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    Nice trip today on train 95

    I took Northeast Regional 95 today from Trenton to Alexandria, and it was a lovely trip. The train was clean and on time all the way. I was in BC and after some people left at Philly it was fairly empty. I was in seat 14F and my boarding location at TRE was 14F—I’m not usually so coordinated!😁...
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    Question about ALX train station

    I am going to Alexandria, Virginia, for a few days next week, and I have a question about walking from the train station. I used to walk down the ramp from the station, turn right and walk under the bridge, then right again into the Metro parking lot. Then through the parking lot to cross the...
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    Looking for a Boston hotel near South Station

    I may be in Boston overnight in late October. I would like to stay at a hotel within walking distance of South Station. I will be arriving and leaving in daylight, so walking is fine. If possible, I prefer something in the Hilton chain—I’m already used to their regular procedures, so the extra...
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    Questions on Poughkeepsie and Albany Amtrak stations

    I may be in New York State in late October (depending on whether it is safe to travel at that point, of course) and would like to have lunch in Poughkeepsie at one of the restaurants by the river. I see a few that are close to the station. However, the one time I was in that station, the only...
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    What are the best and worst commuter rails in the U.S.?

    I have been wondering about this for a while. I looked this up online, assuming that NJ Transit would of course be listed as the worst but not knowing which is the best. I didn't even come up with any reference to NJT as the worst! So I'll just ask the experts--all of you! Which has the...
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    PHL cappucino machine gone

    I was in the PHL lounge today, and saw that the wonderful cappucino machine that had lots of choices of delicious drinks is gone. It has been replaced by a basic machine that makes coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Tad (the attendant) told me it was an experiment--a month of free use--and the...
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    NYP renovations?

    A friend of mine is traveling through NYP on Tuesday, November 26 and back again on Friday, November 29. I had heard there are/will be renovations to NYP--will any of that be going on during that time? I also have given her one of my paper lounge tickets for the Acela lounge--will that be under...
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    NYP Acela lounge experience

    I don't know if they were just having a bad day, or if this is normal--I was in the lounge at NYP on Friday afternoon (perhaps it was because it was a Friday). It was crowded, of course, but that can't be helped, being New York. But there was no coffee, no decaf coffee, and no hot water. There...
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    Food at ALB?

    The last time I was at ALB, there was a nice coffee shop where you could get delicious sandwiches, salads, and cake already prepared. According to Yelp, it has closed. I may be going through ALB soon and am curious as to whether this is true. Has anyone been there recently and know whether the...
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    Question on how Select Plus lounge access works

    I have just made it to Select Plus and printed out my temporary card, but it doesn't have the rules printed on it. Can I bring a guest in with me when I use the card? Or am I the only one allowed in with my card? Thanks--I know people here will know what is in the fine print.:)
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    NJ Transit humor

    This morning, NJT had placed one of its periodic paper newsletters on the train seats. The main headline was (I am not making this up): "Four Decades of Service, Customers First"
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    NJ RiverLine light rail down The RiverLIne is using only 5 cars and stopping at only 4 stops until further notice. The rest of us have been told, essentially, to just deal with...
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    Cafe on the Star gets 5 stars

    After complaining loudly and bitterly when the Star lost its dining car, I need to make amends. I took the Star both directions recently and took a chance on eating in the cafe car and was very pleasantly surprised. The food was surprisingly good, I was able to get a table each time (including...
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    Can Amtrak skip a routine, major station if no one is scheduled to get on or off

    I was on 173 today, and I'm nearly sure we did not stop at Trenton, which is a regular stop. It was possible I was daydreaming and missed it, but another lady getting off at Philly didn't think we stopped at TRE either. Now that the conductors have a computer listing of passengers, is it...
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    Need advice on NJ to Rhinecliff/Rhinebeck

    A friend is traveling, probably on Christmas Day, to visit family in Pine Plains, NY, and she asked me to help her figure out the trains. So of course I came to all of you :) . She would take NJ Transit from Hamilton, and she has done that before. Then it looks like either she would stay in...
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    Notes on the Rail User's Network meeting

    I went to the Rail User's Network (RUN) meeting today in Springfield, Massachusetts, and was pleasantly surprised. Having never met anyone in the group, I was thinking there might be 10 or so elderly people (mostly men) and some long-winded speakers. Instead, there was a full room of about 45...
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    CTrail ride

    I started out from Windsor, CT, to get the 9:10 CTrail commuter train to Springfield, MA. The day did not start too well--I waited in the rain for the train, which was delayed half an hour because the gates at Windsor had gotten stuck in the down position, with the lights flashing, and the...
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    Princeton Council Meeting will address Dinky situation

    The Princeton Council has invited Tom Clarke from NJT to address the council at its meeting this Monday, October 8, at 7:00 p.m. The address of the meeting is 400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ. The agenda also lists a resolution to protest the suspension of the Dinky. I'd like to go but...
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    Connecting to CT shuttle

    On Monday, Oct. 8, I'm going on #170 to New Haven, then taking #470, the connecting shuttle, to Windsor, CT. I got an email from Amtrak saying that the shuttle schedule has been changed slightly from Oct. 1 til early November, so I called Julie as a test yesterday, and the times sound just the...
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    Is Virginia Railway Express push/pull?

    I saw two VRE trains this morning at ALX, both headed to DC. On both, the engine was on the rear, and the lead car had stripes (similar to the Metroliner cars on the Keystone). Are these push/pull trains? Also, why those type of stripes? Thanks .