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  1. Bob Dylan

    Late Trains in Texas/ Louisiana/ Arkansas

    The LD Trains that run through Texas ( Texas Eagle and Sunset Ltd ) are all running Very Late today ( Mon 7/19) due to the Storms that moved thru Texas today and Tonight. Today's #22 is 2+ Hours Late in Arkansas( carded into LRK for 11:31PM) #21 is running 4 + Hours Late @ Midnight and still...
  2. Bob Dylan

    CHI-STL Corridor to Begin 90MPH Running

    After spending Billions, effective July 7according to a Post on trainorders, the Missouri Trains AND #21/#22( not originally included) will be allowed to run @ 90mph in certain Blocks on the Cortidor between Chicago and St. Louis. The Goal is to eventually up it tp 110 MPH, but just when this...
  3. Bob Dylan

    Delayed #22/422( 5/16)

    Big Delays in San Antonio for today's #1/421 and #22/422. #1/#421 departed 2 Hours Late ( 4:45am)and #22/422 has not departed SAS as of 9:30am, Amtrak now showing it 6+ Hours Late into Austin arriving @ 3:45PM!!( Scheduled @ 9:26am) No information can be found as to the cause. Does anyone...
  4. Bob Dylan

    ⁷Austin-NewYork/ A New York State of Mind

    Day 1 of my Get-a-Way Trip to the Big Apple: Awoke @ 3am( Alarm set for 4), which is usual for me when I'm taking a Trip. Ate a Continential Breakfast, headed for the Airport since it's always busy even @ 5am as People are once again flocking to Austin. Found out the Economy Parking is...
  5. Bob Dylan

    The Big Nowhere: San Antonio Alpine/ Part Ii

    I was asleep after the Switching, woke up @ 245pm as we rolled out Right on Time. Woke up @ the Del Rio Stop, again Right on Time,Quick Pit Stop, Gentlemen of a Certainn Age understand, then back to Sleep till 7am when the Breakfast Announcement was made. After cleaning up and walking the...
  6. Bob Dylan

    My 2nd Post Vaccine Get-A-Way Amtrak Trip

    Just booked my second Post Vaccine Amtrak Get-A-Way trip with AGR. I'll be boarding #421 in Austin on Wed 4/14 with a Roomette ( only 6,400 Points each way, but on #421 I'll be downstairs since #2-#10 are booked!))heading to the Place of my birth and favorite small Texas City, Alpine.😍 I'll be...
  7. Bob Dylan

    Im Riding the Eagles after a Year!

    After finishing my 2 Covid Vaccine Shots ( Pfizer) a month ago, and with AGR Points building up due to using my AGR Credit Card, I have booked my first trip on a LD Train in over a Year. 😍 I will be catching #422 in Austin to Dallas on Tues 3/30 in a Roomette, and returning on #421 on Wed...
  8. Bob Dylan

    Austin Amtrak Station

    During the Historic "Big Freeze" the past week, the Austin Amtrak Station ( Ex- Mopac/ Now UP owned) had Busted Water Pipes and extensive Flooding occur. With the Texas Eagles/ Sunset Ltd Cancelled for a Week, this gives UP time to repair the Station IF a Plumber can be booked. Thousands of...
  9. Bob Dylan

    Sunday(14)/Monday(15) Texas Eagles Cancelled

    Due to the Extremly Cold Weather covering Most of the Central Part of the US, Amtrak is Cancelling the Texas Eagles between San Antonio and St Louis. #22 for Sunday(14) and #21 for Monday (15). Also the Heartland Flyers #821/#822 are Cancelled between Ft Worth and Oklahoma City. Texas is...
  10. Bob Dylan

    Cruise Ships and Canada

    Just saw on the News that Cruise Ships will not be able to Operate in Canada until March 1,2022. This means no Inside Passage Trips to Alaska from Vancouver and no St Lawrence Seaway Cruises to Halifax and Quebec City from New York or Boston. The story doesn't mention Ferries or cruises up...
  11. Bob Dylan

    Late Texas Eagle/422(02)

    Today's #422(22) just departed Austin 3 +hours Late due to a 4+ Hour Late #2 into San Antonio this morning! Small consist, no Sightseer Lounge or Transdorm. Heavy UP Freight congestion on the AUS-Taylor and BNSF TPL-FTW will probably cause more delays.
  12. Bob Dylan

    Texas Eagle Consists

    Now that the Texas Eagle has gone on the Tri-Weekly Schedules,Amtrak has reduced the number of cars in the Consists to 4!!( continuing to be pulled with one P-42) 1) Revenue Sleeper ( including the Crew) 2) CCC/Diner/Lounge( the Sightseer Lounge is removed) with the 2 LSAs operating the Diner...
  13. Bob Dylan

    Texas Eagle #21/#421( 10/04)Delay in Texas

    According to The Texas Eagle #21/#421 will be Departing Ft. Worth @ 11:55PM tonight ( 10/05) and Arriving into San Antonio @ 5:16am Tues Morning ( 10/06). I can find No reason why this is occurring, anyone have info???( Amtrak Status Maps show Nothing on #21/#421and there are no...
  14. Bob Dylan

    Day Trip to Temple( No I' m not Jewish)

    After 6 months of basically leaving the Apartment just to pick up needed Supplies, today Wed 9/23, I booked a RT Value ticket ( $15/ Double Day Points🥰)on #22-#21-#421from Austin to Temple, my favorite Day trip spot in Texas. I boarded #22 only a few minutes Late in Austin, along with about...
  15. Bob Dylan

    #21 of 9/04 Running 9+Hours Late in Texas

    Texas Eagle #21/#421 which left Chicago on Fri 9/04, is now running 9+Hours Late out of Marshall in East Texas. It had lost 3 Hours between St. Louis and Arcadia, arrived into Texarkana 5 Hours Late and lost 4 more Hours on the way to Marshall. Chances are that the #22 of today,(9/05), will...
  16. Bob Dylan

    Small plane discussion

    Rode many a mile in that type of Plane! Called them TTA, Tree Top Airlines!😄
  17. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak's 2 for 1 Roomette Sale

    According to a Story on Google News ( no Link)Amtrak is offering a 2 for 1 Special in Roomettes from July 7 to 13, for Travel from July 17 to Sept 30,2020. With the Travel Restrictions thst are now in place, and the Out of Control Spread of COVIN!19, I wonder how many people will take...
  18. Bob Dylan

    Closure of NYP (1am to 5am)

    According to a News Story on Google News, effective Monday 5/04( Sunday Night 5/03 ) theNew York Penn Station Concourses for Amtrak and NJT will be Closed between 1am and 5am for "Deep Cleaning". Only ticketed Passengers will be allowed into the Station after Midnight. All ( Any???) Trains...
  19. Bob Dylan

    #21/#22 (3/25) In Service Disruption in ARK

    Any one have info as to why yesterday's Eagles are in Service Disruptions in Arkansas and now Showing 8+ Hours LATE on Amtrak Status Maps??? Update: #21 (3/25) now 12 Hours Late into Moneola , and #22 ( 3/25) has Vanished off the Map??????? Pretty sure #21 will be turned in Ft. Worth ( FTW)and...
  20. Bob Dylan

    Are California LD Trains in Limbo?

    Due to the Statewide Shelter in Place Edict by the Governor of California, are the LD Trains that serve California( Sunset Ltd./SWC/CZ/CS) going to be halted??