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  1. Thirdrail7

    Proposed NJ Transit Central Concourse Extension (NYP)

    NJ Transit is making plans to expand its footprint once Amtrak starts moving operations into the new train hall. I suppose this extension will help passengers transferring to/or from the 7th avenue side of the station...
  2. Thirdrail7

    2020 Refund/Cancellation Fee Changes for Sleeping Cars

    As mentioned in the 2018 Discount Fares and Refund/Cancellation Fee Changes thread, this is the previous refund policy for sleeping car reservations: This new refund policy regarding sleeping cars took effect on 5/20. I like it better than the old one. Class of Service: Sleeper...
  3. Thirdrail7


    This involves multiple operating companies and can go in multiple forums. This can also go in the Corona Virus thread, I suppose. I'll place it here and guess where it will end up. In the meantime, this is Amtrak's release. Each company will put out their own release...
  4. Thirdrail7

    Operator Is Killed in a Subway Fire in Manhattan; Arson Is Suspected

    This is terrible. Pitcures are enclosed in the link.
  5. Thirdrail7

    SEPTA’s University City Station to become Penn Medicine Station in $3.3 million deal

    Naming rights continue for SEPTA.
  6. Thirdrail7

    MTA Begins Study of Passenger Service along Bay Ridge Freight Line

    If this goes through, they might want to consider running it over the Hell Gate Bridge into the Bronx and linking up with the planned Metro-North station at Oak Point.
  7. Thirdrail7

    NYCT Chief Andy Byford resigns: How he improved NYC transit

    I've been meaning to get to this for two days. This is a big deal and probably a big loss. Politics interferes with potential and possibly progress.
  8. Thirdrail7

    Amtrak train hits maintenance truck on tracks (1/24/20)

    I guess we'll find out what happened here in due time. Fortunately, the injuries are minor and the drivers fled.
  9. Thirdrail7

    NJ Transit unveils performance dashboard

    I've played around with this and I like, even though I'm sure some of it may be "spin." Additionally, it doesn't actually improve the service. However, at least we know the why and what their take on the situation is...
  10. Thirdrail7

    Video: Defazio on Amtrak Profitability

    It seems Representative P. DeFazio, Chairman of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee doesn't think Amtrak should have a mandate to "break even" ...and wishes to address the matter through authorization. Defazio on Amtrak Profitability
  11. Thirdrail7

    Video: Amtrak Train Strikes Car on the NEC.

    I guess no one noticed but a few days ago, someone (who was allegedly under the influence) made their way onto the tracks, just east of PJC. She had the presence of mind to get out of her vehicle and call for assistance. The police arrived and their dashcam captured the event. Amtrak train...
  12. Thirdrail7

    Long Distance Trains That Carry Local Travel on the NEC

    I attempted to find a thread to update regarding this subject but couldn't find a suitable one. Therefore, I figured that since this is a work in progress, we can just update this thread until something better comes along. I'm not including the Vermonter is this discussion. The NEC is quite...
  13. Thirdrail7

    Derailment Impacts 43(8) and 42(9)

    There is a derailment west of Altoona. There doesn't appear to be a word about the crew. I hope they're ok. At any rate, 43 terminated and will turn for 42(9) at HAR. Keep an eye on the website for updates but I doubt it will change. Click on the link for pictures...
  14. Thirdrail7

    Article: We Found the Very Worst Commuter Train in America

    I know this is impossible to image but it turns out the NY times thinks a NJ Transit train is the very worst commuter train for reliability. I know you're shocked and appalled! We Found the Very Worst Commuter Train...
  15. Thirdrail7

    MTA warns pauses to 24/7 subway service needed to modernize subways

    The city that never sleeps will need a lot more taxi and Uber drivers.
  16. Thirdrail7

    Is the lounge car important to you or your trip?

    Does the lounge car appeal to you? Would you mind if it was removed from your consist? I'm wondering aloud since the new high speed equipment will not have seats in the café car(unless something dramatically changes.) This means a push towards at seat dining. Looking at the eastern long...
  17. Thirdrail7

    NJ Transit to ‘Humanize’ Conductors Who Face Commuter Wrath

    I guess they've finally realized not everyone is as calm and forgiving as our Mystic River Dragon. :)
  18. Thirdrail7

    Track Work Impacts Atlantic Coast Service (JUL-SEP 19)

    Keep an eye on the website for a track work advisory that impacts The Carolinian, the Palmetto and the Silver Star. Roughly speaking, the Carolinian is cancelled between NYP-RGH and operates RGH-CLT MON-THU and operates normally FRI-SUN. The southbound Palmetto departs NYP on its normal...
  19. Thirdrail7

    Roomettes Now Available for Sale On the NEC

    If you tune into the website, you'll see that the westbound/southbound Cardinal, Silver Star, Crescent and Silver Meteor opened their roomette space for NEC only reservations. I was playing around with the prices and at one point, a trip in a sleeper was $175 NYP-WAS while a business class seat...
  20. Thirdrail7

    CSX Derailment North of Florence 5/12/19

    A minor derailment occurred just north of Florence. I'd keep my eye on the website and the Twitter feed. I fully expect manipulations to 89(12) and 90(12).