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    One of my daughters just said (she will not be taking Amtrak for a long time)

    Megabus service has been cut back drastically since the pandemic, but it looks like Richmond still has a couple of buses.
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    Amtrak Dining

    That breakfast sounds great. The best breakfast I've had on a train was the Railroad French Toast on the Lake Shore Limited.
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    Amtrak Dining

    What was the Dining Car like? Did they serve any traditional Southern specialties at the time you rode it?
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    Disobedience on Amtrak

    Wow, I've rarely seen an Amtrak employee actually enforce the mask mandate. And I have over 100,000 Amtrak miles and never saw someone get put off the train.
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    No Sightseer Lounge on California Zephyr #6 (9)

    On California Zephyr #6 (9), the Sightseer Lounge was replaced with a Cross Country Cafe. The LSA made an announcement about the Sightseer Lounge being missing from the consist due to a lack of equipment. By lunch heading into Chicago, the Cross Country Cafe was sold out of everything but...
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    What if every LD train was an Auto Train?

    Yeah I was thinking Metropark, but I'm not familiar with any of the suburban stations in New Jersey. If NYC and New England passengers are willing to drive to Virginia, then it
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    Why aren't overnight trains able to compete with flying?

    Oh you're right, but American governments have been paying for studies that actually claim 200 mph as an average. For example, a 2019 study claims that a Cleveland to Chicago hyperloop could be built under or over Lake Erie with a 32-minute travel time. There's zero chance of that happening...
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    Why aren't overnight trains able to compete with flying?

    I feel like the existence of High Speed Rail elsewhere is hurting our progress in the U.S. at this point. Rather than making realistic plans to add service, governments would rather spend tax money on paper studies of some 200 mph train that has zero chance of being built. High Speed Rail...
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    What if every LD train was an Auto Train?

    Perhaps they could run a second daily Auto Train to Sanford, originating in the New York metro area to be more convenient for passengers from New York and New England. The key would be whether that train was picking up new passengers or cannibalizing passengers from the train originating in...
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    Moynihan/NYP update

    It was still there in May
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    MSP - CHI second daily train poised to receive MN funding

    I like those times better, they match up with hotel check-out time and should be able to connect with trains 29 and 48 in Chicago.
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    Would a better plan for Amtrak be more long distance?

    It wouldn't surprise me if we got a new governor in 2022, but the state legislature will still be controlled by people who oppose spending any money on any city other than Columbus.
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    Moynihan/NYP update

    The waiting areas they have in Moynihan are nice, but I don't understand the trend of having a station consist mainly of a huge open space with no seats. Washington Union Station is probably the worst for this, but Moynihan isn't a lot better. I saw a lot of people sitting on the floor, which...
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    No bedrooms available on Empire Builder

    The Downeaster has a pretty extensive beer list, unfortunately it's not online.
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    Most Beautiful Train Stations in the US

    Philadelphia's 30th Street Station always was my favorite, but in recent years, the local law enforcement has taken to walking dogs around the station to sniff bags. Of course I had nothing illegal in my bags, but it doesn't seem right to treat all passengers as criminals simply because they're...
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    Mask Situation inside Chicago Union Station

    Masks are supposed to be required but in my experience, Amtrak has stopped enforcing that policy except on the Northeast Corridor. On my recent Capitol Limited trip from WAS-CLE, I had no seatmate from Harper's Ferry until Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh, a large contingent of Amish passengers...
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    MSP - CHI second daily train poised to receive MN funding

    A second frequency on this route would be quite welcome. The route along the Mississippi is gorgeous.
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    Amtrak Dining

    Totally agree, but I feel bad for people who aren't getting the vaccine. They're the victims of misinformation campaigns by people in power who know better and are lying to them.
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    significant former routes

    I agree with those who said the Desert Wind and Pioneer, and also think a revived Lone Star (Chicago to Houston via Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Dallas) would do well. It originally was routed through Fort Worth but would pick up more passengers if it ran through Dallas. This Texas Monthly...
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    Long Station Dwell Times

    This discussion jinxed me, I just had a 1 hour 10 minute dwell time in Pittsburgh. Still doesn't beat my personal record of 5 years ;)