    Business Class..Coast Starlight vs Cascades..

    Hey there, trying to plan a short day trip between Seattle Wa and Portland Oregon, down and back the same day. Any difference between business class on the Starlight or the Cascades? Have never booked either, have only traveled Coach and Roomette on the Starlight...thanks for any feedback!
  2. Ronbo

    BOGO Free/re-occurrence?

    Anyone taking advantage of the Buy One Get One free companion promotion from Amtrak? That being said, I have one companion coupon that is available also. Expires 03/30/19. PM me if interested.
  3. Ronbo

    Anyone need a companion Coupon?

    I still have a companion Coupon that expires soon, this Saturday 3/31. If anybody wants it, let me know and I will email the # to you. Hate to see it go to waste!
  4. Ronbo

    Coast Starlight..#14(19) and #11(20)?

    Anybody know what's happening with these two trains in the Cascades between Chemult and Eugene?
  5. Ronbo

    Business Class on LD trains

    While searching on the Amtrak website just a while ago, noticed that BC price is now listed separately. Don't have to search amongst the rooms anymore to find the price. Much more convenient! It seems that they are fixing some of the bugs that some have complained about since the new website...
  6. Ronbo

    AU members at gathering (service distruption)

    Any of you take CS #14(28) to get to Portland for the gathering? I understand that there were a few problems with that run! Also, now no passenger train travel between PDX and SEA. If I recall, some members had planned on day trips between the two cities. Bummer. Maybe tomorrow?
  7. Ronbo

    Modifying a reservation for a lower price...

    I made a reservation online on Sunday 04/16/17 for a roundtrip SEA-EMY in the middle of this September. I was looking at other options for a possible day trip by train during my stay. In doing so, lo and behold, even with the side trip entered into the equation, I came up with a price $200.00...
  8. Ronbo

    AGR card application finally accepted!

    I have applied for the World MasterCard five times since September of 2015, finally was accepted. For some reason my credit score was raised, don't really know why, but not complaining! I am wondering if points can be earned by using the card for such expenses as rent, utilities, etc., or only...
  9. Ronbo

    Amtrak in the Northwest

    Pretty difficult trying to spot an Amtrak train today! Hopefully things will improve sooner than later, come on Spring!
  10. Ronbo

    AmSnag and asm.transitdocs....

    I have been trying to get info from both of these sites since yesterday, but neither seem to be functioning properly, at least for me on my iPad. Is anyone else having a similar problem?
  11. Ronbo

    Western LD trains...

    So far today, a very positive outlook for on time performance, compared to how it has been recently. Happy connections to anyone riding. Of course, this could change at any moment!
  12. Ronbo

    Falcon and Amtrak Train

    I usually view a live cam every spring to watch Peregrine Falcons hatch and raise their young. It is situated on a ledge upon the Rachel Carson building, and looks down at the Harrisburg train station. I grabbed a few screen shots yesterday and thought I would share. Sort of Amtrak related...
  13. Ronbo

    BC on the CS

    I am thinking about a trip on the Coast Starlight, from Seattle, WA to Emeryville,CA. Most likely I will book a roomete. However, I am curious to know if anyone has traveled that far in Business Class, or even all the way to Los Angeles. I am looking for firsthand experiences from recently if...
  14. Ronbo

    Multiple service disruptions in SF Bay area

    Does anyone know what is going on with this cluster of trains?
  15. Ronbo

    AGR points from Teleflora...

    I just got an email from AGR promoting shopping for flowers from Teleflora for Mothers Day, or whatever. 25 points for every dollar spent! Seems like a very good deal if one is in the market for flowers. Has anyone here used Teleflora's services before, and how did it go?
  16. Ronbo

    Car rental near Oceanside, CA Amtrak station...

    Does anyone here have any experience with renting a car near the Amtrak station in Oceanside, CA? Looking to ride the Surfliner from Santa Barbara, renting a car and driving to Wildomar, and then back. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Ronbo

    Question about the Auto Train

    I have never been on the Auto Train, and most likely never will be. However, I am curious about something: I know that it is basically a through train with no stops between A and B, as far as picking up or dropping off passengers. But it must stop periodically for the "fresh air" breaks, and...
  18. Ronbo

    Obtaining a reduced fare

    I made a reservation a month ago, a trip in October SEA-MYA round trip in a roomete. The cost was $794.80 , which I paid with an eVoucher and a little bit extra cash on a credit card. Out of curiosity, I checked prices today and it is $612.80, a savings of $182.00. Exact same itinerary and...
  19. Ronbo

    Coast Starlight #14(24)

    I am curious if any AU members were on this train, and would be willing to create a trip report, and share your experiences, especially from Salinas north to Seattle? It must have been nice to see many areas that are not normally viewed in the daylight hours. I am glad I wasn't, never would have...
  20. Ronbo

    Buying AGR points

    I am sure that this has been discussed before, but I couldn't track down a thread. I am curious if the offer from Amtrak to buy extra points is a good deal or not, compared to either taking a trip, or buying from a partner online thru the shopping mall. I don't have the AGR credit card, so that...